12 Best Snow Boots in 2017

The best snow boots represent a functional and timeless piece of gear that shouldn’t miss from your closet. Whenever one thinks of snow boots, one is likely to reminiscence childhood, sledding, and other similar memories.

That brings us to our topic: the importance of purchasing the snow boots that provide you with optimal protection from the cold weather. After purchasing such a piece of gear, you’ll be singing along with Elsa the cold never bothered me anyway.

Nonetheless, the directory of boots is extremely diverse, which makes purchasing the best boots for winter similar to gambling. Don’t worry; we want to do something in this direction and ease the path for you by crafting this buying guide. We hope it helps!

Top 12 Snow Boots Ultimate Chart

DesignNameFabricWeightRating (1-5)
  1. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Winter Boot Leather 16.8 ounces 4.7
  2. UGG Australia Women’s Adirondack Tall Boot Sheepskin 5 pounds 4.6
  3. UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot Cow leather, Cow Suede 5 pounds 4.6
  4. Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot Leather, Nylon 6.8 pounds 4.5
  5. Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Winter Boots Leather 5.1 pounds 4.4
  6. Rockport Men’s Elkhart Snow Boot Leather 2 pounds 4.4
  7. Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni Cold-Weather Boot Leather, Nylon 3 pounds 4.4
  8. GLOBALWIN Mens Classic Winter Water Resistance Chukka Boot Synthetic Leather 2 pounds 4.4
  9. Sorel Men’s Caribou II Boot Leather, Rubber 6.2 pounds 4.3
  10. Totes Mens Waterproof Snow Boot, Available in Wide Fit Synthetic 2 pounds 4.2
  11. Northside Women’s Bishop Snow Boot Distressed Polyurethane, Knit 4 pounds 4.2
  12. Pajar Men’s Trooper Snow Boot Fabric, Leather 4.4 pounds 4.1

Things to Know Before Getting Your Boots

  • Insulation – When searching for the best snow boots, one thing is for sure: you want them to keep the cold out and the warmth in so that you can go about your activities without being bothered by the snow.

That is made possible with the use of high-quality insulation. The insulation has the purpose of maintaining the heat inside the boot.

The proper insulation together with the outer waterproof material is a winning combination that will get you through freezing winter days.

Some boots are featured by neoprene insulation, which is a durable and warm fabric that is less likely to lose its insulating properties in time. Still, the downside to this material is that its level of breathability is quite low.

Synthetic insulation is also a popular choice that does a great job at trapping the heat inside. Your preference for insulation may differ depending on the environment where you plan to wear your boots.

  • Water Resistance – Everyone agrees on one thing: snow boots must be waterproof. Maintaining the interior of the shoe dry is crucial, particularly since water conducts temperature much quicker than air.

In this direction, manufacturers either choose inherently waterproof materials such as rubber or treated leather or a thin waterproof membrane that is incorporated in the lining of the boot.

The choice of fully waterproof materials such as rubber or neoprene will keep the water at a distance but will jeopardize your breathability. In other words, waterlogged materials will constrain the transference of perspiration, which most of the time results in dampness.

  • Weight – You should also consider the weight of the boot. Note that the majority of snow boots will weigh considerably more than other types of shoes. That’s why your expectations regarding this aspect should be realistic.

Since this is an important point that you should take into account, we have listed the weight of each product in our table. A lightweight boot will make your snow adventures much more enjoyable.

Choose Your Snow Boots According to Intended Use

How do you plan on using your snow boots? For example, if you need to wear a pair of snow boots for adventurous trips in a winter wonderland, you will definitely need some sturdy and waterproof shoes.

If you want a pair of boots that is fitted for your daily activities, maybe you should look for something that is lightweight, warm and easy to wear.

Still, it is always best to choose a pair that is versatile and behaves adequately in various scenarios.

Top 4 Best Snow Boots Reviews

1. Columbia Ice Maiden II Winter Boot

These winter boots are made for hiking, walking, shoveling, shopping, and the list may go on. These account for the proper gear to equip you for the winter.

First and foremost, this is a versatile pair of boots; you can wear them on a regular basis.

Even though they provide you ultimate protection in snowy scenarios, they also have a nice design! You can wear these with jeans to work and not feel as if you were an Inuit.

The suede leather is of the highest quality and grants the boots a stylish appeal.

Since they are well insulated, the cold stays outside and you can do whatever you have to do without being bothered by the cold.

2. UGG Australia Adirondack Tall Boot

This tall boot by UGG Australia has earned its position in our buying guide. This is a manufacturer that has built a reputation for producing high-end footwear that behaves perfectly even in the most severe weather scenarios.

We wanted to see if these boots live up to their reputation and we have to say that they do. We tested these in freezing temperatures, and we were pleasantly surprised. These are quite expensive, but you genuinely get what you pay for.

Even though the majority of snow boots have a bulky design, these are beautiful, and they can be worn in numerous combinations.

If you take proper care of these booties, we believe they will stay by your side for many, many years to come.

3. UGG Butte Snow Boot

Different from most winter boots that tend to be on the heavy side, these snow boots for men do justice to the name UGG Australia.

They perform excellently in low temperatures; we tested these in -20 degrees C and we didn’t feel the cold in our feet.

As for the comfort provided by these boots, it’s first-class. The lining provides a boosted cushion that ensures that.

Not only that these are suited for everyday wear, but they are the ideal equipment for hiking activities as well.

It’s a pricey acquisition, but this pair is worth the high rate.

4. Baffin Wolf Snow Boot

These snow boots are designed for deep snow, being fitted for everyday winter wear.

Firstly, putting these on is a breeze. Secondly, considering their size and performance, they are surprisingly lightweight.

The treads provide excellent traction on snowy grounds. And finally, the best thing about these snow boots is that they are functional to 40 degrees below zero.

Despite the weather and the cold, these boots get you covered.

The only bad thing about this gear is that it can get rather uncomfortable for driving since the boots are quite bulky. Apart from that, they are first-rate, from all points of view!

All in all, the best snow boots represent a critical gear you must own if you wish to enjoy the coldest time of the year. Since you can choose from a broad selection of models and styles, you can make a sensible purchase. We hope that our tips will assist you in making the right choice.