12 Best Slippers in 2018

Having the right pair of slippers is key to feeling completely relaxed and cozy at all times. Whether you’re lounging in your favorite chair or cooking pancakes on Sunday morning, the best slippers will keep your feet comfortable in any situation.

Not sure which slippers are worth the purchase? We have collected together a list of the highest-quality slippers on the market and created a guide to all the information you need to choose between them.

By using this guide, you will be relaxing in your quality slippers before you know it.

Top 12 Slippers Comparison Chart

DesignNameMaterialsColor OptionsRating (1-5)
  1. Sorel Men’s FALCON RIDGE Slipper Leather exterior and wool-blend lining. 5 4.5
  2. World’s Softest Super Soft Cozy Slippers Nylon and acrylic blend. 13 4.4
  3. Vonmay Men’s Wool Plush Fleece Lined Slip On Faux suede exterior and wool lining with memory foam insole. 2 4.4
  4. ACORN Women’s Moc Slipper Fabric exterior and fleece lining with Cloud Cushion insole. 16 4.4
  5. L.B. Evans Men’s Hideaways Roderic Slipper Suede exterior and Sherpa lining. 2 4.4
6. Clpp’li Women Slippers On Faux Fur Mules Fluffy Suede Comfy Slippers Suede exterior and faux fur lining. 6 4.4
7. Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slipper Suede exterior and dyed lamb fur lining. 6 4.4
8. Happy Feet Womens and Mens Animal Slippers Polyester exterior and padded interior. 50+ 4.4
  9. Minnetonka Women’s Cally Faux Fur Slipper Suede exterior and a faux fur lining. 12 4.2
  10. Dearfoams Women’s 745 Slipper Soft velour exterior and interior. 10 4.2
  11. Isotoner Women’s Microterry PillowStep Satin Cuff Clog Slippers Microterry exterior and cushioned lining. 7 4.1
  12. Isotoner Men’s Microterry Slip On Slippers Microterry exterior and cushioned lining with a memory foam insole. 4 4.0

Slip Into Luxury

Choosing from our list will guarantee you get a pair of slippers that you love, but there are still some features that you should keep in mind while you decide:

  • What’s on the Inside – As you will be able to see from our list, there is a whole range of different linings that the slippers come with.

While some do provide more comfort than others you should also consider the following: the temperature you will be wearing them in, if there is any chance of the slippers getting wet, and whether they will be around any unpleasant smells.

The fluffier the lining, the more smells it will pick up and retain, so this is important to consider. Otherwise you may find you need to wash your slippers on a daily basis.

  • Additional Features – There is a lot more to a pair of slippers than you would first imagine. There are plenty of features that set the best house slippers apart from an ordinary pair.

Some of our favorites are an anti-slip design on the sole, careful toe positioning within the slipper, and a warming material used to keep your foot comfortable at all times.

  • Ease or Support – This essentially comes down to whether or not the slippers have a back to keep your foot in the shoe; this is very important depending on what you will be doing while you wear the slippers.

It can become very frustrating to walk around in backless slippers and to have them always falling off your feet. Also, if you will be taking the slippers on and off, you will certainly want to opt for a pair with no back to them.

All the Varieties

On our list, we have included a wide range of different types of slippers. Here is a brief look into of the benefits of each:

  • Moccasins These are the coziest and most “formal” option on our list. They come with a back, so they fit perfectly to your feet. They are also designed to keep your feet warm and provide the stability you need for your daily routine.
  • Full – These slippers are less formed than moccasins. These are a great option for those that want slippers on the go. As these slippers have a back, they will fit your feet and provide the comfort that you need.
  • Scuff – These types of slippers are very similar to full, but they don’t have a back; this means you will be able to slip them on and off with ease. Scuff slippers come in all styles and can be as padded or not as you want.
  • Novelty – We have one option on our list that falls into the novelty category. These slippers are shaped like an animal, and there are currently more than 50 options in the collection for you to choose from.

*Pro Tip On our list, you will also see we have included the available color and style options. If you find slippers that you love, then you will be able to get a few pairs that you will be able to wear for years to come.

Top 5 Best Slippers Reviews

1. Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge

There are a few reasons that the Sorel Men’s Falcon Ridge slippers are so popular on the market today, not the least of which is the quality of the materials from which they are made. From the very first glance and the first time you touch the slippers for yourself, you can feel that they are well made and made with genuine leather.

The leather outside means that these slippers easily outlast the competition. The synthetic sole also gives you the structure and support of wearing shoes while the plush inside makes it feel like you are walking on pillows. These indoor slippers form to your foot over the first few times of wear. Unlike other shoes, the process of breaking the slippers in is not a painful one in the least.

Even with the synthetic sole, the slippers are quiet. You can walk around in them on cold nights without having to worry you are making noise with each step.

2. World’s Softest Cozy Slip-Resistant

If you are looking to keep your feet warm and cozy, then you need to consider the World’s Softest Cozy Slip-Resistant slippers. Wearing these shoes is like wearing the fuzziest pair of socks you can find and then adding a non-slip bottom that keeps the slippers cleaner and eliminates any worry about slipping on hard surfaces.

The slip-on style with a non-binding topline makes these a suitable slipper option for anyone that wants a secure slipper without added weight or excessive padding. There is a padded foam sole for just the right amount of comfort, but these are certainly on the more delicate and plush side.

With many different colors and patterns to choose from, this is a great slipper when you are seeking comfort as well as style. If you have a no-shoes-in-the-house policy, then you need these slippers to keep you warm and cozy.

3. Vonmay Men’s Plush Fleece Lined

The Vonmay Men’s Plush Fleece Lined Slippers have the perfect combination of features and style to make them the long-lasting house shoes of your dreams. First off, the fleece lining is something that is not only plush and soft, but it can also be cleaned conveniently; this is a huge plus considering how difficult it is to clean wool slippers or the like.

The clog style is ideal for slipping these shoes on and off as you come into the house and leave. You don’t even have to bend down to secure them on your feet, which is why you will wear them more often and definitely get your money’s worth in usage.

The memory foam inside will mold to your feet within a few times of wearing the slippers around the house. This spongy material doesn’t lose its cushioning, just simply makes the slipper more suited to the way your feet are shaped and the way that you stand.

4. ACORN Women’s Moccasin

The ACORN Women’s Moccasin is comfortable from the get go because it is a full coverage slipper that keeps your feet more secure and warm than traditional clog slippers would. The design of these slippers is unique in that they have a synthetic sole that isn’t hard like clogs but is made of soft, slip-resistant materials.

This material is softer and therefore quieter when you walk but does not compromise durability in the process. The added traction you get from the sole is only the beginning in terms of material quality and usage. There is also the multi-layer Cloud Cushion in the foot bed of the shoe that really does make it feel like you are walking on a cloud.

This cloud envelops your foot with every step and provides endless comfort and warmth. Also, you can choose any of the many different patterns and styles to match your personal tastes. These come with a combination of cozy fleece, faux fur, fabric and Berber uppers to keep the tops of your feet warm.

5. L.B. Evans Men’s Hideaways Roderic Slipper

If you are looking for a house shoe that provides comfort as well as durability and stability, then the L.B. Evans Men’s Hideaways Roderic Slipper is one of the best slippers on the market today. These slippers are designed like clogs that have the rubber synthetic bottom, the leather upper and the Sherpa lining, but these are not slip-ons.

These slippers are made to cover the entirety of your feet but without losing the convenience of the slip on shoes. These have an elastic side goring and heel to make them easy to get on and off in a hurry.

The shoes keep your feet protected from water on the floor or stepping on anything while also providing comfort and warmth. These are perfect for anyone to wear around the house but are especially suited for those that experience stability or other medical foot issues.

If The Slipper Fits…

Having the best slippers to relax in when you get home can propel anyone into relaxation mode. If, however, they don’t fit properly they can become annoying very quickly.

Unlike ordinary shoes, it can be a lot more difficult to get the right size as they don’t always follow standard sizing. Usually, you will be choosing from small, medium large, Xtra large, and XXtra large.

Make sure you follow a conversion chart exactly because having tight slippers or ones that flop all over the place, will make your slippers very uncomfortable and you will quickly abandon wearing them at all.