12 Best Pedalboards in 2017

Getting a new electric guitar is exciting, but as with most instruments, they can be difficult to master. Once you get a handle on your chords, most folks turn to pedals to give their playing some extra pizazz. As cool as guitar pedals are, they can also be a hassle considering they take up space underfoot and on the road.

That is where a great pedalboard comes in handy as it houses all your pedals for home use or gigs. Our best pedalboard list includes boards that will only hold a handful to metal monstrosities geared towards the pros. No matter you taste or budget, we have included something for you below.

Top 12 Pedalboards Ultimate Table

DesignNameMultiple SizesWith PowerRating (1-5)
  1. Gator Cases GPB-XBAK-GR Extra Large aluminum pedal board Yes No 4.7
  2. Pedaltrain Nano + with Soft Case PT-NPL-SC No No 4.7
  3. Gator G-TOUR PEDALBOARD-LGW Tour Series Pedal Board Yes No 4.6
  4. Pedalboard DIY Make By Aluminium Alloy Yes No 4.6
  5. Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-3 Aluminium Pedalboard No No 4.6
6. Odyssey FZGPEDAL32W Flight Zone 32 Guitar Pedal Board Ata Case No No 4.5
7. Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case No Yes 4.4
8. PT-CL2-SC Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/soft case NoNo 4.4
  9. Gator Cases G-BONE Bone Pedal BoardYes Yes 4.2
  10. Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-4 Disassembled Pedalboard No No 4.2
  11. BEHRINGER PB1000 No Yes 4.0
  12. SKB 8-port Powered Pedalboard – 9VDC power No Yes 4.0

Pedalboard Buying Guide

One you turn to the old stompbox, it can be hard to go back. Whether you are just beginning or have a pedal collection, keep these buying tips in mind.

Size & Layout

These two areas go hand-in-hand. Depending on how many pedals you have, you may need a huge board. The largest available are considered Extra Large and can measure around 30 inches in length or more. Width varies wildly however as some boards are quite skinny while others are 20 inches wide.

Once you settle on a size, think about the layout of your pedals. Most pedalboards allow for a degree of customization, but some are limited by barriers or slots. If you need something truly configurable, go for a plate or a model that lets you add or remove brackets for expansion. The placement of the power supply is important as well along with cable routing.


While most pedal boxes are extremely low tech by nature, that does not mean you don’t need to consider what it is made from. Obviously, metal is the best way to go if you are concerned about durability, but plastic, wood, and other exotics are also available. If you need something light and strong, aluminum is a great way to roll while plastic is generally cheaper and light as well. If you do need something big but portable, look for a wheeled model or at least a case with a very sturdy handle.


Most of the models on our best pedalboard list will come with a bag or case. The more pedals you have, the more weight in your box and hinges are prone to crack on cheap plastic cases. If it’s a metal case, you are good to go. Bags can be quite durable as well, but not always ideal depending on the weight and your gig.

One clear advantage that bags have is the fact that many will have an outer pocket for cables and other goodies, while some cases are made to where you have to lay your cables on top during transit. As a rule of thumb, if you’re packing heavy, get a heavy-duty case or one with wheels to save your arms for shredding on stage.


Other extras that are available but somewhat rare include built-in power adapters and cables. There are models that come with both and are ready to go as soon as you unbox them. If not, you will need to supply your own power supply along with your pedals.

Many pedalboards will come with tape and ties to help hold your pedals down. Unless it has slots already in place, you will need them, so it’s a perk to look for. That said, even if they come with ties and tape, you may need more, especially if you decide to change your setup on the plate or add new pedals.

Top 5 Best Pedalboard Reviews

1. Gator Cases Extra large Aluminum Pedal Board

If you are far from new to the wacky world of guitar pedalboards, you may have heard of Gator. They make some of the toughest boards around included this aluminum beast. While available in three different sizes, each is just as sturdy and are angled to make things easy on your ankle during long gigs or rehearsals. If you are not accustomed to pedals, it’s not difficult to wear your foot out stomping boxes – take it from us.

The options and overall build depend on which size you choose, but none come with power supplies, cables or cords. For instance, the Extra Large Pedalboard measures 32” x 17” and has not one, but two mounting brackets beneath the chassis for a power supply. It also has two metal handlebars and big holes to route cables and run your power. That means you’ll have plenty of room to organize your pedals and choose your layout at this size.

On the flipside, the small board is only 15.75” x 7”, but can still hold up to five pedals and is going to be extremely easy to haul around. All sizes are made in the good old USA and come with a sturdy canvas carrying case. There are four colors to choose from as well with Black, White, Screamer Green and British Orange.

2. Pedaltrain Nano PT-NPL

As mentioned, even the best pedalboard for electric guitars come in all different shapes and sizes. That includes the aptly named Pedaltrain Nano. Despite its name, it is a medium sized board but narrow measuring 18” x 5” x 1.4” high.

The thin pedalboard will be light at around 3 pounds as its made aircraft-grade aluminum. That means it will be strong as well even though it’s only considered a “two-rail” system. Like most modern pedalboards today there is no power source included, but the open nature of the design will let you set things up any way you would like.

As for the extras, the Pedaltrain Nano comes with a soft case sporting heavy duty zippers and reinforced stress points to protect against wear and tear on the road. It is only available in Matte Black and comes with 36-inches of the company’s pro-grade adhesive hook-and-loop system to help keep pedals in place.

3. Gator G-TOUR LGWTour Series Pedal Board

The G-Tour Pedalboard is another entry for the folks at Gator, and while it comes in two varieties, our personal favorite is the large case. The beefy board is actually made of wood, not metal as they used plywood with an Aluminum valance. The board itself measures 24” x 11” and can hold between 7 to 10 pedals depending on your setup.

The large board also has a couple of handles so you can leave your setup intact and simply lift it out of the case when it is time to go. As for the case, it is sturdy and lined with Pro grade EVA foam to keep your stompboxes safe. While you do not have to be Hercules to be a great guitar player, you do need some strength to tote around your gear. Well, you will need less of it with this model as it has wheels, so there’s no need to tote it like a bag or regular case.

The G-Tour Pedalboard is not necessarily a board for beginners due to its size and open nature. There is no power supply, but that’s par for the course with most models these days. There is a small model as well that measures 17” x 11, ” and both come with 3M Dual Lock fasteners for your pedals.

4. Mr.Power DIY Aluminum Alloy Pedal Board

Despite its name, the Mr. Power DIY Pedal Board is not something you will have to spend hours putting together. You don’t need special tools or any assistance either as it is almost ready to roll right out of the box. It is a complete pedalboard; you just don’t get any power although you do plenty of fasteners and tape to set your pedals and keep them in place.

While the DIY nature does not exactly shine through, the pedalboard does allow you to place things anywhere you would like and comes in three sizes. There is a 16-inch model measuring 14.6” x 10.6”, which is obviously not quite the 16” it promises. One model comes with a bag, and one without. We feel the is worth the extra however as it has straps inside to keep your board in place and an outer pocket for cables or accessories as well.

Last but not least is the 18” model clocking in at 18.5” x 10.6” with a weight of 2.8 lbs. It comes with the same type of bag as its smaller sibling and can hold around 10 pedals depending on which boxes you use.

5. Donner Guitar Aluminum Pedal Board DB-3

Due to their design, pedalboards are not the most exciting part of your arsenal, and they all have the same functionality. Some, like the Donner Guitar DB-3 pedalboard, do have a few perks that send them to the head of the pack. In this case, it is all about the angle.

As mentioned, flat pedalboards are nice but having a bit of a slope underfoot is ideal for certain situations and playing setups. The DB-3 has a bit of a rise and should be vibration-free and stay in one place thanks to four feet on the bottom of the frame. The frame is made from Aluminum alloy, and that slant allows you to put your power source underneath which leave more room up top for pedals.

The Donner Guitar DB-3 pedalboard only comes in one size, which is large at 20” x 11.4” with four rails and ample slots for your cables. You will get a few extras with this one including ties, hook-and-loops and a solid looking bag with an exterior pocket.