12 Best Purse Organizers in 2018

Nothing is more unpleasant than a cluttered purse. In such cases, finding something you need becomes an immense challenge every time.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, one thing is clear: you need the best purse organizer in your life. Such an acquisition is a life-saver, especially if you like having your stuff neatly organized.

There’s nothing more frustrating than unloading everything from your purse just because you cannot find your keys or wallet, especially when you’re short of time.

On that note, we thought to assemble the best products that fit into this category, so that you can have a place for everything. It sounds good, doesn’t it? Keep on reading to get acquainted with the best items and our tips on how to make the best purchase.

Top 12 Purse Organizers Comparison Chart

DesignNameMaterialNumber of PocketsRating (1-5)
  1. Premium Handbag Organizer – Sturdy Non-Collapsible Insert w/ 13 Pockets Nylon and Polyester 13 4.6
  2. PurseN Handbag Organizer / Expandable Purse Insert Satin with PVC Backing 10 4.6
  3. Best Handbag Organizer for Purse and Travel Bag Felt material 8 (medium)/      9 (large) 4.5
  4. Clear Handbag Organizer See Through Cosmetic Badget Insert Purse Organizer Transparent Travel Pouch Liner Shaving Toiletry Bag See-Through Material 11 4.5
  5. Clear Handbag Organizer See Through Cosmetic Badget Insert Purse Organizer Transparent Travel Pouch Liner Shaving Toiletry Bag Nylon 13 4.4
  6. Travelon Rfid Blocking Purse Organizer Microfiber 5 4.4
  7. Gaudy Guru (TM) Clutter Control Handbag & Purse Organizer Insert Nylon 13 4.4
  8. The Outback Pouchee Purse Organizer Synthetic leather 5 4.3
  9. Periea Handbag Organizer, Liner, Insert 12 Compartments – Chelsy Polyester and Nylon
(with cotton lining)
 13 4.3
  10. Micom Cute Printing Expandable 13 Pocket Handbag Insert Purse Cosmetic Bag Organizer with Handles for Women Nylon 13 4.3
  11. HDE Expandable 13 Pocket Handbag Insert Purse Organizer Polyester 13 4.2
  12. RFID Purse Organizer Polyester Blend 12 4.2

Key Considerations

  • Number of Pockets – Since the main reason you’re purchasing the best purse organizer is to have enough space, this is the first aspect you should consider beforehand.

The number and size of pockets can make the world of a difference in aiding you to organize your essential belongings and minimize the clutter.

Ideally, we recommend you to choose an organizer that presents a mixture of various pockets. For instance, you should have some secure pockets as well as zippered pockets for special items.

In a nutshell, a purse organizer should easily accommodate your phone, keys, passport, lotion, makeup, and other items.

Nonetheless, if you’re in need of a bag organizer for a medium-sized purse, you have to choose a version that fits such a handbag. Therefore, your purchase depends on your style and the size of the bags you tend to wear.

  • Stability – This is another element that is entirely dependent on your style and personal preference. For example, purses that have structured, long sides don’t necessarily require an equally stable organizer.

Still, on the other hand, if your bag is rather large and things tend to get lost inside (we have all been there), an organizer with a stiff, sturdy construction will be best suited. This will prevent it from collapsing whenever you take something out.

It is fair to say it all goes down to personal preferences. Some people would choose stability while others wouldn’t go for an organizer that may alter the shape of their purse, in any way.

On a final note, make sure you take into account the sort of items you tend to carry in your purse. Elements such as sunglasses and makeup may take up plenty of space and require stiff sides.

  • Expansion – Every woman reading this has more than one purse, isn’t that right? So, purchasing a handbag organizer whose size can be expanded or reduced seems like an attractive option.

The expansion is an important feature if you wish to use your organizer with various handbags. That makes the product versatile and fitted for different occasions.

  • Weight – A women’s purse seems to have no bottom at all since it can accommodate literally anything: clothes, snacks, water, makeup, and the list may go on forever.

Therefore, the last thing you want to do is purchase a large handbag organizer.

That’s why the majority of organizers are manufactured with lightweight materials such as polyester and nylon.

Top 4 Best Purse Organizer Reviews

1. Born to Accessorize Premium Handbag Organizer

Perfect your organizational skills with this superb, well-made product that keeps your essentials neat and right where you want them.

This enables you to have immediate access to your phone, keys, or lipstick in a matter of seconds. Say goodbye to digging in a pile of clutter that seems to have no end.

Manufactured with premium nylon, this is a lightweight organizer that is effortless to clean. So, in the case in which you end up staining this, cleaning it is a breeze.

Considering that the organizer is lightweight, it won’t add to the original weight of your purse, which is good news, especially for mommies.

Possibly the best thing about having an organizer is that you can quickly switch handbags by transferring the organizer from a purse to another.

That means you can wear the bag that matches your outfit without worrying about moving your belongings from one purse to another.

Since it has 13 pockets, you can arrange all your essentials according to your liking and personal preference.

2. PurseN Handbag Organizer / Expandable Purse Insert

This handbag organizer is exquisitely made, which is why it is rather pricey, in comparison with other options. Nonetheless, the lofty price tag is entirely justifiable.

This is a premium-quality product that is meant to fit designer bags. The satin-finish of the material grants it a high-end look that boosts the appeal of the item.

What is more, this purse insert is expandable, which means it can accommodate bags of various sizes. That being said, this is a long-term investment you should consider.

3. Simply Put Goods Best Handbag Organizer

This is a fantastic purse insert; its solid construction makes everything stay in place. Meanwhile, we are also pleased to notice that the felt material has the role of protecting the interior of the handbag.

On that note, we can say that this manufacturer pays increased attention to every detail.

This product is the right purchase for those looking for a stiff, structured bag organizer. Also, you should know that this is more suited for a medium-sized purse.

All in all, this is an excellent product we are more than happy to recommend. Note that if you’re looking for flexibility over rigid construction, this isn’t the right product for you.

4. Q Girl Clear Handbag Organizer

The best thing about this purse organizer is that it is manufactured with see-through material, which means you can see everything you’re carrying.

That makes it even easier for you to find what you’re looking for. On that note, we believe this is a great organizer you can use for traveling with children.

The main drawback to this item is that there isn’t any zipper to the middle compartment.

Apart from that, this is an excellent, medium-sized purse organizer from which you’ll get a lot of use.

Which of our suggestions for the best purse organizer seems like the most suitable choice to you? Do you consider purchasing one of them? We would appreciate knowing your thoughts on this.