12 Best Polarized Sunglasses in 2018

Sunglasses represent an essential accessory that shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe. Not only that they may complement a look, but they are also healthy for you.

Owning the best polarized sunglasses is just as important as using sunscreen. They protect you from the harmful effects that UV rays have on the sight.

Luckily for us, we can choose from a wide variety of products that fit into this category. We think that, after consulting with our comprehensive buying guide, you’ll manage to have found the sunglasses that will fit your taste and specifications like a glove. Without further ado, let’s proceed!

Top 12 Polarized Sunglasses Ultimate Chart

DesignNameStyleMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. WOODIES Zebra Wood Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses Wayfarer Wood frame 4.7
  2. Joopin Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses Women Men Retro Brand Sun Glasses Retro Plastic 4.6
  3. Duco Men’s Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses Driver Glasses Unbreakable Frame Sport Plastic and metal 4.5
  4. LUENX Aviator Sunglasses Polarized Mirrored with Sun Glasses Case Aviator Plastic and metal 4.4
  5. Maui Jim Sandy Beach Polarized Sunglasses Sport Light, durable, polymer 4.3
  6. Ray-Ban Men’s RB3025 Aviator Metal Aviator Sunglasses Aviator Metal 4.3
  7. Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses Sport Acetate 4.2
  8. ATTCL HOT Fashion Driving Polarized Sunglasses for Men Al-Mg metal Frame Sport Metal frame 4.2
  9. Polarized Clubmaster Classic Half Frame Semi-Rimless Rimmed Sunglasses Retro Plastic 4.1
  10. ATTCL 2016 Vintage Fashion Round Arrow Style Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses for Women Vintage Plastic 4.1
  11. LianSan Women’s Oversized Polarized Sunglasses Lsp301 Casual Plastic 4.1
  12. kate spade new york Women’s Akira Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses Classic Plastic 4.1

Why Should You Choose Polarized Sunglasses?

  • They Diminish Glare – For starters, polarized lenses are featured by a unique chemical film that contributes to decreasing glare.

This type of glare usually occurs when the light from the sun is reflected in solid surfaces or water. These lenses aim at neutralizing the glare by blocking the reflection and this reduces the detrimental effects linked to UV light.

In other words, this type of lenses maximizes your comfort enabling you to engage in all kinds of activities without being bothered by the glare.

Most of the cases, water and roads are the main culprits for glare; which is why many drivers may find this kind of glasses really helpful.

To put it roughly, the best polarized sunglasses improve your safety and your overall wellbeing, being fitted especially for people with sensitive eyesight or who are prone to suffering from migraines.

  • They Reduce Eyestrain – Another detrimental effect linked to glare is eyestrain. Happily, by choosing a high-quality pair of polarized sunglasses, you can solve this problem.

Because of the glare, the eye strives to distinguish the images, which causes fatigue and stress that result in headaches, migraines, redness or irritation.

In other words, this type of sunglasses counterbalances this problem by boosting your eyes’ comfort.

  • Improve Clarity – By switching to polarized glasses, you’ll convey the world surrounding you like never before. The colors become more vivid, and every detail becomes evident.

Who Needs Polarized Sunglasses?

Generally speaking, people who work in the proximity of water, such as boaters and fishers, will find polarized sunglasses quite useful. Since these sunglasses reduce glare, they boost your eyes’ capacity and facilitate better eyesight.

Such sunglasses can also boost the safety of people working in these scenarios since the glare can really impair one’s vision. Polarized glasses are helpful for diminishing discomfort and eye fatigue.

In a nutshell, these are suited for any activity that involves rapid changes in lighting.

Nonetheless, bear in mind that, even though these sunglasses reduce glare, they are not fitted for everyone. For instance, if you wear them while skiing, you might find it difficult to differentiate the changes in terrain.

Concurrently, they aren’t recommended when riding a motorcycle or during night driving since they make it challenging for you to see spots of ice or water on the road.

At the same time, this type of lenses makes LCD instruments hard to read; which is why pilots don’t wear them.

Top 4 Best Polarized Sunglasses Reviews

1. WOODIES Zebra Wood Sunglasses

You’ll like these sunglasses the minute you’ll take them out of their box. At least that’s what we experienced. They have a cool design; this is granted by the wood frames, which is something you don’t get to see every day.

In other words, these have a unique appeal. Apart from the beautiful design, we were also pleased with the overall quality of the glasses.

The versatile design makes these fitted for both men and women, and they are comfortable to wear. At the same time, these are ideal for everyday wear, being a stylish addition to any outfit.

As for the quality of the lenses, we can guarantee that. Since the lenses are polarized, you get optimal UVB/UVA protection, reduced eyestrain, and diminished fatigue.

All things considered, this is a product that is well worth its price.

2. Joopin Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses

This is an affordable product that has gained a lot of popularity. That’s why we wanted to establish if all the fuss about it is worth it, and we were hooked as well.

Firstly, the affordability of the glasses is a major attraction point, considering how polished and classy they look. This is a manufacturer that is dedicated to adhering to the latest fashion trends.

We believe this would compliment many face shapes, both in men and women. The retro design is also a selling point. These glasses make you look like a superstar.

The two nose pads make these comfortable to wear throughout the entire day.

3. Duco Men’s Sports Style Polarized Sunglasses

The next on our list is a pair of polarized sunglasses that comes in a casual, sporty design. We have tested the performance of the lenses in daylight when the sun tends to be stronger.

Our conclusions are the following: the glare was significantly reduced, which had a beneficial impact on diminishing eye fatigue.

Simultaneously, we cannot omit to mention that the lenses are also scratch-resistant, which means you don’t need to worry about this aspect.

They are lightweight and have a comfortable fit. The extra case is a handy addition from which you’ll get a lot of use. That enables you to take (even) better care of them.

As soon as we put these on, we could distinguish so many differences; everything became clearer, the glare wasn’t disturbing any longer, and each detail became more apparent.

4. LUENX Aviator Sunglasses Polarized Mirrored

You can never go wrong with a well-made pair of aviator sunglasses. The quality of this particular product is superior, and the pricing is right, as well.

If you enjoy wearing glasses that come in unique colors, these will come down your alley. Wearing these will add a pop of color to any outfit.

We believe these glasses are more than an accessory; they make a fashion statement.

The polarized lenses aim at filtering, improving and balancing the colors that your eyes perceive, improving the clarity of your natural vision.

Purchasing the best polarized sunglasses is a great way in which you can counteract the harmful effects that UV rays have on your eyesight. Since they come in so many different styles, you can definitely find a pair that complements you while maintaining your eyes safe.