12 Best Nursing Covers in 2018

Every mom approaches nursing and breastfeeding in a different way: some prefer the comfort of a cover for privacy while others nurse freely without one.

It’s up to you, and either way is OK!

Since you set out in search of the best nursing cover, we’re guessing that you want something to keep this special time between just you and your baby, so our guide is here to make finding a cover quite simple for you.

There are many things you need to take into consideration, such as the type of fabric it is made of, the way you wear it, how it needs to be washed and a few other things that we will be looking at below the table.

First, have a look at the top 12 products to get a feel for what’s out there, then head down to find out all of the specific details about how to choose the right cover for your needs.

Top 12 Nursing Covers Ultimate Table

DesignNameMaterialStyleRating (1-5)
  1. Wsky Nursing Cover – Baby Best Breastfeeding 100% Cotton Apron 4.8
  2. Baby Car Seat Cover Canopy and Nursing Cover Rayon Blend Multi-Use Car Seat Canopy Cover, Nursing Cover 4.7
  3. FULL COVERAGE Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex Poncho 4.7
  4. IntiMom Breastfeeding Nursing Cover 100% Cotton Apron 4.6
  5. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover – Organic Rasberry Organic Linen Apron 4.6
6. Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf Not Specified Scarf 4.6
7. Stretchy 4-in-1 Carseat Canopy | Nursing Cover Rayon, Spandex Multi-Use Car Seat Canopy Cover, Nursing Cover 4.5
8. Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover 100% Cotton Muslin Apron 4.3
  9. Multi-Use Baby Breastfeeding Infinity Nursing Cover Not Specified Scarf 4.3
  10. Kiddo Care Nursing Cover Infinity Nursing Scarf Not Specified Scarf, Drape 4.2
  11. Udder Covers – Breast Feeding Nursing Cover 100% Cotton Apron 4.1
  12. Chalier Privacy Breast Feeding Cover Nursing Cover 100% Cotton Apron 4.1

The Benefits of Nursing Covers

Moms, it’s not all about covering up. There are plenty of reasons to use a nursing cover and privacy is only one of them.

  • Less Distraction for Baby – When babies are busy paying attention to the world around them, they are less focused on nursing. A cover will help keep baby focused on you and nursing rather than everything that is going on around him (or her).
  • You Can Deal With Leaks – When you’re full of milk, you either need to nurse or pump and sometimes you get to do neither in time. Leaks happen! The great thing about a cover is that it provides you with a privacy shield as you tend to everything without having bystanders notice.

Types of Nursing Cover

The first step is to decide which type of nursing cover will suit your needs.

Here, we will compare and contrast the different styles, taking a look at the pros and cons of each one.

  • Apron – Much like a normal apron you would wear in the kitchen, this has a strap that hangs around your neck. The front flap of the apron is basically a big rectangle that drapes over the front of your body as you nurse. One of the details that you need to pay attention to if you choose an apron is how stiff the top part of the flap is. You want it to be quite rigid so that it won’t fall for flip over to one side. You need to look down and see your baby easily, so this is an important feature.

Aprons are probably best for young babies since the coverage is minimal and since they allow you to keep a closer eye on baby as he or she nurses. For some moms, they don’t provide enough coverage.

  • Scarf – If you want something that can double up as part of your wardrobe, then a scarf is ideal. Some scarves are sewn as one continuous loop while others are larger with loose ends (number 10, for example). Larger scarves can double up as shawls or lightweight blankets while smaller scarves work great for cradling newborns closer to you as you nurse.

Since scarves are made from stretchy material, you should find out ahead of time what blend of fabric the manufacturer has used (we’ll discuss fabrics and materials more in detail later). Some aren’t as breathable and can make nursing a hot and stuffy experience for both mother and baby.

  • Poncho – A poncho is great if you are looking for maximum coverage from both the front and behind. Most end up looking like a regular part of your wardrobe, which would help you to blend more naturally into your surroundings if you still find yourself a bit nervous about nursing in public. Unlike the aprons, the necklines on the ponchos are not stiff, so you would have to lift it anytime you wanted to see what baby is doing.
  • Multi-Use Cover – The multi-use cover is great if you want something to drape or stretch over your baby’s car seat, wear as a scarf and transform it into a nursing cover whenever need be. These are handy for moms on the go and ideal to throw in the diaper bag.

Again, these are stretchy, and you should have a look at the fabric contents to find out how warm or breathable it is going to be for you and your baby.


The last thing we would like to look at before you check out our reviews of the best covers is the material used to make them.

  • Cotton – There are many ways that cotton can be woven, and all of them yield very different fabric styles!
    • 100% Cotton – Usually aprons are made of cotton that is tightly woven. Numbers 1, 4, 8, 11 and 12 in our table are all good examples.

The material usually has little to no stretch and is quite stiff: this can be a good thing if you don’t want the material clinging to your baby as he or she nurses. 100% cotton is the most natural choice if you want to avoid manmade fibers. They also wash very well.

    • Cotton Blends – Covers that contain a mixture of cotton and Spandex or cotton and other materials are usually stretchy.

These usually aren’t as durable, but they are comfortable and can be used in many different ways. Breathability depends on the way that the fabric was woven and the weight of the fibers.

  • Linen – Linen is made from fibers of the flax plant and while it is very durable and cool, it wrinkles terribly.

It’s not the most travel-friendly option, but it is a great choice in the summer months, and it will definitely outlast any of the other materials.

It is washing machine friendly, and you can iron it.

  • Rayon – This is a synthetic fiber and probably our least favorite cover material.

While it is affordable and usually stretchy, it isn’t nearly as durable as the other materials, and you’ll realize this after just a few washes.

You’ll notice that we listed the material in our table of the best nursing cover products for all but a few.

Trust us: we looked! Some of the manufacturers were very vague about what materials were used to make the cover.

If this is the case, just assume that they have used a cotton blend or a rayon blend. Until you buy the product or find info elsewhere, it is impossible to tell the difference.

Top 5 Best Nursing Cover Reviews

1. Wsky Nursing Cover

If you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight apron that is made out of 100% organic cotton, then look no further than the Wsky Nursing Cover.

It measures 32.2 inches wide by 24.4 inches high, offering plenty of coverage for moms of all sizes as they nurse their baby.

We were pleased to see that the neckline was stiff, making it easy to look down and check on baby without having to reach up and move the fabric, but we didn’t like the D-ring since it was a bit cold resting on bare skin (brr!). We were also worried about rusting problems since they are made of stainless steel. We hope this won’t be an issue!

Bottom Line: It’s affordable and made of organic cotton: two great things for environmentally friendly families on a budget!

2. Copper Pearl 5-in-1 Cover

Our next pick is the 5-in-1 cover from Copper Pearl. It can pretty much be whatever you want it to be: scarf, nursing cover, car seat cover, stroller drape or you can use it to cover the shopping cart seat to keep baby away from all the germs. We’d even recommend it as a lightweight blanket, making it a 6-in-1 cover!

We aren’t too crazy about the fact that it is made of Rayon (cotton is much more durable), so even though it is stretchy, you do need to be careful with it.

It’s is great if you’re looking for a fashionable cover that you can wear, but the Rayon will just never be able to compete with cotton in the quality category.

3. EN Babies 360° Nursing Cover

Just as the name suggests, this poncho cover from EN Babies will give you 360° coverage for complete nursing or pumping privacy.

We love that it is made of 100% knit cotton and that it is so wide: when stretched out, it measures 55 inches wide by 25 inches long. That gives you plenty of material to keep you and your baby covered at all angles.

Some of you might be hesitant to purchase it due to the cost, but we can assure you that it is so worth it.

The high-quality cotton and construction are hard to beat, and if you follow the washing instructions (machine-wash cold, gentle cycle, dry flat), it will last you quite a while.

4. IntiMom Breastfeeding Nursing Cover

If the first apron we looked at didn’t offer you enough coverage, then this one certainly will.

It is almost three inches longer than the Wsky cover, and it’s also longer. There are no stainless steel D-rings that will feel freezing on your skin in the winter or burn you in the summer, and they’ve made the neckline rigid to make viewing baby easy as he or she nurses.

It is in the same price range as the Wsky, so, really, it’s basically down to color preference and sizing.

If you wanted a larger apron without metal rings, this one is perfect!

5. Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

This is the best nursing cover for summer months!

Bebe Au Lait got it right with their linen apron with the stiff neckline and wide panel: it beat out the other two options in our top five at 36 inches wide.

Linen, as we mentioned earlier, only has one major downfall and that is the fact that it wrinkles.

If you can get past that, however, you will appreciate that this is a lightweight, durable cover that won’t suffocate you and baby in the warmer months.

This apron is machine washable and makes a great baby shower gift!