12 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet in 2018

Unless you’re blessed with amazing sweat glands, you have probably had sweaty feet a few times in your life. It is uncomfortable, and it doesn’t exactly make the other clothes in the hamper smell like a bouquet of roses.

There are plenty of reasons why your feet can sweat, but more often than not, it comes down to what is on them. The best socks for sweaty feet can help keep you cool no matter the season, which also results in increased comfort throughout the day.

Regardless of the size or occasion, you need them for; we have something for you in our table below.

Top 12 Socks for Sweaty Feet Ultimate Table

DesignNameMain MaterialSock HeightRating (1-5)
  1. Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks Merino Wool Crew 4.7
  2. Swiftwick – Aspire ZERO, No-Show Socks Olefin No Show 4.6
  3. PowerSox Men’s CoolMax Cushioned Crews Polyester Crew 4.5
  4. Swiftwick – Aspire FOUR, Quarter Crew Socks Olefin Crew 4.5
  5. Under Armour Men’s Resistor III Lo Cut Socks Polyester Ankle 4.4
6. Wigwam Men’s Snow Sirocco Knee-High Performance Ski Socks Wool Knee 4.4
7. Copper Fit Unisex Copper Infused No Show Socks Polyester No Show 4.3
8. 3 Pairs Thermal 80% Merino Wool Socks Thermal Hiking Crew Winter Merino Wool Crew 4.3
  9. Drymax Run Lite-Mesh Mini Crew Socks Olefin Ankle 4.3
  10. Copper Antibacterial Athletic Socks Combed Cotton Ankle 4.3
  11. Under Armour Mens Charged Cotton 2.0 Crew Sock Cotton Crew 4.2
  12. Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Tech Crew Socks Polyester Crew 3.9

Just How Sweaty Are Your Feet?

How damp your socks are at the end of the day is a good gauge for the type of sock you’ll need. Well, that and where you’ll wear them as that directly affects the style. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and live in damp or cold weather, you will want a thicker, more durable sock.

On the flipside, there are plenty of dark crew socks that can be work suits and low-cut socks which are ideal for tennis shoes and the summer. Consumers with unique needs or medical conditions may require a specialized solution although we feel like our options will work for most folks.

Types of Materials

Depending on your sock knowledge, you may think that cotton is the only way to go for cool feet in the summer. Well, you’d be wrong as cotton is not the best material for sweaty feet considering it retains heat and stays wet far longer than other materials.

  • Wool – One might think that wool is a horrible choice for sweaty feet, but the exact opposite is true. Merino Wool is light, anti-microbial, and can soak up water like a champ without your feet getting wet. While there are some drawbacks, Merino Wool socks are excellent all around choice for the best socks for sweaty feet.
  • Polyester – This fiber is far more popular than Olefin, and a wise choice for athletes that don’t want stinky, sweaty feet. Polyester socks may take a little getting used to if you haven’t worn them before, but they allow more air in than other styles.
  • Olefin – Olefin is another synthetic, but one that’s a water wicking wonder. It can push sweat away from your feet although it’s not a standard material to find used in socks of this nature these days – it’s somewhat exotic.

Gender & Sizing

You might think picking out a sock size is as simple as matching it to your shoe size. You would be right in some cases and wrong in others as the sizing chart can vary from one manufacturer to the next. Depending on the materials or the amount of cotton in the sock, your mediums may soon turn into smalls after a going through the dryer on high for the first time.

That means you may have to do some guesswork when picking out the right size sock, especially if they are “unisex” and not geared towards one gender. That said, men’s socks will work for women as long as you find the right size, so don’t be afraid to go outside of the box if you find a pair of socks you like. If they are high socks, you may also want to consider the top band as nobody likes indentions on his or her ankles from socks that strangle your legs.

We’ve all been there.

Top 5 Best Socks for Sweaty Feet Reviews

1. Darn Tough Hiker Micro Cushion Socks

When you name your sock “Darn Tough” you had better be sure it lives up to its namesake. While that doesn’t always pan out, we’re pleased to say The Darn Tough Micro Cushion Hiker socks deliver on that promise. Not only are they tough, but they are also a lock for the best socks for sweaty feet.

These socks are constructed from a blend of 61% merino wool and 36% nylon with a little spandex thrown in for good measure. That said, the wool is where the action is when it comes to wicking water away from your feet, and the material will help keep them free from bacteria as well. Regardless of where you wear these socks, you will be comfortable, especially if you use them for their intended purpose of hiking outdoors. There’s a bit of extra cushion in the bottom, and the sock top sits several inches above the ankle.

While the Darn Tough Micro Hikers will work wonders on the trail, they won’t work for every occasion – you don’t want to run laps in these. They are sized from a small to XXL in seven different colorways including oatmeal, which you could wear with shorts.

2. Swiftwick Aspire ZERO

Swiftwick is one of the few companies on our list to use olefin in their products, and that’s what you’ll find in their Aspire Zero sock. This one’s geared towards the athletic crowd or consumers looking for a low-profile sock that will keep their feet free from sweat.

The Swiftwick Aspire ZERO’s are known as “No Show” socks, a style that’s only recently become popular over the past several years. That means they actually sit below the top of most shoes, so it looks like you’re not wearing socks. They do not have as much padding on the bottom as some of our other choices although we think athletes will be thrilled with the compression ridges across the top. They are going to be snug, but comfortable and perfect for exercising, sports or everyday casual use.

If you spend a lot of time on the track or treadmill, these are the best socks for you. While we do wish they had a bit more cushioning, they perform as advertised which means your feet will stay dry and blisters will be a thing of the past. You can scoop up the Swiftwick Aspire ZERO socks in a wide variety of colors including citron, peach, purple and black.

3. PowerSox Men’s CoolMax Cushioned

PowerSox is responsible for our first polyester sock, which they’ve dubbed CoolMax cushioned crews. Their special material will keep your feet cool and dry on the warmest summer day, and while they aren’t necessarily in the athletic class, you can wear these casually or with a suit.

At first glance, the PowerSox CoolMax look like those dark socks that tend to sit in your drawer until a special occasion pops up. They look like regular dress socks with a few stripes across the front of the ankle but don’t let those looks fool you. The socks are built to control moisture. The ventilated design will keep your feet feeling fresh while the Y-Heel and those bands across the front help the sock stay put, so it won’t bunch up or slide down throughout the day. Throw in arch support and some extra ventilation across the toes, and you’ve got yourself a solid sock.

Now for the downside. While comfortable and airy, these socks are not as thick as others, so you’re not going to get any extra padding or support where it counts. Polyester is one of those materials that’s an acquired taste for some as well, so prepare to adjust if you’ve only worn cotton in the past. The PowerSox CoolMax are available in black or white, but you’ll have to do some guesswork when it comes to sizing.

4. Swiftwick Aspire FOUR Trail

Our second sock from Swiftwick is the Aspire FOUR, which bears a resemblance to their ZERO socks. This one is considerably taller as it’s a crew sock, but one that can still keep blisters and other blemishes away when you need relief for sweaty feet.

This particular sock is simple to wrap your head around if you’ve already considered the ZERO. It’s the same sock, but with extra material above the ankle. That’s where the main difference lies along with the fact the top isn’t ribbed like a regular sock and does not have a top band. That will be a plus for some consumers, and a negative to others – it just depends on your personal preference. The Spire FOUR has firm compression, so it will be snug, something to keep in mind when it comes to sizing.

Swiftwick’s Aspire FOUR is another olefin sock that’s ideal for outdoor use, but the height also allows you to wear these on dressier occasions. Well, that or a night on the town as they come in more hues than the ZERO including some models with colored rings around the top.

5. Under Armour Men’s Resistor III

The last sock on our list comes from a company that knows a thing or two about making athletic gear – including socks. It’s Under Armour, and their Resistor Sock is one to consider if you are looking for a low cut sock that performs better than the rest.

Athletic ankle socks usually come in one of two varieties as some can be quite thin while others offer up extra cushioning. The Resistor III false more towards the thick end of the sock spectrum and has reinforcement in both the heel and toe area. The latter is also “seamless” a nice perk to have for folks with sensitive piggies. The company’s exclusive material dubbed ArmourDry is made from a blend of polyester and spandex which protects against bacteria and wicks moisture away from your feet throughout the day.

This is arguably the best all-around sock for folks with sweaty feet as long as you don’t mind the height. They site a little above the ankle, are sized from a medium to an XL and come 6 or 12 to a pack.