12 Best Sunglasses in 2018

Whether you have mislaid last year’s pair or you are looking to trade up to the latest fashion, then this is the perfect sunglasses guide for you. We have collected together all of the best products on the market and we offer some of the greatest tips on choosing the right pair.

It is often difficult to find quality sunglasses that match your style and a pair that fit the statement that you want to make. This is a comprehensive guide to make that search easier and by the end, you will feel confident that you are choosing the best sunglasses for use all year round.

Top 12 Sunglasses Comparison Chart

DesignNameMen or WomenStyleRating (1-5)
  1. J+S Active PLUS Cycling Outdoor Sports Athlete’s Sunglasses Unisex Sports 4.7
  2. SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Street Fashion Metal Frame Women Sunglasses Women Fashion 4.6
  3. J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses Unisex Aviator 4.6
  4. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses Men Fashion 4.5
  5. Duco Men’s Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses Men Sports 4.5
6. Oakley Men’s GasCan Sunglasses Men Fashion 4.4
7. Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Unisex Non-Polarized Sunglasses Unisex Fashion 4.4
8. Duduma Premium Full Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses Unisex Aviator 4.4
  9. Ray-Ban CLUBMASTER – SAND HAVANA/GOLD Frame GREY MIRROR BLUE Lenses Unisex Fashion 4.4
  10. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses Unisex Sports 4.2
  11. Retro Rewind Classic Polarized Sunglasses Unisex Fashion 3.9
  12. RIVBOS 801 Unisex Polarized Sports Sunglasses Unisex Sports 3.9

Protect Your Eyes in Style

Before we go into the details of each of the sunglasses on our list, it is worth focusing on why you should be wearing sunglasses in the first place. Even if they look amazing, they also need to protect your eyes.

The sun can do a great deal of damage over time and it is crucial that your sunglasses can stand up to the test of offering quality protection.

Every pair of sunglasses on our list offer a great level of protection but they do differ. This is worth checking and something to keep in mind if you are planning on being out in bright sunshine for more than a couple of hours at a time.

The Different Variations

On our list, we have included the style of the sunglasses and here we will go through the benefits of each type:

  • Sport – Sunglasses for sports are usually curved to fit with the shape of the person’s face, which offers the least amount of wind resistance. They are also usually the sunglasses that provide the wearer with the most protection from the sun.

The best pair of sunglasses on the list comes with interchangeable lenses that mean you will be prepared for all types of sports activities. It is important that if the lenses can be changed, that they should be secure in the frames at all times. This is to avoid any accidents when you are participating in more active sports.

  • Fashion – This is a very broad term for any sunglasses that are not intended for use in sports. They vary greatly and give the wearer the opportunity to be unique. It is common for fashion sunglasses to come in a wider variety of colors.
  • AviatorsWhile these technically fit into the fashion category, they are separated due to their distinctive style.

Originally designed for pilots during the 1930s, they have become an icon in the sunglasses world. You can have this individual style if you choose one of the quality pairs on our list.

A Whole Variety of Lenses

The most distinctive feature of any pair of sunglasses are the lenses. Here we will look closer at all the different available features and styles.

  • ColoringThe lenses on many of our sunglasses come in most colors you can think of. It is a great feature of fashion sunglasses and often for sports options it is designed to help the wearer see more clearly.

Before choosing a pair of fashion sunglasses with colored lenses it may be worth thinking whether you want to see everything in the color you are choosing, as it can get a little annoying over time to see everything in a shade of green or orange.

  • PolarizedLenses that are polarized are designed to cut out glare that comes from reflective surfaces, such as water, snow or pavement. This means that are well suited for water sports, driving, cycling, and skiing.
  • MirroredThis is exactly as it sounds. It means that those looking at you will only be able to see a reflection of themselves. This makes for a good look but for those who will be wearing the sunglasses whilst taking selfies, it is worth remembering that your phone or camera will always end up in the photo.

It’s All In The Details

While the shape of the frames and the types of lenses are important, you shouldn’t forget about the frame colors. Our products give you a wide range of choice when it comes to the color of the frames and this can make your sunglasses suit your style perfectly.

Added Protection

If you are still unsure about which pair of sunglasses you want to buy, then it is worth looking at the case that they come with. Several on our list come with nothing more than a soft bag to place the sunglasses in. If you want to ensure that they won’t get scratched or broken, then there is nothing better than a hard-shelled case.

Additional TipWe have included whether the sunglasses on our list have been designed for men, women or both. It should be noted that many manufacturers try to make sunglasses for both genders and if you find yourself loving a certain product on the list, you should definitely check out some of their other quality options.  

Top 5 Best Sunglasses Reviews

1. J+S Active PLUS Sunglasses

The J + S Active PLUS sunglasses have been specifically designed to keep your eyes protected during any kind of athletic performance. Whether you are cycling through the mountains or will be hiking on some exposed trails, these glasses will always sit securely on your face.

The polycarbonate lens is one of the most durable and clear materials. This is why these glasses are such a good investment, the lenses will stay pristine for much longer whether they are thrown in the bottom of your bag or are knocked off of your face.

The frame of these glasses has been designed successfully to stay on your face with anti-slip legs that grip onto your head behind your ears. For the style and the UV protection, these really are some of the best sunglasses.

2. SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lenses Sunglasses

The most appealing aspect of the SojoS Cat Eye Mirrored Flat Lens is that the design looks good on almost anyone. You can guarantee that the shape of the glasses will complement the shape of your face. The glasses also look expensive and unique so they will add an element of style that you can’t get with just any pair.

The polycarbonate lens and metal frame make for a durable combination but it is important to note that this pair of glasses is non-polarized, with mirrored lenses.

The range of color options that you have for the lens and the frame is huge. You can choose a warmer gold tone for the frame or a classic black with a range of lens colors. These sunglasses are best when you want a combination of style as well as protection with the UV400 protection capability.

3. J+S Premium Classic Military Style Sunglasses

Whether you collect sunglasses and have an entire rack to choose from or are loyal to one pair until they break, you need to have the J+S Premium Classic Military Style aviator glasses. These glasses are made of high quality materials from the lenses to the frame.

The lenses are polarized and offer many layers of protection from the sun and glares for maximum visibility. This polarization also means that the lenses are tough and scratch resistant to make sure they last.

The lightweight nature and the clarity makes these a great pair of sunglasses for a range of activities from driving to boating and even participating in some sports. This is the best pair of sunglasses for all around use.

4. Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

The Oakley Holbrook are simply-put a great combination of style, lightweight materials, and durability. These sunglasses are made of plastic, but not the cheap plastic you would expect to find from drugstore glasses.

The plastic that makes up these glasses is more durable and will resist scratches. The polycarbonate lens is non-polarized. The lenses help to keep your eyes completely protected from UV rays.

In terms of style, this pair offers a rounded square-like lens that complement the faces of most that wear them. The frames and lenses come in a variety of colors that make these sunglasses a suitable option for when you want a pair to stand out or if you prefer something subtler.

5. Duco Polarized Unbreakable Frame

The Duco Polarized Unbreakable Frame sunglasses are sporty and durable in all the right ways. Every aspect of these glasses has been designed to keep them lightweight, durable and scratch-resistant.

The frames are made in a way that prevents them from ever snapping or shattering when they hit the floor. They even contain a soft silicone ear sock anti-slip covering that makes the sunglasses more comfortable when you wear them.

This also helps to keep the glasses in place even when you sweat. For performance, you will not find a more suitable pair than this. They will stand up to intense sunshine and keep your protected while also staying on your face during more aggressive movements.

Make Sure You Are Properly Protected

While we have gone into a lot of detail about the style of the frames and the coloring of the lenses, it is really important that no matter what sunglasses you get they offer you sufficient protection. Even the very best sunglasses can be useless if they don’t have the right level of UV protection.

By choosing a product from our list, you can be absolutely sure that you will not be damaging your eyes when you are relaxing on the beach or participating in your favorite sport.