12 Best Slippers for Men in 2017

Slippers may seem like a clothing item of little consequence, but as a consumer should always be looking to get the absolute most out of your money, even when it comes to slippers. Don’t sell yourself short by purchasing the cheapest pair you can find. Being comfortable at home is just as important as being comfortable out in the world, and it all starts with your slippers.

A good slipper should have a look and feel you prefer, a warm lining for superior comfort, and the durability to last so you don’t have to buy another pair for a very long time.

You can find thousands of choices when it comes to the best slippers for men, but that also means that there are many choices that aren’t the best. Let us help you find the perfect pair of slippers in our guide!

Top 12 Slippers for Men Comparison Chart

DesignNameHeel/No HeelLiningRating (1-5)
  1. ACORN Men’s Sheepskin Bootie Slipper Heel Faux Fur 4.5
  2. Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Cody Sheepskin Slipper Heel Lamb Fur 4.4
  3. Vonmay Men’s Wool Plush Fleece Lined Slip On Memory Foam Clog House Slippers No Heel Fleece 4.4
  4. Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Irish Clog Slipper Heel Flannel 4.3
  5. L.B. Evans Men’s Atlin Terry Slipper Heel Terry 4.3
6. BEARPAW Men’s Finnick Mule Slipper No Heel Faux Fur 4.2
7. J. Fiallo Mens Stitched Faux Suede No Heel Fleece 4.2
8. DREAM PAIRS FUR-LOAFER-01 Men’s Classic Casual Winter Suede Faux Fur Heel Faux Fur 4.2
  9. Deer Stags Men’s Nordic Clog Slipper No Heel Sherpa 4.1
  10. Hideaways by L.B. Evans Men’s Marion Moccassin Slipper Heel Flannel 4.1
  11. Isotoner Men’s Microterry Slip On Slippers Heel Micro terry 4.0
  12. KushyShoo Men’s Indoor Outdoor Cozy Clog Slippers No Heel Faux Fur 4.0

How to Pick the Perfect Slippers

You may have gotten used to your old pair of favorite slippers, but there comes a time in every man’s life where he has to look down at the raggedy house shoes on his feet and decide it’s time for something new. Let’s take a look at some of the most important traits to consider when searching for the best men’s slippers!

  • Slipper Style – Just because you usually wear your slippers in the comfort of your home doesn’t mean they can’t reflect your fashion sense. The style and design of your slippers can help you do just that. While there are many variations in slipper style, there are three main designs from which most slippers are sculpted.
    • Sandal Slippers – This is the simplest slipper style. They don’t have a heel so you can simply slide your feet inside the slipper with minimal effort; this makes them great inside house shoes.
    • Boot Slippers – Boot slippers are great if you need a pair that can protect you from the cold. Usually, this type of slipper is lined with a type of faux fur with sheepskin material as the outer layer.
    • Moccasin Slippers – Moccasin slippers blend some of the best aspects of the sandal and boot designs. They are easy to put on and take off, but they have the extra security of a heel; this means you don’t need to worry if you have to wear them for a quick run to the grocery!
  • Slipper Materials – Once you have found the style of slipper you want, the next step is to decide the material you prefer for your slippers. The best slippers for men are made of materials that are not only comfortable but durable as well.
    • Cotton – The simplest and most inexpensive material, cotton slippers are great for lounging around the house but not venturing outside.
    • Suede – If you are looking for slippers with a more sophisticated comfort, suede slippers are more durable and can be worn outside, just not in the rain.
    • Leather – Leather is a great material for slippers because as it softens over time, your slippers will become more comfortable with age instead of worn out.
    • Sheepskin – A unique pairing of leather skin and wool fur make sheepskin slippers some of the most comfortable and long-lasting slippers money can buy.
  • Sole Material – An often-overlooked aspect of slippers is the sole. If you only plan on wearing your slippers inside, you can get away with a soft rubber sole. Some slippers don’t have soles at all but are more like socks. However, if you ever envision yourself needing to wear your slippers out, make sure you get a pair with a durable, hard rubber sole. A durable sole means that your slippers won’t wear out quickly and they will also give you maximum traction.

Hopefully, by now, you feel ready to go shopping for your new pair of slippers. Just remember that the best slippers for men should combine comfort, style, and durability. Before you start shopping, let’s review some of the top-selling men’s slippers today.

Top 5 Best Slippers for Men Reviews

1. ACORN Men’s Sheepskin Bootie Slipper

This slipper is great for people in cold climates where it’s even hard to stay warm inside! This boot-slipper provides all the comfort of a slipper with the warmth and durability of a boot. Here are our favorite things about the ACORN Bootie Slipper:

  • High-Quality Materials – The ACORN Sheepskin slipper is made of high-quality suede sidewalls and outsole; this makes them very durable. Also, the fur sheepskin lining provides maximum warmth in even the most frigid temperatures.
  • Durable Rubber Sole – As we have mentioned, some slippers are just not made for outdoor use; this is not one of them. The ACORN bootie slipper has a durable rubber sole for venturing into the elements.
  • Fashionable – Any slipper you can wear outside ought to be fashionable as well. With this sheepskin slipper, you don’t need to worry about feeling underdressed, even in your slippers!

The ACORN Sheepskin Bootie Slipper is our number one recommendation because it combines comfort, warmth, and durability into one versatile slipper.

2. Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slipper

The Cody Sheepskin Slipper is number two on our list for many Similar to our number one pick, the Cody is a sheepskin slipper maximized for warmth. Let’s see what else separates the Tamarac Cody Sheepskin Slipper from its competitors.

  • Memory Foam Footbed – Most sheepskin slippers can boast being comfortable, but the Cody Sheepskin Slipper takes it a step further. The cushioning memory foam footbed conforms to your specific foot shape, providing maximum comfort and a personalized feel.
  • Durable Construction – This slipper has suede sidewalls that will keep your slippers in good shape for years to come. Also, like most top-selling slippers, the Cody as an indoor/outdoor use sole making them very versatile!
  • Real Fur – The inside of this slipper is lined with genuine dyed lamb fur from China. This added luxury is a huge bonus and ensures that your feet will never be cold again.

In our opinion, if you are looking for a luxurious slipper at a modest price, the Tamarac Cody Slipper with its genuine fur lining is the choice for you.

3. Vonmay Fleece Slippers

This is our first pair of clog slippers on the list. A clog slipper is similar to sandal slipper, but they tend to cover more of the foot while still leaving the heel exposed. Here are some of the other features of this slipper that put it into our top five!

  • Fleece Lining – Fleece is one of the warmest linings that can be used in slippers. The soft material will not only keep the cold at bay, but it is also one of the most comfortable linings a slipper could have.
  • Luxurious Materials – In addition to fleece, the Vonmay slipper is constructed from stitched wool and faux suede; this means that you get the ultimate luxury feel without the ultimate luxury price tag.
  • Maximum Comfort – As you can tell, comfort rating is very important to our slipper rankings. The Vonmay fleece slipper is yet another slipper with a memory foam footbed. Between that and the ultra soft fleece lining, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable slipper.

As far as house shoes go, the Vonmay Fleece Slippers rank as one of the warmest and most comfortable slippers on the market today!

4. Tamarac Men’s Irish Clog Slipper

Tamarac is one of the most well-respected slipper companies, as is evident from their double-appearance on our top five list! The Tamarac Irish Clog Slipper is another great example of their craftsmanship! Let’s take a look at some of its top features:

  • Flannel Lining – So far we have seen fleece and fur as our top slippers’ linings. However, flannel is an often missed lining that is just as comfortable and warm. Flannel is also a very soft material, which adds to the overall comfort of these slippers.
  • Memory Foam Insole – It’s nearly impossible to make out top five slipper list without this memory foam insole. Tamarac’s Irish Clog Slipper uses a memory foam sole so that you can feel like your slippers were handmade for you!
  • Durability – While the Tamarac Irish Clog Slipper is generally meant as a house shoe, don’t be afraid to venture outside in them if necessary! The rubber sole of these slippers makes the morning coffee run a breeze.

The Tamarac Irish Clog is a perfect fit for anyone looking for an easy-fitting and comfortable house shoe.

5. B. Evans Men’s Atlin Terry Slipper

Last on our list of top five slippers for men is also our first moccasin-style slipper. These unique slippers are perfect house shoes for someone who likes a unique look. Here are some of our favorite things about the Atlin Terry Slipper:

  • Warm Lining – The warm terry lining can keep your feet warm in even the coldest conditions!
  • Cool Design – We love the unique moccasin style of the Atlin Terry Slipper. This ultra-light design is not only comfortable, but you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing any slippers at all.
  • Dual Use – Moccasins are built for outdoor use, and these moccasin-inspired slippers are no exception. The rubber sole of the Atlin Terry Slipper is great for use outside.

For a man with unique style and the need for warm and comfortable slippers, the L.B. Evans Atlin Terry Slipper is a perfect fit.