12 Best Skinny Jeans for Men in 2018

If you are a fashion forward person, you are already aware of the skinny jean craze. The popular and somewhat uncomfortable, style of pant has been gaining ground in Men’s departments across the globe against traditional cuts.

Whether you are new to the world of skinny jeans or are just looking for a new pair to add to your collection, we have you covered. Our list of the best skinny jeans for men includes colors ranging from old-school blue to bright pink, and we have even thrown in jeans that look like they’ve been worn dozens of times. Without further ado, let’s take a quick look at our Top 12 picks.

Top 12 Skinny Jeans for Men Ultimate Table

DesignNameDistressed OptionsColors AvailableRating (1-5)
  1. Levi’s Men’s 519 Extreme Skinny Fit No 6 4.5
  2. Men Skinny Stretch Jeans 28-38 No 14 4.5
  3. Angel Cola Men’s Biker Slim Distressed Washed Cotton Cargo Jeans Yes 6 4.5
  4. Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny Fit Jean Yes 15 4.4
  5. ETHANOL Mens Slim Stretch Motion Flex Denim Five Pocket Jean No 33 4.3
6. Men’s Ripped Skinny Distressed Destroyed Straight Fit Zipper Jeans with Holes Yes 6 4.3
7. Perruzo Men’s Skinny Fit Stylish Stretch Jeans No 21 4.3
8. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans No 2 4.3
  9. Dickies Men’s Slim Skinny Five-Pocket Jean No 2 4.2
  10. Men’s Skinny Slim Fit Stretch Straight Leg Fashion Jeans Pants No 8 4.1
  11. URBAN K Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans No 24 4.0
  12. NITAGUT Men’s Ripped Slim Fit Tapered Leg Jeans Yes 11 3.8

Stay in Style with These Skinny Jean Buying Tips

Skinny Jeans are nothing new, but they have only seen a rise in the men’s section during recent years. Now gentlemen of all ages can get in on the fun, but you won’t want to pick a pair up without thinking about a few things first.

The Fit

If you have never worn skinny jeans, now is the time to seriously consider how tight you are comfortable going with. While manufacturers tend to use “buzz words” like Super Slim or Flexible, all skinny jeans are going to fit like a glove, and most are going to stretch due to the materials used. In other words, don’t pay too much attention to those fancy words as you need to know the measurements where it counts.

You can go by your normal jean size in most cases unless the manufacturer has special sizing instructions listed. If you want to ensure a super snug fit, you may want to consider going down a size as well. If so, pay close attention to the material as some jeans may shrink or come preshrunk which can also foil your plans. There is no perfect formula for the fit; you just want them to be tight in all the right places.

Distressed or Clean Jeans?

If you take a casual stroll through any high-end boutique or even Walmart, you will likely notice distressed jeans in the Men’s clothing department. These jeans are intentionally frayed or worn down in certain areas to make them appear more broken in. Some consider them stylish, but there are a few things to consider with ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans may look good, but they tend to not hold up so well in the wash over time. A break in the material, even a tiny one, will lead to larger ones down the road. While “clean jeans” or jeans without any intentional rips, stains or tears may not be the current trend in some locales, they are going to hold up longer and can be worn on any occasion.


Depending on your age, you may have grown up in a time where the majority of Men’s blue jeans on the market were actually blue. There were two shades with light blue and dark blue, but that’s about all there was until the 80s and the acid wash craze. Well, today you can have a pair of skinny jeans in almost any color you can think of, but it may not be a very good idea to purchase those dark green slim fitting jeans.

Colors fade, especially brighter ones that can become dull in a few washings if proper care isn’t taken. Sometimes even that won’t matter if the brand behind the jeans uses inferior materials or dyes. On that note, you may have to throw them in the wash alone or risk color bleeding onto other garments. Nobody wants their white socks to turn red, so pay close attention to the care tag if you decide for wildly colored skinny jeans.

Top 5 Best Skinny Jeans for Men Reviews

1. Levi’s Men’s 519 Extreme Skinny Fit Jeans

Levi’s has been producing garments for over 100 years, but the blue jean didn’t craze didn’t put them on the map until the 60s. They haven’t looked back since, and are worth of the top spot in our list of the best skinny jeans for men. Actually, they are the only company to get three pairs of jeans onto our list, but we’re going to start with Levi’s 519 jeans.

These are the company’s “Extreme Skinny” jeans which means they are going to be skin tight with no wiggle room. They still sport their classic 5 pocket design and are made from a blend of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Levi’s 519 skinny jeans will stretch a bit, but will also shrink in the dryer considering the high cotton content. They sit a little below the waist with a rise of around 10” in the front. There are a wide variety of waist sizes represent from 26” up to 42” including “odd” sizes like 35” or 27”. The same can’t be said for the length however as those sizes are standard.

Levi’s puts out a quality jean, so they will hold up longer than others that specialize in designer jeans. There are no ripped styles available, but you can choose from six different washes with Commando, Sin City, Pinhead Rinse, Crane Distressed, Rockaway Beach and Chainsaw Rinse.

2. Eagle Men Skinny Stretch Jeans

If you want skinny jeans that leave little room in the seat or around the ankles, you’ll be hard pressed to top the Eagle Skinny Stretch Jeans. The name brand may not ring too many bells, but trust us when we say these jeans will look like they are painted on if you choose the right fit.

When it comes to sizing, Eagle went the traditional route, so there aren’t any 33” x 31” jeans or oddballs in their sizing chart. They start at 28” x 30” and run up to a 38” x 34” with the longest length being 34”. While that size range will cover a vast majority of men, some shorter or taller consumers will want to look elsewhere. The jeans have 5-pockets, a zip fly and are made of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. We don’t have measurements for their full range, but the 32” waist size has a 10” rise in the front, a 13 3/4” back rise and 14” leg openings.

While these jeans are solid, the size range is a bit of a downer although there are more colors available than you’ll find from other skinny jeans. The company has 14 different washes listed including Olive Tint, Khaki, Dark Indigo, Sand, and Stone Wash Blue.

3. Angel Cola Men’s Biker Slim Cargo Jean

Now we are going to take a look at something different from Angel Cola. These jeans are dubbed Biker Slim Distressed Cargo Jeans, which is a mouthful, to say the least. While they may not look like regular blue jeans, they certainly are and are made from 98% cotton and 2% polyurethane. They also have plenty of zippers.

These jeans have two front pockets and two back pockets along with the little coin pocket up front. You will also get a large cargo pocket on the side of the legs and two zipper pockets on each thigh. That’s what we would call “busy” so they aren’t going to be for someone looking for a regular pair of skinny jeans. They are skinny however with a slim, straight fit and ribbed detailing around the cargo pockets on the front and back. While they do have a zip fly, they also have two buttons up top that are covered with a flap for a clean look.

Angel Cola’s Biker Jeans are an acquired taste as they have a bit of a retro vibe. If you like what you see, you will be thrilled with the wild colors available which included “distressed” denim, black, washed black and green. If you really want to shake things up, you can opt for white jeans if you’re careful or bright pink.

4. Levi”s 510 Skinny Fit Blue Jeans

The Levi 510’s are another pair of slim fitting pants that are locks for our best skinny jeans for men list. The overall measurements are somewhat similar down the size chart although you’ll get more color choice this time around. They 510 jeans also have the distinction of being made from 100% cotton, somewhat of a rarity these days.

Levi’s soft jeans are going to feel great and have some stretch before you toss them in the wash. You will want to be careful on the dry cycle, however, or you may run the risk of these jeans shrinking too much for your liking. They are called skinny jeans after all, not stranglers. On the downside, these Red tab jeans can fit a little loose in the rear compared to other cuts, so keep that in mind if you have a small backside as you may want to consider going down a size. Thankfully, that won’t be an issue with the 510’s.

As we are dealing with Levi’s, these jeans will fit folks with 29” waists up to a 42” waist. The lengths are standard at 29” to 34” so big and tall sizes are out along with some odd numbers. There are a whopping 15 shades available with this particular jean including West Gate which has a few holes, and Scooter Bull Denim which is a bright, vibrant red.

5. ETHANOL Men’s Slim Stretch Motion Flex Jean

The ETHANOL Slim Stretch Motion Jean actually lives up to its moniker by ensuring you have a full range of motion despite your skin tight pants. They are stretchier due to the construction that features a blend of 78% cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% spandex. These won’t draw up as badly in the dryer with less cotton in the mix, but still look like a regular pair of jeans – they are just extremely tight.

ETHANOL’s stretch jeans use something called enhanced stretch & recovery. This means you will be able to wear and stretch these out considerably, but they will still retain their shape. In other words, they will stay skinny jeans despite repeated washings and months or years of use. They are 5-pocket jeans, but you actually get a choice in the back pocket design depending on the wash you choose. We didn’t dig through them all, but there are plain pockets, fancy pockets, and even pockets with a bit of venting.

As much as we dig these jeans, there are not as many sizes available as you’ll find with some of our other choices. There are plenty of colors however with around 8 different hues and a half-dozen pocket styles or more. If you do opt for a wild shade, pay attention to the care tag as some colors will fade out quicker than others.