12 Best Roller Skates for Kids in 2017

Roller rinks aren’t nearly as popular as they used to be, but are still very much alive and kicking in many parts of the U.S.A. Depending on your age, you may have never strapped on a classic four-wheeled set of skates, but that is the only way for younger children to learn.

If you are in the market for the best roller skates for kids, today is your lucky day. We scoured the net to find the best of the best and put together a list feature skates for boys and girls of all ages. Whether they need their first pair of skates or are stepping up to roller blades, we have included something for everyone.

Top 12 Roller Skates for Kids Comparison Chart

DesignNameGenderStyleRating (1-5)
  1. Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids Universal Inline 4.7
  2. Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG 2016 Kids Skate Girls Inline 4.7
  4. Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Inline Skate Girls Classic 4.6
  5. Fisher-Price Grow with Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates Universal Classic 4.5
6. Roller Derby Boy’s Trac Star Adjustable Roller Skate Boys Classic 4.5
7. Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate Universal Classic 4.4
8. PlayWheels Disney Frozen Kids Classic Quad Roller Skates Girls Classic 4.4
  9. Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate Boys Inline 4.4
  10. Chicago Boy’s Sidewalk Skate Boys Classic 4.4
  11. Roller Derby Boy’s Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate Boys Classic 4.4
  12. Chicago Girl’s Sidewalk Skate Girls Classic 4.4

Get Your Kids Rolling Quickly with These Buying Tips

Roller skates can be a blast for kids and adults, but trips to the emergency room are not fun for anyone. Accidents are bound to happen with skates, but our guide will ensure you choose the right pair starting out.

Roller Skates vs. Roller Blades

Old-School roller skates come with four wheels and a stopper on the front or toe. In our table, we have referred to these as “classic” style skates as that was the only style around for decades. These days, adults and children have options including shoes with retractable wheels. You will not find any of those on our list of the best roller skates for kids, but you will find plenty of classic models.

If your child is just learning the ropes, it is usually not a good idea to buy them inline skates. There is an age limit on those for a reason, and we suggest you heed it unless your child is in the teens or you’ve got great insurance. That said, accidents can happen on four wheel skates just as quickly, so buy a helmet and pads regardless of the roller skate style.

Construction & Sizing

As adults, we know when something is wrong with our feet and are quick to switch things up if a shoe becomes uncomfortable. Children will certainly let you know when something is amiss but may tough it out longer than they should if they are having fun. A regular shoe with a poor fit can wreak havoc on your kid’s feet during activities, and that goes double for roller skates. Especially when your kids slam into walls at roller rinks or tend to drag their toes.

As for sizing, almost all inline skates are adjustable, and some will allow you to go up or down a full 3-4 size. Many are true to shoe sizing as well, so if your child wears a 4, you would want to choose a shoe with a 4 listed as the minimum size if possible. This allows your child to grow into the shoe, and you can easily adjust it as they do. Classic or Quad skates are sometimes adjustable like their inline brethren but also have lace and Velcro-based system.


When it comes to style, kids are no different than adults – especially when they hit a certain age. Some children may want whatever their friends have while others will want the shiniest skates around regardless of the quality. As a parent, you have to walk that fine line between wants and needs, and you’ll want to walk it carefully when it comes to roller skate style.

Just because a skate looks cool, doesn’t mean it will hold up well over time or even perform well. Kids skates can vary from patterns with Disney Princesses to boys skates that look like they came from the future. There are even skates with LED lights, which are far from necessary, but very cool to a kid. If there is a feature they just can’t live without, make sure it doesn’t affect that longevity or functionality of the skate itself.

Top 5 Best Roller Skates for Kids Reviews

1. XinoSports Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids

If your child is steady enough for regular skates or old enough to take things to the next level, you will want to consider the XinoSports Adjustable Inline Skates. They are “universal” in the sense they can be worn by both boys and girls due to a basic style. We don’t mean that in a bad way, as these little skates have a something special to offer up.

Remember where we talked about unnecessary extras that can affect the skate? Well, we are pleased to say that won’t happen with this set. While they have LED lights set in the two front wheels, it doesn’t change the way you roll, but you will want to have backup batteries on hand. The shoe part of the skate features regular laces, but the harder plastic upper has a clamp-down strap to go along with a Velcro strap in the middle. It is a sturdy skating shoe, to say the least.

XinoSports skates come in blue and have a 60-day guarantee from the time they arrive at your doorstep. They come in two size ranges with Youth Medium sized 1-4 and Youth Large at 5-8. If you do happen to burn out a wheel, there are replacement LED wheels available as well.

2. Rollerblade Girls Spitfire JR XTG Skate

The first pick on our best roller skates for kids list could be worn by any child. The Spitfire JR XTG Skates from Rollerblade is geared towards girls, but not too girly as they have a classy style. The shoe is mainly black with white on the toe and back of the ankle, but the pink accents throughout really give these a nice look. Considering they are put out by Rollerblade, you can expect quality as well.

The Spitfire JR XTG’s come with 72mm wheels sporting SG3 bearings for smooth rolling. The popular laces, clasps and strap system is in place to keep these secure on your child’s feet, and they are sized to grow right along with your little girl. There is a “size adjustment” button which triggers a system allowing the shoes to expand four sizes, and there are three different sizing brackets to choose from. There are no additional color options or light up wheels, but the latter can always be added later as long as it’s the right type of wheel.

One of the advantages of these inline skates is the fact they are sized extremely small. That means younger children can use these which isn’t an option on other roller blades. As for the sizes, you can choose between 2-5 or 5-8. The smallest option is for 11J to 1, which is even more impressive once you see the little skates in person.

3. Chicago Skates Girls Adjustable Quad Skates

At first glance, these skates look like they belong in the inline class, but the front brake and four wheels tell a different tale. These quads come from Chicago Skates and are adjustable to boot. While they are labeled as “girls” skates, there are no fairies or princesses present, so they can be worn by boys. That said, there is a boys set in silver, blue and orange as well.

The Chicago Quad Skates for Girls have two ratchet bucks to cinch the shoe down which also allow for a degree of adjustment. There is a two-piece outer shell over the soft boot to go along with a sizing button at the bottom above the rear wheel. Those wheels are made from a composite material and have semi-precision bearings for a smooth ride. The general design will keep their feet cool as well on hot summer days outdoors.

While we’re fans of these skates, the sizing options are sparse, and there is only one real color option available in purple & silver. The sizes are listed as a “Small” or sized 1-4, so you may have to do some guesswork if your child is not in the 1-4 range.

4. Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger 5.2 Adjustable Skate

Roller Derby’s entry onto our list is dubbed the Stinger 5.2 and are inline skates built for little ladies. Like most of the skates we chose, you can adjust these to a degree, and they have a button on the bottom to make that simple. There is also a strap up top and an extended lacing system complete with a clip to keep any access strong out of the way.

The Stinger’s are arguably the best-looking skates on our list regardless of how the wheels are setup. The soft boot has a pattern with hearts and peace signs in blue and purple which matches the accents on the plastic outer, wheels, and stopper. The company’s name is emblazoned across the wheel bracket for an extra bit of flair and on all four wheels. Those wheels are of the polyurethane variety and have Sliver 5 Speed bearings inside.

From the EZ adjust system to the washable liner, there is a lot to love about this inline skate. We think you will be pleased with their performance and the sizing range as well with a Small covering 12 to 2 and a Medium taking sizes 2 through 5.

5. Fisher-Price Grow with Me 1,2,3 Skates

Now we’re going to take a look at something for the little ones as they are going to want to skate around just like their big brother or sister. The Fisher-Price Grow with Me 1, 2, 3 Roller Skates are made especially for children and are designed to be more stable than traditional quads.

These skates actually have different settings which allow you to adjust the skate to suit your child’s skill level. The first setting locks one wheel so they can “walk” on skates while the next step allows them to rolls forward, but not backward. Whenever they master the first two options, you can unlock all four wheels and send them scooting across the floor. The wheels are spaced farther apart for increased stability, and while they are plastic, they will do the trick for this age range.

While older children will not dig these or be able to use them, they are a great option for parents looking to get their kids started early. They are probably the safest skate you can buy for this age range as well considering plastic is far more forgiving on skin and bones than metal if they do take a tumble. The skates are rated for shoe sizes 6-12 and have a Velcro strap at the top.