12 Best Snow Pants in 2018

There’s a reason why we don’t venture in the snow wearing tights and jeans. Since our legs are the parts of our body that are most exposed, it’s crucial that we keep them warm, dry, breathing, and most of all, nicely fitted in a pair of stylish pants.

If you are looking for the best snow pants to take out skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing or just out on a day with heavy snow, you came to the right place. This guide will tell you all about snow pants, how you should choose them and which models are the most reliable ones.

Top 12 Snow Pants Comparison Chart

DesignNameTypeFabricMen or WomenRating (1-5)
  1. Arctix Women’s Classic Insulated Snow Overalls Bib Overalls Nylon Women 4.4
  2. Columbia Sportswear Women’s Storm Surge Pant Pants Polyester Women 4.3
  3. Columbia Girls’ Starchaser Peak II Pant Pants Fiber Mix Girls 4.3
  4. White Sierra Youth Insulated Bib Overalls Polyester Youth 4.3
  5. Black Snow Ski & Rescue Insulated Suit One-Piece Nylon Unisex 4.3
  6. Columbia Women’s Modern Mountain 2.0 Pant Pants Fiber Mix Women 4.3
  7. White Sierra Men’s 32-Inch Inseam Insulated Pant Pants Nylon Men 4.2
  8. Arctix Men’s Essential Snow Pants Pants Nylon Men 4.1
  9. Arctix-Cargo-Pants-Jets-L Pants Fiber Mix Men 4.1
  10. Columbia Men’s Snow Gun Pant Pants Fiber Mix Men 4.1
  11. Columbia Boys’ Snowslope II Bib Snowpant Overalls Polyester Boys 4.0
  12. Arctix Women’s Insulated Snow Pant Pants Nylon Women 3.9

When you are looking for the best snow pants, it’s crucial that you take the time to do some research on what features, styles and fabrics you want your snow pants to have.

We have broken it down to the most important parts so that you will know which items to choose.

Type of Snow Pant

The kind of snow pant that you choose will depend on how cold you usually get, how you like to layer and the level of snow that you are going to meet.

  • Classic Pants – Similar to your grandpa’s pants, these are equipped either with an elastic waist or with a zip fly. They are also the easiest to vent. Still, since they start only at the waist, it’s easy for snow to get in your pants if you dive for a monster spill.
  • Bibs – While classic pants may be more recommended for chill mountain climbers, bibs are the preferable choice for skiers and snowboarders. They provide extra warmth on the back and core, and they stop snow from getting where it’s not welcome. They are also more difficult to get off than classic pants if Mother Nature calls.
  • One-Piece – They may have died out in the early ‘90s, but now they are back and kicking. They keep you warm from your legs all the way to your arms. This amount of layering will, however, make them more difficult to get off than bibs if you need to go to the bathroom.

Depending on where you are going or how much you plan to stay out, either one of these types may be useful for you.

Water Protection and Breathability

Waterproofing is dependent on the material that is used or the coating. Some snow pants will provide a waterproof rating which says how much water it can hold before it leaks, but not every brand does so.

Generally, nylon is one of the most waterproof fabrics that you can choose – which can be even better if it’s treated with some kind of coating. Breathability of the skin will also be dependent on the fabric.

Polyester is also synthetic and water resistant, but not as much as nylon is. The advantage to polyester is that it’s much more affordable than nylon, which may be more convenient if you are not the type to venture into the snow every day.

Some snow pants use a fiber mix of nylon and polyester (or any other kind of synthetic fiber) to create a higher quality product. The fibers can be mixed in the linings, or they can be sewn separately (e.g. polyester shell and nylon insulation).

Insulation and Warmth

Some snow pants will have a built-in insulation, generally in the form of a synthetic material of fleece. This will stop the body heat from getting out and also prevent the cold from getting in.

The other option is a snow pant only made of a shell, with no insulation, that you can layer under with your personal garments. Still, it is not recommended to wear ski pants that weren’t insulated if you are planning to go to a very cold area with heavy snow.


Regular snow pants may or may not have pockets. Most of the time, they avoid adding pockets to prevent that “bulky” look. If they do have them, the pockets will resemble those for jeans; therefore, you won’t have much space to store your stuff.

If you usually carry a lot of stuff with you and find yourself constantly fumbling and searching yourself under your jacket, you may want to go for a cargo or a thigh pocket type. It will make things much easier for you.

Top 5 Best Snow Pants Reviews

1. Arctix Classic Insulated Snow Overalls Bib

Ah, the classic overall snow pant. Who says they’re just for kids?

These pants featurea 100% Nylon shell with a coating of ThermaLock that will help you lock in the heat. They also have an 85-gram ThermaTech insulation that won’t bulk and make it difficult for you to walk or move.

You can snowshoe in these, fire up the snow blower and clear the driveway, watch your favorite outdoor winter sporting events without catching a chill and most importantly: they keep you dry.

In terms of construction, they pockets are handy and we love the reinforced leg cuffs plus gaiters that prevent the snow from entering your underneath.

The sizing is pretty spot on, as well, so if you’re a woman who is interested in a reliable pair of overall snow pants, these are some of the best on the market.

2. Columbia Sportswear Storm Surge Pant

These pants are a great option if you do not want to be bothered with zippers or closing options that might let snow in.

The drawstring closure allows you to simply pull on the pants, leaving the area below the waist nicely dry and sealed.

Made from polyester, these pants actually do a great job at keeping you warm. If you also add in a pair of fleece pants or long underwear, you can stay out in 20-degree weather without experiencing any cold issues.

Despite the fact that they are not made from nylon, they are still very waterproof. They are comfy and easy to move in, and the Velcro at the bottom will keep your legs nice and dry.

3. Columbia Starchaser Peak II Pant

These are a pair of snow pants that will not necessarily need any long undergarments to keep your daughter warm.

With a shell and lining made from nylon, these pants were designed to keep snow out; add the Omni-shield advanced repellency coating in the discussion, and their skin will be dry all day.

These snow pants also have a polyester insulation meant to keep your kid warm. The inner lining will snuggle around the foot inside the boot while the outer shell will fit around the boot nicely, sealing everything off.

The waist is adjustable, and they are made with an outgrown system in mind. That means that when your daughter grows, they can still be made to fit. So, this is definitely a pair you will want to invest in.

4. White Sierra Youth Insulated Bib

White Sierra never fails to produce high-quality products, and this is obvious in the construction of this bib. Made from polyester, these pants were carefully created to keep the snow out and the heat in.

These waterproof pants were made to be breathable so that the skin stays dry – even when your kid is out all day on snow activities, sweating like there’s no tomorrow.

The outer shell and lining will also keep the skin dry from the outside, so there’s no chance of snow getting in.

It has a polyfill insulation which will add extra warmth. Therefore, even if it’s freezing outside, your child’s snow day will not be ruined because they’re cold. They’ll build many snowmen, and will still be in the mood for more!

5. Black Snow Ski & Rescue Insulated Suit

Those of you who hate fussing with tons of different layers and pieces should consider a one-piece snowsuit like this one.

Designed for skiing or cold weather rescue attire, this suit features a nylon shell with a super warm layer of Hollofil 808 insulation. This is the kind of insulation that they use on sleeping bags and can keep you warm in temperatures down to -5°F (-21°C). They do have a higher loft (meaning the insulation is thicker and might be a bit bulkier), but if you want to stay warm in conditions that reach down into the single digits, this suit will do it.

It also provides you with an excellent wind barrier and many love the fact that they can wear their regular clothes underneath this and not feel like a sardine packed into a tin can.

An excellent choice for both work and play!

Final Thoughts

The best snow pants need to be warm, but they especially need to be waterproof. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your skin stays dry and the snow doesn’t get in. This asks for high quality inner and outer lining that will wick the water away. You will also need to look for proper insulation that will keep your legs warm.

So far, models from Arctix and Columbia seem to be the most popular choices when it comes to style and protection. Still, the other options from our list should not be discarded, since they will also do a great job. It all depends on the style that you are looking for.