12 Best Tactical Wallets in 2017

One cannot do without a durable wallet. Considering that the directory of wallets is filled with bulky, rather large wallets that enable you to carry half of your household with you, today we would like to talk about tactical wallets. These are all about functionality and practicality, as the name already implies.

Such an item safeguards your ID, important cards and money while looking sharp. And, most importantly, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space; on the contrary, you can effortlessly wear it in your front pocket. Since we all agree that a wallet should balance form, function, and practicality, we would like to propose to you twelve products that perfectly fit this category. If you’re looking for the best tactical wallet, keep on reading.

Top 12 Tactical Wallets Comparison Chart

DesignNameMaterial DimensionsRating (1-5)
  1. Trayvax Element WalletLeather4.5 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches 4.7
  2. BASICS Men’s Slim WalletMedical Grade Elastic and Genuine Leather3.5 x 2.2 x 0.2 inches 4.7
  3. Trayvax Axis WalletStainless Steel4.5 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches4.7
  4. Ti5 Slim Wallet | TitaniumAluminum3.4 x 2.2 x 0.3 inches 4.6
  5. Trayvax Summit WalletSteel Frame3.8 x 2.4 x 0.3 inches 4.6
  6. HUSKK Minimalist Slim WalletLeather and Medical Grade Elastic3.4 x 0.2 x 2.2 inches 4.6
  7. Tribe Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking Minimalist Card WalletCarbon Fiber, Texalium and Titanium5.3 x 3.2 x 0.9 inches4.4
  8. iCraft-Slim Front Pocket USA Flag Tactical Patch WalletElastic Band and Tactical Tatch3.3 x 0.4 x 2 inches4.4
  9. Slim RFID-Blocking Aluminum Minimalist Wallet Money ClipAluminum3.6 x 2.5 x 0.2 inches 4.2
  10. Radix One Slim WalletPolycarbonate3.5 x 0.5 x 2 inches4.1
  11. Sharkk RFID Protected Aluminum WalletAluminum3.02 x 4.39 x 0.81 inches4.0
  12. ROCO Minimalist Aluminum Slim WalletAluminum4.5 x 3.1 x 0.6 inches3.9

Why Choose A Tactical Wallet?

To begin with, selecting a tactical wallet over a classical model is linked to some considerable advantages. It could be said that your wallet can aid you to convey the right impression.

On that note, minimalist wallets enable you to discreetly carry your essentials, such as your cash, cards and perhaps a set of keys, in your front pocket. Do bear in mind that such an item won’t aid you to organize a multitude of store cards. On the contrary, it is a wallet that is geared towards functionality and versatility.

  • Material – When you want to purchase the best tactical wallet, the first thing you should consider is the material of which it’s made. Considering that you’re looking for a wallet that provides you with optimal protection, taking this into consideration is compulsory. Typically, three materials are most commonly met in the directory of tactical wallets, as following:
    • Metal – Tactical wallets in this category are made either of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, silver or platinum. The latter is rarely met since it is on the expensive side. It is crystal clear that stainless steel and aluminum are two of the most durable types of materials, which means that they will stand the test of time.
    • Carbon Fiber – Distinct from metal, carbon fiber is featured by a mixture of flexibility and durability.
    • Leather – Another popular choice of material is leather, which grants the wallet an elegant, unique aesthetic appeal. Genuine leather is generally accompanied by additional slots or a magnetic closure, depending on the model of the item.
  • Size – It is implied that the size of your tactical wallet will influence its capacity. On that note, you should always check with the dimensions of a tactical wallet before purchasing one, especially if, until now, you’ve been the adept of a regular wallet.

You should take into consideration that such a wallet doesn’t enable you to carry your collection of credit cards. On the opposite, this type of item has the purpose of helping you to prioritize and, in this way, simplify your life.

  • Weight – The weight of the tactical wallet you choose is affected by the choice of material. For instance, carbon fiber and aluminum are lightweight, which is a great feature considering that you want to select a minimal item. As for the majority of tactical wallets, they are lightweight, to reach the purpose for which they are created.

Do bear in mind that, in the event in which the wallet is featured by some attached accessories or ornaments, this may add up to the initial weight of the item.

  • Style and Color – Apart from functionality, which might be the first reason you’re considering a tactical wallet, such an object remains an accessory that should show your personality.

Since you can choose from a wide range of tactical wallets that come in many styles and colors, you may select the product that fits your preferences. For example, if you want to purchase a product that is the sheer definition of minimalism, you should choose a simple item with no ornaments.

It all depends on your expectations as a buyer, and this is entirely dependent on each person, so there’s no general rule in this direction.

Top 5 Best Tactical Wallet Reviews

1. Trayvax Element Wallet

This wallet is a unique example of style and functionality at its finest. Since most leather wallets don’t offer the same protection as metal ones, Trayvax aimed at combining stainless steel with leather and the result is unmatched: an elegant, luxurious wallet.

A beautiful Cerakote finish covers the steel frame, which prevents it from corroding.

The preference for top-grain leather ensures that, with time, this is a wallet that takes the form of your cards, granting the item a unique, personalized appeal.

A military-strength paracord secures the leather and the steel, which maximizes the security of your essentials.

We can say that this wallet would comfortably hold about five bills and ten cards, which is more than ideal for most people looking for a tactical wallet. If you want a durable item that is an eye catcher, this is a perfect pick.

2. BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet

Many tactical wallets provide either easy access or slim profile. Nonetheless, this item provides you with a blend of these two. Apart from being notably functional, this is a product that has a sharp design, as well.

We especially appreciate that this enables you to carry more than a stack of cards. Due to the built-in pocket, you can hold a bunch of small objects, including your keys or coins.

You can also choose the color that appeals to you the most.

This is a tactical wallet that weighs no more than 6 oz. By all means, you won’t feel that you have this in your pocket.

In short, this item embodies the ideal concept of minimalism and simplicity.

3. Trayvax Axis Wallet

The Trayvax Axis wallet is a sturdy and minimalist piece, which is surprisingly practical as well. The nylon hinge fastens the two pieces of stainless steel, which proves the durability of the item.

The cash clip can fit approximatively eight bills, and the wallet can hold about 14 cards. Still, we wouldn’t advise you to go this far; we think it would be best to stick to 10 cards, to avoid granting your wallet that bulky appearance you’re not fond of.

An adjustable nylon strap holds all your cards together, and it also functions as a coin or key holder.

We also like that this item is featured by RFID protection. Considering the ever-growing concern linked to identity theft, this feature is more than welcome.

Even though this wallet enables you to carry only a small amount of cash, this may be a fantastic feature if you often find yourself tempted by impulsive shopping.

And lastly, to make this product even more attractive, the manufacturer is known for its incredible customer service. In the event in which you have any problems with your purchase, they are more than happy to attend to it.

4. Machine Era Co. Ti5 Slim Wallet

One thing is for sure; this slim wallet is the personification of durability and roughness. It is manufactured with aluminum, the material with the highest strength to weight ratios.

In plain English, this wallet is rough, but it is also lightweight, which means you won’t feel as if you would be carrying a large brick in your front pocket.

Since it is equipped with RFID protection, you won’t have to worry about having your identity stolen by an identity thief.

Nonetheless, as a downside, this feature will deter your cards from being read through the case. In other words, you’ll have to remove the card out of the wallet each time it must be read.

To make this process user-friendly, the wallet has a thumb slot so that you can quickly take out your cards. And finally, this is a great bottle opener as well!

5. Trayvax Summit Wallet

The Trayvax Summit wallet is a tad smaller than the Tryvax original, meaning that it will hold a maximum of eight cards.

Even so, this is a great item featured by a unique, minimalist design. The 3D progressive steel frame has the sole mission of keeping your belongings safe.

It’s true that this is a wallet that compromises the convenience of a standard wallet, but this makes you re-examine what is actually essential or not.

The craftsmanship on this wallet is also notable. On the whole, this is a fantastic minimalist choice, from all mindsets.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best tactical wallet will make your life easier thanks to their simplicity and functionality. Adopting a minimalist approach can be life changing. The products we reviewed in our buying guide passed our tests with brio, which is why you can be confident about trusting our recommendations.

In other words, each of the products above perfectly fit a niche gap in the wallet directory, offering safety, quality, durability and functionality to the buyer’s data, cards, and cash. If you have other tips you would like to add, we invite you to communicate them in the comment section.