12 Best Sneakers for High Arches in 2018

High arches tend to cause quite a lot of pain and discomfort to the entire body, especially if you’re wearing the incorrect footwear. That’s because so many people with high arches don’t know which shoes they should wear in order to provide their body with the proper support while walking.

If you’re in the search for the best sneakers for high arches, then this guide will offer you some tips on how to choose them. You’ll never have problems running (or walking) again!

Top 12 Sneakers for High Arched Feet Chart

DesignNameCushioningTechnologyRating (1-5)
  1. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 13 Running Shoe Glycerin 3D Fit Print 4.6
 2. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 Mens Running Shoes Foam Flywire Technology for Breathability 4.6
  3. ASICS Men’s Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe Gel FluidFit 4.5
  4. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running Shoe Foam Acteva Lite Midsole 4.5
  5. Saucony Men’s Ride 8 Running Shoe Foam PowerGrid Support 4.5
  6. Salomon Women’s XR Mission Running Shoe Foam Sensifit and Sensiflex 4.5
  7. Brooks Women’s Ghost 8 Shoes Metallic Charcoal / Bright Rose Foam BioMoGo DNA 4.5
  8. Brooks Women’s Ghost 8 Shoes Metallic Charcoal / Bright Rose Air Lightweight Anti-Slip 4.5
  9. Saucony Men’s Omni 13 Running Shoe Foam Dual-Density EVA Foam Midsole 4.4
  10. Mizuno Women’s Wave Creation 17 Running Shoe Foam Dynamotion Fit Sonstruction 4.3
  11. ASICS Women’s GEL-Game 5 Tennis Shoe Gel PGuard Toe Protector 4.2
  12. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe Foam Dual Impact Midsole 4.2

Common Pain Caused By High Arches

People suffering from this condition can experience the following symptoms:

  • Heel pain while standing or walking
  • Loss of balance and instability
  • Claw toes or hammertoes
  • Calluses on your side, the ball of the foot or heel
  • Random ankle sprains because of the unnatural heel tilt towards the interior, causing foot instability

Not wearing sneakers that support your high arch will make your condition even worse. Your foot will be under even more pressure, and you will be more prone to accidents and foot pain.

Choosing Your High-Arch Sneakers

Each type of foot requires a special design with a particular kind of cushioning. It needs to support the arch and fill in the blank space that usually causes pain when walking. The best sneakers for high arches will fit snuggly around the foot.

Basically, people with high arches need shoes with neutral cushioning that can flex around and under the high arch, assisting it to pronate correctly and distribute the impact.

Sneakers are chosen based on a few aspects:

  • Cushioning Type – Many companies use different materials to create the shoe cushioning. Foam is one of the most popular types of cushion since it ‘remembers’ the form of your foot and provides the support that you need.

Other buffer types can be air, glycerin or gel for extra breathability. What’s most important is that the cushion remembers or folds around your foot form. Some sneakers may offer separate inserts or double padding, so you need to know exactly how high your arch is before purchasing the shoes.

  • Flexibility – Rubber sole shoes are the best when it comes to sneakers since they allow your foot to flex. People with high arches are in a special need of this since it offsets the rigidity of their foot and facilitates equal impact distribution.

Those with high arches can now get back to their daily routine. These kinds of unique shoes have, as you know by now, extra padding and arch support, along with a heel pad. This way, the pain will not be as severe, so you can get back to doing what you love most.

Top 4 Best Sneakers for High Arches Reviews

1. Brooks Glycerin 13 Running Shoe

This shoe is perfect for those suffering from the high arch syndrome. Regardless if you are a slim or a heavy person who loves walking or running, this item will offer you all the support that you need.

The upper side of this shoe is very comfortable, and it uses an innovative 3D Fit Print Overlay to reduce weight and create structure. It will take the pressure off and offer even impact on all sides of your foot.

The shoes are lightweight and very easy to wear. The glycerin padding makes them extremely breathable and temperature-friendly. They will keep your feet cool during summer and warm during winter – making them the perfect all-season shoes.

Overall, these shoes offer a good amount of cushioning and are lightweight without giving up on the style.

You will get your money’s worth by wearing these shoes every day.

2. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 Mens Running Shoes

These shoes have a dual-density cushioned midsole with soft foam at the ball of the foot and firm foam at the heels. They are typically meant for running and other athletic activities, but they can be used for walking as well.

They provide all the support that you need if you have high arches, allowing your foot to stay comfortable.

The impact will be spread over your entire foot, not just the heel and your forefoot – therefore making walking more pleasurable.

Not only do these sneakers fit very well around your foot, but they are also lightweight. They weigh only 295 grams, which makes them perfect for walking. It will be like walking barefoot, but with all the support and protection that you need.

The rubber sole provides great shoe flexibility and a high-abrasive power. They will last you for a long time without losing their shape.

3. ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

This shoe was made with Fluid Fit Technology, a stretch mesh used to create a glove-like fit on the foot and offer proper support. You’ll love wearing these shoes, regardless if it is for running or walking.

The Nimbus 18 uses a gel cushioning technology as well, which reduces shock during the impact with the ground, allowing your strides a smooth transition when walking. It will also provide great support for your high arch.

The same gel technology will prevent your foot from being too warm or too hot; it will be just right.

The padding is very breathable, and you can walk around in these shoes for long distances, without feeling uncomfortable.

4. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v6 Running Shoe

This is another shoe perfect for those with the high arch condition, they will firmly support the foot and will prevent you from feeling any pain as you are walking or running.

These shoes pack a good amount of cushioning. The Acteva Lite midsole will not only fit snuggly around the foot, but it’s also 24% lighter that the standard foam you will find in most running shoes.

It also has an additional cushioning underfoot which was achieved thanks to the Ortholite Shockliner. This will reduce the shock of impact, and therefore, will also minimize the pain you will get by running.

The toe box has a lot of room, which allows your toes to carry more weight. This will help reduce the pain from the heels by distributing the weight equally – something which is recommended for those suffering from high arches.

The best sneakers for high arches are, therefore, the BROOKS sneakers. Still, the other sneakers will offer you just as much support for your high arches. The rest of it will depend on your taste in shoe designs.