12 Best Purses for Moms in 2018

For any woman, a purse is helpful for carrying a few items around. For a mom, however, a purse is essential for keeping necessary items always on hand. You not only need your wallet and phone, but also must have extra diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, snacks, toys, bibs, bottles, a nursing cover, and more, a purse becomes vitally important!

Stepping out without a purse, or going out with a purse that’s too small or too unorganized can make your outings much more difficult than they should be. If you have a mom-approved purse that fits your needs as well as your style preferences, you’ll be much more likely to enjoy being out of the house.

As a mom, we realize your time is already stretched thin in between caring for your children and taking care of your other responsibilities. We’ve searched around for you to find the absolute best purses for moms. Whatever your preferences, we’ve got the perfect purse for you listed in our chart below. It’ll just take you a moment to skim down and find your favorite!

Top 12 Purses for Moms Ultimate Table

DesignNamePockets and CompartmentsHandle StyleRating (1-5)
  1. Scarleton 3 Front Zipper Washed Shoulder Bag  2 Compartments, 1 Open Pocket, 1 Zipper Pocket Shoulder Bag, Crossbody Bag 4.6
  2. JOYSON Women Handbags Hobo Shoulder Bags Tote PU Leather Handbags Fashion Large Capacity Bags 2 Compartments, 1 Multi Inner Pocket, 2 Zipper Pockets, 2 Open Pockets Shoulder Bag, Top-Handle Bag 4.5
  3. Hiigoo Canvas Shoulder Bag 2 Compartments, 1 Zipper Pocket, 1 Sandwich Pocket, 2 Open Pockets Shoulder Bag 4.5
  4. QZUnique Women’s Summer Fashion Top Handle Cute Cat Cross Body Shoulder Bag 2 Outer Pockets, 1 Main Compartment, 1 Zipper Pocket, 1 Open Pocket Top-Handle Bag, Crossbody Bag, Shoulder Bag 4.4
  5. Eshow Women’s Ladies Casual Vintage Hobo Canvas Daily Purse 2 Outer Pockets, 1 Compartment, 1 Zipper Pocket, 2 Open Pockets Top-Handle Bag, Crossbody Bag, Shoulder Bag 4.3
6. Oakarbo Nylon Multi-Pocket Crossbody Bag 1 Compartment, 5 Zipper Pockets, 2 Open Pockets Crossbody Bag, Shoulder Bag 4.2
7. Coofit Lady Handbag Little Bow Leisure Shoulder Bag Purse 2 Compartments, 1 Zipper Pocket, 2 Open Pockets Top-Handle Bag, Shoulder Bag, Crossbody Bag 4.2
8. Tom Clovers Summer New Women’s Men’s Classy Look cool Simple style Casual Canvas  1 Compartment, 1 Zipper Pocket Crossbody Bag 4.2
  9. KISS GOLD(TM) Women’s Canvas Multi-Color Shopper Tote Shoulder Bag 2 Compartments, 2 Zipper Pockets, 2 Open Pockets Top-Handle Bag, Shoulder Bag, Crossbody Bag 4.1
  10. Realer Women’s Handbag Tote Purse Shoulder Bag Pu Leather Fashion Top Handle Designer Bags 1 Compartment, 1 Outer Pocket, 2 Open Pockets, 1 Zipper Pocket Top-Handle Bag 4.0
  11. TcIFE Women Top Handle Satchel Handbags Tote Purse 1 Compartment, 1 Outer Pocket, 1 Zipper Pocket, 4 Open Pockets Shoulder Bag, Top-Handle Bag 3.8
  12. Tibes Fashion Women’s PU Leather Handbag 2 Compartments, 2 Open Pockets, 1 Zipper Pocket Shoulder Bag, Top-Handle Bag, Crossbody Bag 3.6

What Aspects Make Purses Perfect for Moms?

As you look through the purses, there are several features you should keep in mind as you search so you can decide on the very best purse for you.

  • Pockets – The more you want in your purse, the more useful pockets are. You don’t want to have to dig through your purse for five minutes just to find your keys! It’s important to note whether the purse has open pockets or ones with zippers. Depending on what you want to carry around, you’ll likely want to have both types of pockets.
  • Handle Style– Different purses come with different ways to hold them. We’ll go further into the different types of handles in greater detail below.
  • Closure – Different purses have different types of closures. Some purses are zipped Some purses have a button or two keeping them closed. Still, other purses are kept shut by magnets. There are even purses that aren’t kept shut by anything at all.
  • Washable – As a mom, spills of one kind or another are a commonplace part of your day. You don’t want a purse that will stain easily! A purse that’s washable takes away a bit of the stress of always trying to keep your purse out of the way of sticky little fingers.

Understanding Purse Styles

What type of purse handle do you prefer? If you’re not sure, no worries, you’ll have a much better idea after this next section. It will help you understand the differences between purse types as well as some of the reasons those purse handle styles are liked or disliked.

  • Shoulder Bag – This style of purse’s handle, just like the name implies, is meant to be carried on your shoulder. Many women love the ease of carrying this kind around since it’s hands-free. One thing some women don’t like about this type is that the handle can be a bit long to comfortably hold as a top-handle bag.

If you plan on not always carrying the bag on your shoulder, it’s good to get a shoulder bag with an adjustable strap that can be made shorter or to get a different style of bag altogether.

  • Crossbody Bag – This style is similar to a shoulder bag except you pull the strap of the bag all the way over your head to rest on your opposite shoulder. This type of bag is enjoyed for the security it gives the wearer by making it harder for the bag to slip off, and again, it can be carried hands-free.

This style of bag, however, has an even longer strap than shoulder bags and should not be chosen if you prefer to carry your purse in your hands very often as the long strap would make your hold on the purse feel awkward.

  • Top-Handle Bag – The top-handle style of bag, as the name implies, is a bag with a handle directly on the top. This type of bag has a shorter handle than either of the two bags we’ve already spoken about.

The top-handle strap is too short to put over your shoulder, much less over your head. If you want to carry your purse hands-free, this would not be a good choice for you.

Top 5 Best Purses for Moms Reviews

1. Scarleton Shoulder Bag

This is one of the best purses for moms. It’s an excellent choice for those of you who want to carry your purse hands-free! It has an adjustable strap that can be worn as a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. You can carry groceries, or even children, without having to worry about needing a hand for your purse!

It has two compartments, one open pocket, and one zipper pocket. It also has some bonus outside pockets for carrying a few extra items. The compartments are zipped shut for added security.

You can wipe off spills with a wipe or wet washcloth, or, if the bag gets really dirty you can even throw it into the washing machine on the delicate cycle! It’s the perfect size for everyday use. It both looks nice and is functional. It’s a great choice!

2. JOYSON Hobo Shoulder Bag

This purse has several pockets and compartments for organized storage of numerous items. It has a removable shoulder strap with the option of carrying it as a top-handle bag. The main compartment is zipped shut to keep anything from falling out or getting wet in the rain. It’s big enough even to carry a laptop!

To wash the bag, it’s best to turn it inside out and wash it on the delicate cycle. To protect the leather, it is advisable to put leather conditioner on the purse after it is dry.

It’s a great size for carrying your phone, wallet, extra bottles, snacks, an extra diaper, and toys to name a few things! If you need to carry everything but the kitchen sink, this purse will fill your needs well.

3. Hiigoo Canvas Shoulder Bag

This next purse has many different pockets and compartments to allow you to carry all your necessities in an organized fashion. The bag is a fun way to change up your style a bit as it doesn’t look like your typical purse.

It is washable in warm, not hot, water. It’s best to allow the purse to hang to dry rather than tossing it in the dryer. You don’t want to let it shrink!

The purse is kept closed by a little magnetic button. The bag is sturdy and well made. It is lightweight on its own, although of course the more you add to it the heavier it will be. If, however, you are looking for a purse that won’t add to the weight you’re carrying, this would be an excellent choice.

4. QZUnique Women’s Cute Cat Bag

If you prefer unique products, look no further than this bag! It is made to resemble a cat. They even have different colors and designs so you can pick your favorite!

It’s a well-made, durable purse. It offers several different pockets to keep your items all in their proper place. It zips closed so no need to worry about things falling out of it! No matter how you like to carry it, it will accommodate you with its removable and adjustable straps. You can carry it as a crossbody, top-handle, or shoulder bag.

If the bag gets dirty, clean it with a dry soft cloth. Throwing this one into the washer likely wouldn’t end well.

The unique look and excellent build of this bag make it an excellent choice for you, or a special gift for a friend!

5. Eshow Women’s Hobo Canvas Bag

Last but definitely not least, this final choice is another one full of pockets meant to allow you to carry anything and everything you need. It is designed with you in mind with adjustable and removable straps to allow you to carry it as a top-handle, crossbody, or shoulder bag.

The bag can be zipped shut for added privacy and protection. It comes in several different fun colors to allow you to match the purse to your wardrobe and personality.

The bag is easy to wash and can be left to air dry for best results.

It’s another great choice for busy moms!