12 Best Nursing Clothes in 2018

The biggest challenges that nursing mothers face when it comes to clothing is finding something that is comfortable, affordable and practical.

Style also plays a big role, and when you write all of your expectations down on a list, you realize that finding decent nursing clothes isn’t as easy as it seemed.

We’ll help simplify the process for you by highlighting some of the top items that nursing moms like you already know and trust.

We have included a mixture options in various categories, from tops and bras to pajamas and dresses, you’ll easily be able to choose the best nursing clothes for your style and budget with the help of our mommy-expert guide.

Top 12 Nursing Clothes Comparison Chart

DesignNameTypeMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. Kindred Bravely The Angelina Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Nightgown Dress Nightgown,
 Modal, Spandex 4.6
  2. Bearsland Women’s Maternity Nursing Tank Top and Cami Shirts Tank Top Polyester, Spandex 4.6
  3. sofsy Soft-Touch Rayon Blend Tie Front Nursing & Maternity Fashion Top Dress Tunic Rayon, Elastane 4.6
  4. Kindred Bravely The Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set Pajamas Viscose, Spandex 4.4
  5. Bravado! Designs Women’s Maternity Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Bra Nylon, Spandex 4.4
6. Kranda Women’s V Neck Sleeveless Elastic Waist Striped Maxi Dress Dress Polyester, Spandex 4.4
7. HOFISH 3PACK Women’s Wireless Deep V Neck Push Up Nursing Bras S-XL Bras Nylon, Spandex 4.4
8. 2 in 1 Baby Be Mine Maternity Nursing Nightgown Sleeveless Nightgown Cotton 4.3
  9. CAKYE Women’s Nursing Tank Sleep Bra For Nursing And Maternity Bra Cotton 4.2
  10. Free to Live Women’s Lightweight Short Sleeve Criss Cross Pullover Nursing Top Top Rayon, Spandex 4.2
  11. Purpless Maternity 2in1 Pregnancy and Discreet Nursing Hoodie Hoodie Cotton Blend 4.0
  12. Women’s Button Down Roll Sleeve Tunic Top  Tunic Cotton 3.6

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Nursing Clothes

While it’s tempting to purchase whatever looks cute and fits your figure, there are a few important factors that you need to take into consideration before buying.

Here are some ways to help make that purchase worthwhile rather than wasting money on something that doesn’t end up working for your nursing needs.

  • Season – While pregnancy usually lasts nine months, nursing can last years for some moms.

As you shop, be sure to keep the season in mind. Do you need something warmer made from thicker fabrics or are you looking for something to keep you cool at the peak of summer?

Cotton – Is breathable and great for those of you with sensitive skin. It doesn’t dry quickly, however, so if you have any leaks or spills, they’ll be more noticeable for longer periods.

Polyester  Blends are the most common (they’re usually blended with Spandex for stretch but you also might find a bit of cotton in the mix).

Most bras are made from nylon, but we did manage to find a great cotton bra from CAKYE for those of you who want something natural.

We’ve included a mixture of options for all seasons in addition to some year-round favorites in our table. They’re some of the best of the best in each category!

  • Where You Will Wear Them – Are you in need of something casual to wear around the house or would you like to dress a little smarter for some shopping or your workday?

Some pieces we included are great for both, so if you’re a mom looking for something versatile, check out numbers one and three.

Quality nursing clothes shouldn’t look like “nursing” clothes, either; they should look just like regular clothing but have a quick, hidden way for you to access your breasts when baby is hungry.

Shopping Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

There are many small details that we have learned to pay attention to when shopping for maternity clothing, so let our tips in this section help you understand what to look for as you shop, too.

  • Crossover Panels – Usually anything with a V-shaped neckline has two panels of fabric that cross over one another and form an “X” across the bust.

If you’re interested in getting regular clothing (as in, it is not designed specifically as maternity wear), these crossover panels of fabric allow you easy access when it’s time for a feeding. Keep in mind that you’ll have to lift your breast over the top of it, which might not be as comfortable.

If you’re interested in getting regular clothing (as in, it is not designed specifically as maternity wear), these crossover panels of fabric allow you easy access when it’s time for a feeding. Keep in mind that you’ll have to lift your breast over the top of it, which might not be as comfortable.

  • Buttons – Tops that button down or that simply have a few buttons over the bust make it much easier for you to access your breasts when it’s time for a feeding. Tunics are especially useful since they are loose fitting.

The secret to choosing the best nursing clothes is not to limit yourself to specialty maternity items. You might do this for your first baby since everything is new, but maternity sizing is definitely more expensive and sometimes regular clothes are just as practical without the high price tag.

Top 5 Best Nursing Clothes Reviews

1. Kindred Bravely the Angelina Nursing Gown

You’re going to have those days where you just feel like going out to do some grocery shopping and grab a latte in your pajamas, and thanks to this nightgown, you can do so without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

If there is one maternity and nursing item that we wouldn’t want to be without, The Angelina from Kindred Bravely is the one. It really does function well as a “go anywhere and do anything” dress because it is stylish enough to wear out of the house yet comfortable enough for you to sleep in.

The crossover panels on the bust are easy to lower for feedings, and the material is very soft (it is modal, which is a type of rayon).

If you’re still pregnant, it’s worth it to purchase the dress now because the material is stretchy and can expand with your bump. Once you’re holding baby in your arms, it is ideal for nursing and sleeping.

2. Bearsland Nursing Tank Top

In the summer time, you can really pull down any old tank top since most are stretchy, but we like that the rows of panels on this one allow you to go from underneath for access.

There are four tears on the front, and all you need to do is lift up the second one so you can unhook your bra or slip it down to feed.

Since the tank top is shorter, we recommend it for petite figures or moms with shorter torsos so that it doesn’t look too small on your frame.

It comes in a variety of color and pattern options, and the cut is very flattering. The fabric would probably last longer if you hand wash, and as a busy mom, that’s not always possible. If you do throw it in the machine, use the gentle cycle.

Add this to your summer nursing wardrobe without breaking the bank!

3. sofsy Soft Touch Front-Tie Nursing Dress

It’s always better when you can use maternity clothing after you’ve given birth, and with a dress like this, you can do just that.

Sofsy’s Front-Tie Nursing Dress is great for a variety of seasons. Add some leggings in the fall or spring when the temperatures are a bit cooler or use it with bare legs in the warmer months. It looks flattering either way.

For nursing purposes, we love that it has one of those hidden panels we mentioned earlier. They’ve actually created a mixture of the crossover panels (these tie together since they aren’t sewn into place) along with that hidden panel. Just untie and lift the hidden panel on the side when you’re ready to nurse.

One nice thing about the sleeves is that they flare out a bit on the edge; this results in a more comfortable, relaxed fit since they don’t squeeze your arms.

The length seems to vary based on the user. For some, it reaches the knees or sits just above them, but if you have longer legs, it might fit more like a long shirt than a tunic. They call it a dress, but we felt it would be better labeled as a tunic. Just double check the length of the size you want so that you can see how far down your legs it will sit.

It is so comfortable one of the preferred pieces of maternity wear by moms!

4. Kindred Bravely Davy Sleepwear Set

Kindred Bravely makes some great clothing, and we also loved their Davy Sleepwear Set in addition to the Angelina we already looked at earlier.

Together, the top and the bottoms will make sleeping cool and comfortable, and the top has crisscrossed panels that you can lift down or simply go in from underneath when you’re ready to feed baby.

These work extremely well as maternity pajamas, and once your bump is gone, they’ll function just as well for nursing. The tummy panel will be a bit floppy one your belly is back to normal size (or post baby size), but if you’re only using it for sleeping or when you’re around the house, the extra space will keep you feeling comfortable.

The top is a bit too casual to wear out and about, but it sure is comfortable for sleeping and housework!

5. Bravado! Designs Seamless Nursing Bra

Bravado is probably one of the best nursing bras out there. Moms love it – in spite of the high price tag – and if we were only going to invest money in one single maternity bra that we would wash faithfully, this would be it.

The sizing runs from small to XXL, so use their sizing chart to help you find the right one for your frame.

We love the material and the convenience of the fold down panel. It has a hook that attaches where the strap meets the bra cup, and you just unhook it when you’re ready to nurse (it has a hook on both sides).

While we can go on and on about how wonderful this bra is, it doesn’t seem to offer the right amount of support to those with breasts that sit lower on the chest. If your breasts started to sag more once your milk came in and are continuing to do so as you nurse, you’ll find that this bra just doesn’t give you enough lift.

If your breasts have stayed further north, then the support and the fit should work out great for you.