12 Best Nursing Pads in 2018

The leaks, the drips, the mess!

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and beautiful things a mom can do with her baby, but that doesn’t mean it is always comfortable or mess-free.

Many moms rely on nursing pads daily to help them keep their breastfeeding under control, but numerous manufacturers clamor for your business and make it harder to understand which pads are worth the purchase.

In our guide, we’ll make finding the best nursing pads easy as pie for you.

We tell you what to look for as you shop, allow you to easily compare and contrast the top 12 options on our table and provide you with detailed reviews of our top five products.

If you’re new to breastfeeding or simply looking for a new brand of nursing pads, you will find everything you need here in our guide!

Top 12 Nursing Pads Table

DesignNameType# of Pads/packRating (1-5)
  1. Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads Disposable 100 4.6
  2. Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads Reusable 17 4.6
  3. Washable Organic Nursing Pads Reusable 8 4.6
  4. Washable Reusable Nursing Pads Reusable 10 4.5
  5. Johnson’s Nursing Pads Disposable 60 4.5
6. Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads Reusable 8 4.4
7. Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads Reusable 10 4.4
8. Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads Reusable 12 4.3
  9. Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads Disposable 120 4.2
  10. TL Care Nursing Pads made Reusable 6 3.8
  11. Philips AVENT SCF254/10 Day Disposable Breast Pads Disposable 100 3.8
  12. LilyPadz® Reusable Silicone Nursing Pads Reusable* 2 3.8

How to Shop For Nursing Pads – Consider This:

  • Diameter – Some brands offer their pads in different sizes so that they accommodate your cup size, making it easier for you to find something that will offer you the right amount of coverage.

MY Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads, for example, offers theirs in “Medium” for A cups to C cups and “Large” for C cups and up.

We’ve also discussed the diameter of some of the pads in our “Review” section for those of you who would like to know these details.

Noise – If you decide to go with disposables, one of the things you’ll want to check out in the user reviews is how noisy they are. Some of them crackle and crunch under your clothing as you move, which can draw unwanted attention and just become plain annoying to you, so check into this by seeing what other moms have to say!

  • Adhesive Strip – If you opt for disposable pads, then be sure you find out all you can about the adhesive strips.

How many are there? Do they adhere well? Where do they rest when you place them over the breast?

Ideal pads have two strips, they adhere well, and they don’t fall too close to the nipple.

  • Season – Remember that in the warmer weather, the extra padding on this part of your body can cause you to sweat more.

It might be in your best interests to get some thicker pads and thin pads with the season in mind.

Thick pads are great if you leak a lot, for overnight use and (naturally), when it is cold outside.

While thin pads don’t offer you nearly the same amount of absorbency as thicker pads do, they are much more. Naturally, you would need to carry around a higher quantity of thin pads if you leak a lot (kind of a pain), but when you’re walking around Disneyland in 85° weather with full sun, you want to stay as cool as possible.

It is a small detail but one that first-time shoppers might not take into consideration, which is why we wanted to mention it!

If You Have Sensitive Skin…

Disposable pads are quite useful, but they certainly aren’t the best choice for moms with sensitive skin.

If the adhesive strip irritates your skin or if you notice any other sort of irritations when using a disposable pad (bumps, rash, hives, etc.), then this is a clear sign that you need to switch to reusable pads.

Not only do they allow you to leave a smaller environmental footprint (you’re not sending them to a landfill), the organic bamboo that manufacturers use to make them is non-irritating, naturally anti-bacterial and also anti-fungal.

It’s not only a great choice for sensitive-skinned moms but safe for babies, as well!

Top 5 Best Nursing Pads Reviews

1. Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

These are the best nursing pads for moms who want to go the disposable route. Lansinoh is the most popular disposable choice on our list due to the high quantity of pads you get per box and the price. Affordable and numerous! Just what we like to see.

Lansinoh constructs their pads with various layers of paper pulp and a polymer powder in the middle. That powder will turn into a gel when liquid touches it and therefore locks it in without allowing it to leak through to the front. They have bulked up the top and the bottom of the disc with this material, so it does a pretty good job of catching drips.

Each one comes individually wrapped for sanitary purposes (great to throw in a diaper bag or your purse), and there are two adhesive patches on each side of the disc that keep it in place much better than pads that have only one adhesive strip.

Overall, it is larger in diameter and adheres better to clothing, so this is our top pick for moms who want disposable pads!

2. BabyBliss Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

There are plenty of great reusable pads on our list, but the BabyBliss pads stood out above the rest for several reasons.

BabyBliss seems to have done their homework because when it comes to the small details, you’ll find that they have everything most nursing moms want: the pads are leak-proof without being noisy, they lay flat on the skin which allows your bra to push and form them naturally to your breast and they are large (4.7 inches/12 cm in diameter). The size could be a negative thing if you have a smaller cup size since they might stick out, but the larger size really does help you absorb everything better.

These also come with a laundry bag and they give you quite a few pads considering the price (and the fact that they are made of organic bamboo). We would say this is a pretty good deal for moms who want reusable pads without breaking the bank.

3. Kindred Bravely Washable Organic Nursing Pads

Moms looking for reusable pads that are slightly smaller than the previous ones should check out these from Kindred Bravely.

Each pad measures 4 ½ inches in diameter, and if you like pads that have a dart sewn in (this is where they pinch the fabric and then sew it so that it will contour to the body), these have it.

There are two main differences between these pads and the previous ones: the design (these are pre-curved while the others lay flat) and the quantity (this comes with 8 and the previous one had 14+3). You still get a handy laundry bag and they’re made of organic bamboo, which is standard for most reusable nursing pads.

It seems that some moms prefer the flat pads while others want the curve like this one has. If that sounds like you, then this is a great match!

4. Eco Nursing Pads Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Now, the thing we like about this pack of reusable pads is the fact that they give you both day and night pads.

We really liked the different shapes of the heavy pads versus regular pads: the four daisy-shaped pads are for light, daytime use and the six round pads are for heavy/nighttime use. They are more popular than the previous two products since you get different absorbency levels in one pack.

All are made of the organic bamboo, and regarding cost, they’re about the same as the BabyBliss Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads. Although BabyBliss give you more pads, they don’t give you different absorbency options like this pack does. It’s a tossup. You decide which would be most useful based on your needs!

5. Johnson’s Nursing Pads

Our final suggestion is another pack of disposables.

The first thing we noticed when comparing them to the Lansinoh pads was the size: these are much smaller in diameter and would, therefore, be more suitable for moms with smaller cup sizes.

Regarding design, these are pre-formed with a curve and also have a little nipple indentation that will offer you extra protection until it gets flat. Once it gets wet, it will take on the same shape as the rest of the pad, so we cannot say that there is a huge difference in overall performance because of it.

We must say that the absorbency and adhesive strip are superb, although you do need to be careful about where the strip falls so that it doesn’t rest directly on the nipple: it’s painful enough breastfeeding, and ripping the tape off your nipples isn’t exactly comfortable!

They’re smaller, absorbent and quite affordable, so if this is the type of pad you’re looking for, we would recommend them.

Final Thoughts

The final verdict: our top disposable brand is definitely Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads, and our pick for best reusable nursing pads is Eco Nursing Pads Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads.

We liked the mixture of absorbency levels and the overall quality of the other products, but in terms of quality and price, these two stood out above the rest.

On the other hand, each mom has different needs and preferences, which is why we wanted to show you the five best nursing pads out of our top 12 rather than just looking at two or three.

Use the guide to help you compare and contrast them all side-by-side before making your final decision. An informed shopper is a smart shopper!