12 Best Nanny Cams in 2017

There are a million different reasons why you might want a nanny cam in your home. Keeping an eye on our child is one of them, but far from the only good reason to go high-tech. While they will certainly allow you to keep an eye on your child in the other room, they live up to their name by also letting you peep in on your nanny.

Leaving your child with a stranger can be frightening, especially when they also have full access to your home. That is where the best nanny cam can be your new best friend by giving you a heads up when things are amiss. We will focus on two types of nanny cams with ones that are discreet and ones that are not. The latter can be placed anywhere in your home or your baby’s room and is usually something you can move around with ease as needed.

Discreet nanny cams, on the other hand, may need to stay in a fixed location and come with their own set of issues which we will address shortly. We have included a mix of both types on our list, so whether you simply want to melt into the couch for a few hours or are going the sitter route, we have something for everyone. That includes parents that simply want a nanny cam to watch their child – not the nanny.

Top 12 Nanny Cams Ultimate Table

DesignNameAudioTypeRating (1-5)
  1. Conbrov T11 720p Mini Spy Hidden Camera Yes Discreet 4.4
  2. Home Valor GuardianAngel Wi-Fi IP Security Camera Yes Normal 4.4
  3. FREDI Baby Friendly Protector Baby Monitor Wireless WIFI IP Surveillance Camera 720P HD Security Camera Yes Normal 4.3
  4. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Live Only Normal 4.3
  5. Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera Yes Hidden 4.3
6. YI Dome Camera Yes Normal 4.3
7. Conbrov® DV9 720P Portable Hidden Spy Camera Yes Hidden 4.3
8. AES Spy Cameras Add-on Hidden 4.1
  9. Conbrov® WF28 HD Wireless Home Wifi Ip Hidden Video Camera Yes Hidden 4.1
  10. LeFun Wireless Camera, Baby Monitor IP Camera Yes Normal 3.7
  11. Brickhouse Security CAM-MICRO Camscura Micro 720P HD Hidden Camera No Hidden 3.4
  12. Photo Frame Hidden Camera HD Recorder No Hidden 3.0

Nanny Cam Buyers Guide

Buying a nanny cam is not something you should rush into, especially considering you are dealing with your childs safety. Keep this tips in mind before picking out your new nanny cam.

Discreet and Hidden Nanny Cams

Discreet are ones that can be seen but are small although look like a camera. Hidden units are discreet as well, but made to look like another object entirely. Some are built just for a set location and their stationary nature won’t work for everyone. If you just need a solid option and don’t care about a hidden or discreet camera, go ahead and skip to security.

Discreet cameras have one distinct advantage over visible models as they are perfect for keeping an eye on certain sections of your home as well. If you trust the nanny with the baby but want to keep them out of particular areas or rooms of your house,  look for a model with motion detection. Again, if you need to be sneaky, you don’t want a hidden cam with audio or you at least want to be able to turn it off. Not having audio is not as strange as it sounds.


Before you go on your search for the best nanny cam you will want to consider any legal ramifications. For starters, you cannot place any camera in your home such as a bathroom, changing room or other private spaces of that nature – that’s illegal everywhere. If you just want to install a camera with “no audio” you are good to go and don’t require any consent in the United States.

On the other hand, if your nanny cam setup includes audio, you are going to need permission from the caretaker. You should written or recorded consent, even if it is an “exposed” camera and not one that is hidden in a picture frame or toy. If something goes wrong or comes up missing and you don’t have permission, you may be out of luck when other parties are brought into play. You could also get sued, so think of permissions before anything else.


There are plenty of creeps in the world. While your new nanny may not be one of them, if your nanny cam is connected to Wi-Fi, you could be in for a rude surprise. Baby monitors and nanny cams can be hacked, which means you will want a strong password if you are hooked to your home Wi-Fi network.

Just like a router, the degree of protection will vary as some manufacturers have put in their own encryption or perks. Protect your nanny cam just like you would your home network, and you should be good to go. If you don’t want to worry about security issues and trust your caretaker, just buy a digital nanny cam that is not connected and has solid security standards in place.

Top 5 Best Nanny Cam Reviews

1. Conbrov T11 Mini Spy Nanny Cam

The Conbrov T11 Nanny Cam isn’t as stealthy as the Icemoon clock as it looks like a camera or a piece of home automation tech. It is still discreet however due to its size and it’s billed as the “world’s smallest” rotatable video camera. Yup, this one has a rotating lens that goes 120-degrees and allows you to use it standing up or lying flat on its back. That is far from the only trick it has up its sleeve.

The T11 mini spy cam can record crystal clear video and audio during the day with a solid 720p lens, but also has night vision. The sensor array uses a 6pc lens setup which gives you a range of 15 to 25 feet in the dark. Motion and loop recording are present as well along with time/date stamping and battery life of around 4 hours during daylight and 1.5 hours at night when unplugged. This one lets you go wireless with a 1,000mAh battery but you can set up an external power source for full-time use.

The Conbrov T11 is a great little security cam and a perfect solution for parents that need a discreet nanny cam that won’t break the bank. On the downside, it is not an IP cam so you can’t check on anything remotely although you don’t have to worry about hackers.

2. Home Valor Guardian Angel Baby Monitor

While our first two choices aren’t the cutest options for baby’s room, this one is a little easier on the eyes. The Home Valor Guardian Angel Baby Monitor is a colorful contraption that captures video at 960p. It’s an IP camera, so you are connected which means you also get an app to check on your child (or nanny) remotely.

Stable nanny cams have their purposes but are not ideal for everyone’s needs. Home Valor’s unit is more mobile than most with a pan, tilt and zoom function built in and four preset positions for easy access. The pan range is listed at 355-degrees while the tilt is 120-degress. As mentioned, you can control it all through your smartphone remotely but will want to keep security in mind or you may have someone peering into your home.

The Guardian will work on your home’s Wi-Fi network and comes with the usual features including audio, motion detecting, and allows you to record to a microSD card. There is a two-way audio so you can talk to your tot (or nanny) and solid night vision capabilities.

3. FREDI Wireless Baby Monitor

While cats aren’t necessarily kid-friendly due to their temperamental nature, puppies love kids and kids love puppies. That includes babies and your child will surely love the Baby Protector nanny cam from FREDI. It resembles a little robotic dog complete with an antenna tail but is actually a full-fledged 720p IP cam that can watch over anyone in your home.

While cut, the FREDI cam is packed full of features like two-way talk, night vision, and tilt/pan. The former is 90-degrees while pan rolls in at 355-degrees for a wide reach. Nothing will be able to escape this puppy’s eye, and you can keep your eye on the action remotely through a PC or the company’s mobile app. There is no onboard storage, but you can record anything to the microSD card slot on the monitor.

4. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

As mentioned, we tried to include something for everyone on our list. That includes “good” nannies that simply need something to help them assist with child care. There is nothing sneaky about the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor, and it’s our top choice for parents that just need a great camera but don’t need to monitor things remotely. In other words, you can use this one yourself when the nanny has the day off.

This old-school baby monitor comes in two parts with a 3.5-inch LCD display that lets you keep an eye on baby, and a small camera to sit in their room. The camera works just like the big boys with remote pan, tilt, and zoom. It can do something those cameras can’t however as you can pop the lenses off and change them out. This allows you to adjust the zoom on your camera without taking a hit in quality. This digital system is snappy, and comes with night vision, an alarm, temperature display and is expandable as well. You can add up to four cameras to the setup, but control and watch everything from the portable display.

Another cool feature on this model would be sound activated LEDs that light up to the sound of your child’s voice. In other words, if you have the volume down or are zoned out on the couch, there is a greater chance you’ll see blinking LEDs out of the corner of your eye.

5. Conbrov T10 HD Photo Frame Camera

If you prefer something a little less obvious in the home, then a hidden camera is your best option.

The Conbrov T10 is a photo frame hidden camera that you can use for nanny controlling purposes as well as for general home security.

It features handy night vision technology to keep an eye on nannies and baby sitters when you’re out on the town enjoying a well-deserved candlelit dinner and can even see up to 25 feet in pitch black conditions; impressive for a photo frame!

The battery life is pretty good for this camera: you get up to 30 hours of day recording time and up to 10 hours of night recording.

Is it easy for someone to figure out that it is actually a camera rather than a picture frame? To some it is, but we would suggest hanging it on the wall. If you rest it on a table and someone happens to see the back of it, they can easily figure out its true purpose.

This is an expensive investment but less obvious than the other four options.