12 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids in 2018

Kids are known to be noisy and plenty of parents have turned to headphones to tune them out. If you are looking to do the opposite and find a pair of headphones to keep your child’s hearing safe, you’ll want to keep reading.

Our list of the best noise cancelling headphones for kids covers children from a few years old all the way up to teens. Some of these would be a solid fit for Mom or Dad as well just in case the kids grow tired of them. While there are no earbuds on our list, all of our picks have passive noise canceling properties.

Top 12 Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids Table

DesignNameVolume LimitingFoldableRating (1-5)
  1. LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Yes No 4.6
  2. BestGot Headphones for Kids Boys Over Ear kids headphones No Yes 4.6
  3. Snug Play+ Kids Headphones Volume Limiting and Audio Sharing Port Yes Yes 4.5
  4. Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones Yes Yes 4.5
  5. Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Kids Headphone Yes No 4.4
6. Artix Headphones with Microphone for Travel No No 4.4
7. LeapFrog Headphones, Green Yes No 4.3
8. Ailihen I35 Headphones with Microphone Stereo Lightweight Adjustable Foldable Headset No Yes 4.3
  9. Kanen I39 Headphones On ear Foldable Noise Isolating Headsets No Yes 4.3
  10. InFlight 3-Step Volume Limiting Kids Headphones Yes      Yes 4.0
  11. GranVela X2 Foldable On-Ear Wireless Headphones No Yes 4.0
  12. Headphones, Sound Intone Foldable Headphones No Yes 4.0

Headphone Buying Tips for Parents

Anyone can walk into Wallyworld or Target and scoop up a pair of headphones for their kid. If you want to choose a set that will sound great and keep their hearing intact, follow these quick tips.

Noise Cancellation

Noise Cancellation comes in two forms with headphones – Active and Passive. Active involves tiny microphones that can pick up outside noise and blend or block it by using signals and other technological trickery. ANC is generally found in headsets built for adults as well, not necessarily ones for children. In other words, not many on our list of the best noise cancelling headphones for kids will have that type of tech.

Passive noise cancellation comes from the design and all “over-the-ear” headphones are passive by nature. The large cups block out noise which keeps the music in and keeps the outside world out. All out picks are passive, but some do it better than others so keep quality in mind when it comes to those big comfortable cups.

Volume Limiting

This is a feature you will only find on headsets built for smaller folks. As the name implies, headphones with volume limiting capabilities allow you to set a safe listening level for your child. This is key for smaller children who could give the volume a hard bump and damage their hearing.

Some headphones of this nature will have multiple settings and others will have an off switch for when higher volumes are needed. This feature combined with the large cups will still keep the sound out, but ensures their hearing stays intact when they are listening to music or watching videos on a tablet or PC.

Extra Features

This is where you can thin the herd if you’ve having trouble settling on an option for your child. One major feature to keep an eye out for is Bluetooth. Having cordless headphones is great whether you are adult or pint-sized. In fact, they could be even more important with children as you won’t have to worry about them getting tangled in wires.

Another feature common to this class is a sharing port which allows two children to listen at once by plugging in an extra set of earphones. Many of the models on our list will fold up as well for easy storage when traveling or not in use. Kids are messy, so the cups that are made of materials that can easily be cleaned is a must if your noise canceling kids headphones are headed towards a tot and not a teen.

Top 5 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Kids Reviews

1. LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Kids Headphones

The LilGadgets Untangled Pro headphones is our top choice for the best noise cancelling headphones for kids for a variety of reasons. For starters, they are wireless so parents or children won’t have to worry about wires. There are two cables included however although one is for charging and the other lets you share. That’s right, this one comes with a sharing port in case a sibling, friend or parent wants to listen in.

If you do run out of juice on the road, you’ll be pleased to know there is a 48” cable included as well. They may not look it, but the headphones have volume limiting built in which keeps the max volume set at 93db. The drivers are 40mm and the headphones have a strong battery life of around 12 hours or 180 hours on standby. They are quite comfortable with a padded top although they do not fold up.

LilGadgets pulled out all the stops for the Untangled Pro headphones and they are noise canceling to a degree thanks to the cups. The headphones come in a variety of hues and a portion of your purchase goes to bullying prevention to boot.

2. BestGot Headphones for Kids with Microphone

Our second pick isn’t the sleekest pair of headphones and they certainly don’t look like they were built for kids. Don’t let those looks fool you or you’ll miss out on a great set of headphones. The BestGot headphones for kids are “over-the-ear” so they are passive as the cups will work to block out the world outside. They also fold up, so they won’t take up much space in your bag or a drawer when not in use.

These headphones are suited more for older kids and if they are a gamer, they will surely appreciate them. You can hook into a smartphone or slate with the 3.5mm headphone jack and feel the bass thump. There is a built-in microphone for gaming or phone calls as well. On that note, you will get an in-line control setup that allows you to take calls, change tracks or adjust the volume on the fly.

As mentioned, we don’t feel these are the best fit for younger children as there’s no volume control and they are a little large. If your child won’t blow their eardrums out, they are an excellent choice however due to their price point, the sound quality and the fact they have a detachable cable. The BestGot headphones for kids come with a bag and are available in 6 different colors.

3. Snug Play+ Kids Headphones with Audio Sharing Port

Foldable and colorful are the first two words to come to mind when looking at the Snug Play+ headphones. Vibrant would be the best word used to describe these as they have a simple style with no “flair” aside from the colors themselves.

As for the actual tech, Snug opted for volume limiting with a rating of 93db. That’s more than loud enough for most children and the frequency range is solid at 20Hz to 20kHz which covers the mid, high and low end of the spectrum. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention their durability as well. We found these to be fairly rugged compared to other models so they should hold up for years to come.

Other features to note with the Snug+ headphones include a sharing port and a 52” audio cable which is detachable. There are a whopping 14 colors to choose from as well including Aqua, Pink, Red, and Purple.

4. Onanoff Explore Durable Kids Headphones with Mic

If you are in the market for headphones that look like they were actually built for children, look no further. The Onanoff Explore kids headphones are volume limiting with a great rating of only 85 dB. While foldable, they are also arguably the sturdiest headphones to make the cut due to the materials used. Those materials are safe as well considering the headphones are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free.

Like many of the other entries on our list, the Explorer headset comes with a built-in splitter for shared listening. Your kids will also get a microphone with this one however which makes it a solid fit for younger gamers that need volume control. That volume control is always on as well, something to keep in mind if you need an extra measure of control out of your headset. Other features of interest include a 3.5mm gold plated headphone jack, an in-line control module, and 6 sets of stickers for the sides.

This headset is available in several different colors, and you can choose between models that fold or ones that don’t. You can also buy them in multiple sets including a two-pack and four-pack if you have a large brood at home.

5. Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth Kids Headphones

And now for something a little fancier. The Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth headphones are billed as being for kids. That said, we have a feeling teenager and parents may “borrow” these as they are stylish, comfortable, and more importantly – wireless. Bluetooth isn’t something you will find on too many kids headphones, especially ones with volume limiting capabilities.

The oversized cups on Puro’s headphones give them noise canceling properties which are said to cut the sound down by 82% at 1 kHz. They are “limited” to 85 dB so they can’t blow their eardrums out, but they will still get amazing sound. That’s due in part to the tech involved and large 40mm drivers. There is a microphone and cable included as well in case the battery runs dry. Unless you are a true music aficionado, that is unlikely to happen.

The battery life on these bad boys is rated at a whopping 18 hours of listening time. That’s amazing and so is the standby time of 200 hours. They may be a hair heavier than some of the headsets to make the cut at 5.5 ounces but are sturdy with a solid aluminum build. Puro Sound Labs headset is available in Purple, Blue, White & Silver and Black.