12 Best Small Backpacks in 2018

A backpack can be useful for carrying belongings in a number of different situations, when pockets alone are just unable to offer enough space and carrying items in your arms is just not practical.

When this is the case, a full sized backpack can often provide too much space.

To get the benefit of a handy bag without it needing to be cumbersome, the best small backpack can be used. This will offer the benefit of still being able to carry the bag on your back without it being bigger than necessary.

Top 12 Small Backpacks Ultimate Chart

DesignNameMaterialHeight (inches)Rating (1-5)
  1. Hikpro Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack Nylon 18 4.7
  2. Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack Nylon 16.92 4.7
  3. Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack Nylon 22 4.7
  4. X-Sports Decathlon QUECHUA Kids Adults Outdoor Backpack Daypack Nylon 15.7 4.6
  5. LC Prime® Sling Bag Chest Shoulder Unbalance Gym Fanny Backpack Nylon 15.4 4.3
  6. G4Free Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack Nylon 16.53 4.3
  7. JanSport Half Pint Backpack Aqua Dash Jagged Plaid 0JJ Polyester 12.3 4.3
  8. Everest Junior Backpack Polyester 13.39 4.2
  9. Tiny Chou Mini Waterproof Nylon Backpack Lightweight Strong Shoulder Bag Nylon 11.8 4.2
  10. Cycling Hiking Backpack Sunhiker Water Resistant Travel Backpack Lightweight SMALL Daypack Nylon 15.7 4.0
  11. Hopsooken Ultra Lightweight Waterproof Climbing Camping Backpack Nylon 16.2 4.0
  12. Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Backpack Water Resistant Daypack Nylon 15.7 3.9

Qualities of the Best Small Backpack

For a small back pack to be beneficial, it needs to be large enough to be able to carry essentials, without leaving a significant amount of unused space.

This will allow it to be used in a number of different circumstances without it getting in the way or creating a hindrance.

A fastener that allows easy access to the contents while keeping them secure can prove useful, as this will make it beneficial for a number of different circumstances.

Think about whether your left or right side is more dominant and the manner in which guy tend to carry a bag of the style you are considering. This will help you to determine where the position of pockets and zippers, for example, will be not beneficial.

Features that Make a Small Backpack More Useful

  • External Pockets – External pockets can be handy for storing items that you will need often, as accessing them will be more convenient.
  • Zipped Closure – A backpack that is secured with a zipper will be more secure than those that use other means, such as a drawstring, as it is less likely to some loose of its own accord and fall open.
  • Compartments – A small backpack will often be used to carry essentials, which will need to easily be found rather than letting them roll around in one compartment together. Accordingly, a backpack that comprises compartments and pockets will provide a high amount of convenience. Side pockets, for example, will offer the ability to retrieve small items without the need to remove the bag from the back.
  • Reflective Accents – Some material can be reflective in the night despite not appearing to look any different in the day. This will prove to be useful when needing to travel at night to make sure that you can be seen.
  • Adjustable – Being able to adjust the straps on a small backpack will allow it to be adjusted so that it fits the user comfortably, and falls on the back exactly where they require.
  • Material – The material used to make a bag suitable for college will determine whether it will be able to stand up to heavy use, and whether it will be waterproof and easy to clean, for example. This will also dictate the price.
  • Handles – A handle other than the normal two straps will allow a small backpack to be held in a different way.

Ways in Which a Small Backpack can be Used

  • An alternative to a shoulder bag.
  • Pockets are insufficient to be able to carry the necessary belongings.
  • Going to collect items that you do not want to carry in your arms and avoiding the waste of a plastic or paper bag.
  • Going on a short hike.
  • Avoid the risk of losing item, such as umbrella, glasses, purse, phone by having a bag in which items can be stored.
  • Offers the ability to keep items secure and in one place so that it is easier to keep track of them.

Top 4 Small Backpacks Reviews

1. Hikpro Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking

The Hikpro Lightweight Packable backpack has the type of qualities that make it useful for those that like to travel. This is due to the fat that it can be folded up to a small size, which allows it to easily be thrown into a suitcase.

Though the folded up size is small enough to make it convenient for travel, it is capable of holding a lot as it has a capacity of 20 liters. In addition, it is strong enough with heavy use, such as during a hike.

The nylon that it is made from is tear-resistant, so it will last a long time.

In addition to the large main compartment, there is also an exterior pocket and they are both secured with strong zips. An inner sipped pocket is perfect for valuables and the mesh side pockets can hold items needed regularly, such as a water bottle and umbrella.

It is available in a number of different colors.

The Hikpro is the best small backpack for travelers as its compact size can hold a lot.

2. Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Backpack

The Outlander backpack is foldable and capable of opening up from its small size to handle a capacity of 20 liters. It has dimensions of approximately 17 x 11 x 7 inches when it is unfurled, compared with approximately 6 x 6 x 2 inches when folded.

The material is nylon and water-resistant, so it is useful for travel and hiking in wet conditions. The material makes it strong and it is tear resistant.

It is designed so that it is reinforced at the stress points, which will help to ensure that it will last.

The straps are adjustable and are breathable so they are comfortable to wear for long periods.

The Outlander is a practical small backpack that also looks stylish.

3. Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack

The Osprey Daylite backpack is shaped so that it fits to the back well and does not take up more space than necessary.

It has an interior sleeve that is capable of securely holding a tablet.

The back panel is made of foam so that it is comfortable, and it is covered in mesh to make it breathable.

The straps are designed to allow them to sit on the shoulders where they will be comfortable.

This Osprey Daylite has a double zipped front pocket that enables small items to be kept separately and easily accessed.

It comes in a number of different colors, so it is easy to find one to match your style.

The Osprey Daylite is an excellent backpack for those who value quality.

4. X-Sports Decathlon QUECHUA Outdoor Backpack

The Quechua X-Sports backpack is made from strong and durable nylon, but the material remains light.

The range of different colors makes it possible to find one to suit all tastes.

The motion of the zippers is smooth and did not hitch get caught, and they offer a high level of security.

It has a handy external zippered pocket that is perfect for storing smaller items without needing to open the main compartment.

The Quechua X-Sports backpack is a stylish backpack that has the features that allow it to be practical.