12 Best Sneakers for Men in 2017

Sneakers – not only that they are surprisingly comfortable, but they are equally versatile. In other words, acquiring the best sneakers for men is a long-term investment.

Such a product incorporates the characteristics that each pair of shoes should present: comfort and style. It’s no surprise that a new trend has been established – that of wearing sports shoes on a regular basis. Without a doubt, the humble sneaker has been turned into a genuine fashion phenomenon for men.

That being said, allow us to introduce you to the top options for men sneakers. We have added different styles; this means you’re bound to find something according to your linking – guaranteed.

Top 12 Sneakers for Men Ultimate Table

DesignNameFabricComfortRating (1-5)
  1. adidas Originals Men’s Campus Fashion Sneaker Coated with Leather 5/5 4.5
  2. PUMA Adult Suede Classic Shoe Leather 5/5 4.5
  3. VANS Unisex Authentic Black Canvas VN000EE3BLK Mens 7 Canvas 5/5 4.5
  4. New Balance Men’s MW411V2 Walking Shoe Synthetic 5/5 4.5
  5. Nike Men’s Flex 2015 Run Running Shoe Mesh 5/5 4.5
  6. Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500h Xw Fashion Sneaker Synthetic Material 4/5 4.4
  7. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Sneakers Synthetic Material 4/5 4.4
  8. adidas Originals Men’s Superstar Foundation Casual Sneaker Synthetic Material 4/5 4/5
  9. Skechers Sport Men’s Energy Afterburn Lace-Up Sneaker Synthetic and Leather 4/5 4.4
  10. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker Cotton and Suede 4/5 4/5
  11. PUMA Men’s Roma Basic Sneaker Synthetic 4/5 4.2
  12. Reebok Men’s Club C Sneaker Leather and Synthetic 3/5 4.1

Pre-Purchase Considerations

The search for athletic shoes is more prominent than ever because of the level of comfort they offer, in comparison with other types of shoe wear. On that note, while browsing for the best sneakers for men, factor in the following aspects:

  • The Sole – The sole is composed of three distinct levels. The bottom layer also referred to as the outsole, is manufactured with carbon rubber that maximizes the durability of the sneakers.

In order to boost traction and flexibility, the outsole is typically segmented.

  • Cushioning – The level of cushioning provided by the sneakers will have an immediate impact on the comfort. That’s why manufacturers use squishy materials in the midsole. At the same time, the midsole incorporates shock-absorbing foam, as well as air sacs or gel.

A sneaker that incorporates both flexibility and cushioning, while ensuring an optimal level of stability is a shoe you’ll enjoy wearing.

  • Style – If you’re searching for shoe wear than can be worn in a variety of contexts, you should go for a versatile style that is equally fashionable and comfortable.

That is the greatest thing about sneakers, and, presumably, the reason why everyone loves them. You can wear them on a regular basis; when chosen right, you can even wear them at the office.

Nonetheless, if your style is more on the casual side, you could definitely choose a pair that maximizes comfort.

  • A Good Fit – A golden rule should always be followed when it comes to purchasing athletic shoes, and that is getting a good fit. A bad fit imminently leads to fatigue, discomfort and even joint problems.

On that note, you should always consider the manufacturer’s recommendations and measurements before making a purchase. Otherwise, your feet will be the ones that end up getting hurt.

  • Fabric –  Sneakers are manufactured with different materials; some are made of leather, some of synthetic fabrics, some combine these two.
    • Leather – The fundamental advantage of choosing leather sneakers over canvas ones is, without a doubt, their durability. They tend to be more resistant to rainy weather, which is also a pro.

And finally, leather shoes are dressier, which means they can be worn in a myriad of contexts. Nonetheless, such shoe wear is generally on the expensive side, as it is expected, since leather is pricier.

    • Canvas – As for canvas sneakers, they ensure an optimal level of breathability, which may boost your comfort. Also, they are more affordable. Still, they aren’t as durable as leather sneakers, and they aren’t fitted for rainy weather.

Top 4 Best Sneakers for Men Reviews

1. adidas Originals Campus Fashion Sneaker

This vintage-inspired sneaker is a top choice for anyone looking for a versatile shoe that is suited for various contexts.

These shoes are stylish and genuinely comfortable to wear. After testing these, we can testify that they are an excellent choice even if you have wide feet.

It can be quite challenging to find sneakers that provide a high level of comfort when you have wide feet. Nonetheless, these live up to the expectations. They won’t leave your feet aching at the end of the day.

They ensure just the right amount of inner arch support and the level of cushioning is also perfect as in to provide you with flexibility.

To increase the wear of these shoes, we recommend you to treat them with a water repellant product. Since these are coated with suede, they tend to get dirty quite quickly, but with the proper maintenance practices, these will last you a long time.

2. PUMA Adult Suede Classic Shoe

Acknowledged as PUMA’s most popular sneaker icon, these shoes deliver an old-school appeal and optimal comfort.

The cushioned midsole facilitates your support and comfort during the entire day, as well as the lace-up closure.

One thing you should consider prior to purchasing them is that they tend to run a bit small. Also, they are a bit narrow.

So, if you have wide feet, we would advise you to order a size larger than what you usually wear.

However, you cannot go wrong with purchasing these sneakers; they incorporate everything you would expect of a high-quality shoe wear.

3. Vans Unisex Authentic Sneaker

These unisex sneakers manufactured by Vans are very much beloved by sneaker enthusiasts. They are versatile, fresh and they come in many colors and styles.

The primary reason so many people love these is that they are really comfortable. Also, they come with extra string, and they are cute.

All in all, Vans sneakers are a staple for those who are all about comfort.

The disadvantages linked to these shoes is they may run a bit small if you have wide feet. A wrong fit equals blisters and discomfort; therefore, it might be best to order one size bigger than what you usually wear.

4. New Balance MW411V2 Walking Shoe

If you want to purchase a pair of sneakers that look good, are comfortable, and won’t make your feet hurt, we think these will come down your alley.

As expected, walking in these is a breeze, since the cushioning inside is just right. As the manufacturer suggest, these are created for walking. At the same time, they look great, combining style and comfort.

Nonetheless, the main drawback to these shoes is that they provide little arch support. If that’s what you’re looking for, these won’t do the trick.

By and large, these are lightweight, versatile and comfortable. We find them suitable for everyday wear.

The best sneakers for men are a necessary addition to any man’s shoe wardrobe. One thing cannot be argued: each man should depend on a stylish, reliable pair of casual shoes fitted for everyday wear.

Sneakers are appropriate for day-to-day activities such as going to work or going out.  So, you need such a pair in your life.