12 Best Padded Bike Shorts in 2017

It doesn’t seem to matter whether someone is new to cycling or has been cycling his/her whole life, at some point, padded bike shorts seem to become a necessity rather than a luxury. From long-distance cyclists to trail riders, everyone seems to want the next and best in cycling shorts.

It can be difficult to choose the best padded bike shorts for you from the multitude of choices online and in-store. Because of this, we’ve put together this guide to help you make the right decision!

Read on to see some of our top picks in cycling shorts as well as to learn how to pick the right pair for you!

Top 12 Padded Bike Shorts Comparison Table

DesignNameGenderFitted/LooseRating (1-5)
  1. Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts Tights Pants Bicycle 4D Gel Padded Bike Shorts Men Fitted 4.5
  2. Eco-daily Cycling Women’s Shorts Biking Bicycle Bike Pants Women Fitted 4.4
  3. SANTIC Cycling Men’s Shorts Biking Bicycle Bike Pants Half Pants Men Fitted 4.4
  4. Beroy Womens Bike Shorts Women Fitted 4.4
  5. NOOYME Womens Bike Shorts for Cycling Women Fitted 4.4
6. Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts Biking Bike Bicycle Pants Men Fitted 4.3
7. Men’s ATD Cargo Cycling Short Men Loose 4.2
8. Baleaf Women’s Cycling Padded Shorts Women Fitted 4.2
  9. NOOYME Men’s Cycling Shorts Men Fitted 4.2
  10. Santic Men’s MTB Shorts Loose-Fit Cycling Bike Bicycle Shorts Men Loose 4.1
  11. HAMSWAN Men’s Loose-Fit Padded Breathable Bike Shorts Men Loose 3.9
  12. ATD Women’s Baggy Padded Mountain Bike Shorts Loose Fitting Women Loose 3.7

Picking the Perfect Pair of Padded Bike Shorts for Your Sportswear Wardrobe

So, now that you have seen what we consider to be some of the best padded bike shorts on the market today, you still need to determine what pair will work for you!

Purchasing padded cycling shorts is a pretty simple venture, but there are some important things to consider before you make your decision.

What Style of Bike Shorts Do You Want?

All (worthwhile) padded bike shorts have a handful of characteristics in common. They should all be made of stretchy, smooth materials (like Lycra or nylon) that move with you instead of rubbing against you and they should all have some sort of padding to protect your “butt bone” as well to aid in the fight against chaffing. But what specific styles are there?

  • Skin-tight Fit – This style is usually the first thing that pops into people’s heads when they think “bike shorts” the stretchy material is skin-tight and form-fitting with little to no loose material.
  • Cargo Fit – A cargo bike pant (or “shy shorts” as the Australians call them) have an under-layer of skin-tight material similar to the fitted bike short but have a cargo short shell that is a little more modest when it comes to displaying various bulges and curves. Cargo shorts are a great starter option for people who aren’t used to that skin-tight feel/look quite yet.
  • Bib Shorts – There’s no bib shorts on our list (they almost fall into a separate category), but they are worth mentioning. The bib short is just like a fitted bike short, only there are straps – known as “bibs” – that you sling over the shoulder.

One crucial thing to remember is that no matter what style of padded bike short you choose, it is best not to wear underwear. Almost all bike shorts are designed to be worn without undergarments for comfort and to avoid additional chaffing.

How Much Padding Is Right for You?

Like we’ve mentioned, any bike short worth its salt should have some padding in the buttocks area to help give you a more comfortable ride. This piece of padding is called a ‘chamois’ because they used to be made of chamois goat leather.

The amount of padding needed in a chamois varies from person to person. The most important thing to remember is to check the amount before you buy to avoid negative surprises! Also, remember that no amount of chamois padding will keep your rear-end from hurting if you are not riding on a regular basis. You have to get used to riding on the seat no matter how much cushion you try to add.

How Do You Get the Right Fit?

Your new bike shorts should fit like a glove, so to speak. They are designed to conform entirely to your shape while you are biking; this may mean you look a little silly off a bike, but once you mount up for a ride you will be glad for their design.

There’s almost no pattern of sizing between brands, so use the manufacturer’s size chart to the best of your ability if buying online. Even if you are buying online, try and find a place where you can try on the bike shorts you plan to buy since they can be so different from brand to brand.

Make Sure You Don’t Forget the Silicone Grippers!

Most bike shorts will have a silicone gripper where the opening of the shorts meets the leg; this is meant to keep the bike shorts from riding up. If at all possible, make sure the padded bike shorts you choose have this silicon gripper! It can make a big difference on long, sweaty rides.

Find the Best Fit for the Most Comfortable Ride.

We’ve mentioned that finding the right padded bike shorts is a simple process, but that doesn’t mean you should take it lightly! Trust us when we say if you take the time to do your research and find the right pair of cycling shorts the first time, you can avoid a lot of pain and annoyance on your upcoming rides.

Since, by now, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for in a pair of bike shorts, let’s take a closer look at some of the designs that we chose as our top picks and see if any of them will work for you!

Top 5 Best Padded Bike Shorts Reviews

1. Sponeed Padded Cycling Shorts

Sponeed gets our pick for the best padded bike shorts on the market because they combine style, functionality, and affordability to bring you a pair of fitted bike shorts that look like they belong in the Tour de France. Other than their cool design, here’s what we loved about these men’s padded bike shorts from Sponeed:

  • 80/20 Materials – These shorts are made of 80% polyester (for durability and affordability) and 20% Lycra spandex (for breathability and performance).
  • 4D Gel Chamois – The fourth dimension of this chamois is breathability and moisture wicking power to keep you dry during your ride.
  • Color Choices – These shorts come in a sleek blue, green, or white to match your style!

If you’re looking for a professional looking and feeling bike short without the price tag, check out these fitted bike shorts from Sponeed.

2. Eco-Daily Padded Cycling Shorts

Second on our list are these fitted bike shorts from Eco-Daily. Once again we have a very affordable pair of bike shorts with all the bells and whistles, and the amateur/casual rider needs to get off to a comfortable start.

  • Super Stretchy – The 80/20 split of nylon and spandex, respectively, make these shorts some of the most breathable and comfortable bike shorts on our list.
  • 4D Pad – The 4D chamois is 2.5 centimeters thick for cushion, but it is also made of a antimicrobial material to minimize odor and moisture.
  • Smooth, Anatomical Cut – These padded bike shorts have smooth seams (you might not even notice them) and are cut in a feminine fashion for a most comfortable fit.

Eco-Daily’s women’s cycling shorts are reflective for safety, breathable, and comfortable, everything you could ask for in an affordable padded bike short!

3. SANTIC Padded Bike Shorts

Next, we have this sleep black pair of padded bike shorts from SANTIC. These form-fitting shorts would be great for an aspiring cross-country or road rider looking for their first pair of bike pants. The design and reflective logo might be the first things you see, but they are far from the only features of these shorts.

  • 12-Panel design – The 12 material panels that are sewn together to make these shorts ensure a truly form-fitted experience and anatomical cut for a comfortable and secure fit.
  • 4D COOLMAX Chamois – The breathable chamois in this design keeps moisture away from where it hurts you the most, keeping you dry and rash free for the whole day.

In this pair of bike shorts, SANTIC offers a comfortable and affordable sportswear experience for the budding cyclist.

4. Beroy Padded Bike Shorts

If you’re a woman looking for a bike short with a more feminine design, these Beroy padded bike shorts come in multiple color patterns to match your style preference. Beyond that, they are high-performance bike shorts that can perform in a multitude of conditions.

  • 3D Multi-Density Padding – The chamois is made up of 3 different layers of padding for a sturdy and even support system. It’s also moisture-wicking.
  • Silicon Hem – These padded bike shorts are hemmed in silicon to prevent slipping and riding up during your rides.

For the casual cyclist, Beroy has created an affordable and accessible pair of bike shorts that allow you to feel the comfort and support of a professional-grade bike short.

5. NOOYME Padded Cycling Shorts

NOOYME has made our list twice (for men and women) and for a good reason! They make a very affordable and functional pair of padded bike shorts. Here’s what we loved about the women’s pair:

  • 3D Chamois – NOOYME has designed this chamois specifically to fit a woman’s body, giving you more specialized comfort than the kind you would find in a unisex short.
  • Moisture Wicking – The moisture-resistant shorts and chamois not only keep you dry during your ride but also help resist bacteria build up in sensitive areas.
  • Multiple Designs – If customizing your sportswear look is something you are into, these shorts come in a variety of colors to suit your style.

NOOYME gives women cyclists a distinctly feminine design and style in these padded bike shorts. If you are on a budget or just need a new pair of bike shorts for a more comfortable ride, this pair could definitely work for you!