12 Best Pianos for Beginners in 2017

Being able to play the piano is an enviable skill that is enjoyable to exercise, though even commencing the process of learning can be a daunting task.

Though it is possible to learn with a tutor who has a piano, having one at home on which to practice can decrease the learning time.

Alternatively, if you are learning by alternative methods, the best piano for beginners will be an essential requirement.

With our handy guide, you can determine what is consider in finding the best piano for your needs.

Top 12 Pianos for Beginners Overview Table

DesignNameKeysStand Incl.Rating (1-5)
  1. Casio Inc. LK175 PPK 61-Key Lighted Key Premium Keyboard 61 No 4.5
  2. Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Graded-Action USB Keyboard 88 Yes 4.4
  3. Casio SA-76 44 Key Mini Keyboard 44 No 4.4
  4. Casio CTK2400 61- Key Portable Keyboard 61 No 4.4
  5. Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard 61 No 4.4
  6. Yamaha DGX230 76-Key Digital Piano Pack 76 No 4.4
  7. Yamaha EZ-220 Lighted Keyboard Bundle 61 Yes 4.3
  8. Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano 88 No 4.2
  9. Yamaha Piaggero NP11 61-Key Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard 61 No 4.1
  10. Huntington KB61 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard 61 No 3.9
  11. 61 Key Electronic Music Keyboard Electronic Piano 61 No 3.7
  12. Hamzer 61 Key Electronic Music Electric Keyboard Piano 61 No 3.4

Aspects of the Best Piano for Beginners

  • Keys – Different piano keyboards have different numbers of keys, which allows for a various range of notes to be played. Those pianos with the largest number of keys will be able to play the greatest range of tones.
  • Power Source – Whether this comes from batteries or by a connection to the mains, an electronic piano requires a power source. In some instances, both battery and mains power will be possible, so the batteries can be used as a backup when mains power is not available.
  • Learning Tools – When you are beginning on the road of learning to play the piano, you will benefit from an electronic piano that includes learning programs.
  • Stand – Consider whether you have a dedicated, suitable space at which you will be able to play a portable piano keyboard. If not, or you simply prefer to be able to play anywhere, then determining whether a stand is included with the package of the piano you are considering is important.
  • Size – Not all portable pianos will be the same size and this is an important consideration in working out the right one for you. The size will dictate the number of keys and the extent of its portability, due to the weight.
  • Accessories – In some instances, accessories such as headphones, stands and adapters will make up part of the package, but this does not mean this is standard, so it is prudent to check before committing to a purchase.

Finding the Right Piano for Your Needs

A standard piano, such as a grand or even a baby grand, is the type of instrument that is obtained and used by professional musicians, or at least those that have attained a high grade. It is a massive investment as it is an expensive instrument and will require some commitment.

An electronic keyboard piano can offer the same benefits as a regular piano, but also offers the benefit of being portable as well as a number of other     .

Electronic pianos have different abilities, enabling learning to be an easier process.

Many versions of electronic pianos will have fewer keys than a standard piano, which has 88 keys.

Learning tools, such as keys that light up and integrated timing aids can be included as standard with certain packages.

When buying a piano keyboard as part of a bundle, consider the accessories that are included and whether they are suited to your needs.

Top 4 Pianos for Beginners Reviews

1. Casio LK175 PPK

This Casio Inc. LK175 PPK piano keyboard is highly portable as it is just less than 20lbs, so it is lighter than many others are. The physical dimensions add to this as it is easy to put under your arm and transport it from one place to another.

Its size stems from the fact that it has 61 keys, but it still allows for a wide range of tones to be produced, with 400 tones and 150 rhythms.

The Casio Inc. LK175 is ideal for learning to play the piano as it benefits from keys that have the ability to light up in order you guide you while playing a song. Alongside this, Casio’s dedicated Lesson System provides a great starting point for those with little experience of playing the piano.

It even includes various ports, such as to enable a pedal or headphones to be attached.

An excellent piano for a beginner who wants to benefit from integrated lessons.

2. Yamaha YPG535

This Yamaha YPG-535 is from the Portable Grand series, which means that there is a range of benefits. It is easy to set up and immediately start playing.

It comprises the full set of 88 keys that you would expect from a standard piano and is suitably long, though surprisingly not very heavy at about 18lbs.

The keys benefit from a Graded Soft Touch action that ensures they do not click when played and create varying levels of resistance.

The sound produced this keyboard is sufficiently loud and as much like a grand piano as it is possible to get.

This Yamaha YPG-535 piano has the ability to carry out a large number of different functions, which are all made possible with the touch of a button. These include accompanying music and even lessons that break down the process of playing a song.

The stand is included as part of the package rather than needing to be purchased separately, as is the sustain pedal and adapter.

The panel that allows you to make use of all the lessons and accompaniments is within easy access of the full sized keys, so it is simple to switch between different applications.

This Yamaha YPG-535 Portable is an excellent piano for beginners as the lessons enable proficiency to be gained quickly.

3. Casio SA76

The Casio SA-76 is a mini keyboard, which comprises 44 keys that are also smaller than standard. Accordingly, it is ideal for children beginning to learn the piano as it will be easier for them to maneuver between the keys.

It has an LC display that shows what function is being used and guides you.

The size means it is convenient to pay anywhere, and it is adaptable in that it can be connected to the mains or fitted with six AA batteries.

It comes with numerous accessories that that aid the process of learning to play the piano, including 10 practice pieces, 50 play-along tracks and 100 tones.

There are speakers at either side, so it offers a rich sound and it comprises a headphone port.

This mini Casio SA-76 is a cost effective and easy way to begin to learn how to play the piano for both children and adults.

4. Casio CTK2400

The Casio CTK2400 Portable piano keyboard comprises 61 keys, which allows it to be easily transported.

As portable as it is, it still has many abilities that can be accessed by the panel just above the keys

It enables voices and any other sounds to be recorded via an integrated microphone so that they can be played back later.

It also has a fun sampling effect on which the recorded sounds can be used.

The step-up learning system is easy to use and creates the ability to play songs acoustically or with the available rhythms.

This is the best piano for beginners as it offers all you would need from a piano while learning, such as lessons, recording and rhythms.