12 Best Mountain Bike Pedals in 2018

Mountain biking is one of the roughest and most fast-paced types of cycling you can enjoy. To experience it to the fullest, it is important that you have all the right equipment. We all know it’s important that your bike has great suspension and strong tires on the trail, but the mountain bike’s pedals are just as important.

There are many things to consider when upgrading your bike with the best mountain bike pedals. Are they platform pedals or are they clipless? How much do they weigh? Are they durable enough to withstand jarring runs down the mountain? Let us help you decide on the perfect mountain bike pedals for your lifestyle.

We’ll start by checking out some of the top performing mountain bike pedals selling online today!

Top 12 Mountain Bikes Pedals Ultimate Table

DesignNameWeightPlatform/CliplessRating (1-5)
  1. Race Face Chester Pedal 1 pound Platform 4.9
  2. Bodyguard Mountain Bike Pedals 0.4 pounds Platform 4.9
  3. Shimano XTR PD-M9000 Race Pedal 1.05 pounds Platform 4.8
  4. Look KEO 2 Max Pedal 0.7 pounds Clipless 4.7
  5. Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals 1.4 pounds Platform 4.7
6. Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 0.37 pounds Platform 4.7
7. VP Components VP-Vice Pedals 1.1 pounds Platform 4.6
8. Crank Brothers Mallet 3 LE Mountain Pedals 1.55 pounds Platform & Clipless Combo 4.5
  9. MEETLOCKS Bike Pedal 0.86 pounds Platform 4.4
  10. RockBros Bike Bicycle Pedals 1.05 pounds Platform 4.3
  11. Shimano PD-M424 SPD Pedal 1.55 pounds Clipless 4.3
  12. XLC Caged Alloy MTB Pedal Black 0.90 pounds Platform 4.2

How to Pick Mountain Bike Pedals

Now that you’ve seen what high-performance mountain bike pedals look like let’s take a more in-depth look at how you can buy the right mountain bike pedals for your riding style. Here are some of the most important traits to consider when purchasing your new pedals:

  • Platform or Clipless Pedals?
    • Platform – Platform pedals, also known as flat pedals, are so-named because they provide a flat surface for your feet to rest on while pedaling instead of using cleats to secure your feet to the pedals themselves. They often come equipped with small spikes to add extra grip to your regular shoes. Platform pedals are great for beginners because you can still remove your feet quickly in case you need to stop yourself from falling.
    • Clipless – Clipless pedals use special shoes with cleats that lock into place; this secures your feet onto the pedal. More advanced mountain bikers tend to prefer clipless pedals because they provide more control due to the constant contact of their feet to the pedals. These can be difficult for beginners to get used to for the same reason.
    • Combo Pedals – Combo pedals may give you the best of both worlds, but that often comes at a price when it comes to weight. Combo pedals are versatile but tend to be heavier than a platform/clipless pedal alone.
  • How Much Do the Mountain Bike Pedals Weigh? – To some, lighter is always better. In reality, while that’s often true, sometimes a light pedal can also be a weak one. Make sure that your mountain bike pedals are light without sacrificing durability. Pedals made of metal alloys are often both strong and light, especially ones made of aluminum and magnesium.
  • Are They Mud-Resistant? – This factor is often overlooked when new mountain bikers search for the new mountain bike pedals. A mud resistant pedal will have lots of open space between the frame to allow mud to fall freely instead of getting caught between your shoes and your pedals; this is especially important if you use platform pedals because if the pedals are caked in mud, they become much less slip resistant.
  • Are They Durable and Easy to Fix If Broken? – Mountain biking is a high contact cycling sport. The best mountain bike pedals are made of strong material that can withstand contact with rocks and brush as well as hundreds of miles of use. Even the sturdiest pedals break, however, so make sure the pedals you choose are easy to maintain and fix; this means that if a part breaks, it can be replaced as opposed to needing to replace the entire pedal. You’ll save money over the long run and help you learn how to fix your bike instead of just replacing things when they break.
  • Can They Be Personalized? – If you plan to change your bike someday, make sure you don’t have to replace your pedals too. Some mountain bike pedals have colored parts that can be swapped out to match a new bike!

By now you should have a pretty good idea of what makes up a great mountain bike pedal! Let’s take an in-depth look at the top 5 highest-rated mountain bike pedals on our table.

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews

1. Race Face Chester Mountain Bike Pedals

If you’re looking for a professional grade mountain bike pedal without any bells and whistles that can make them so expensive, then the Chester pedal by Race Face is for you. While they may lack a shiny aluminum body like some of their competitors, Chester pedals have many qualities that make them some of the best mountain bike pedals on the market today.

  • Nylon Composite Body – This is how Race Face keeps the Chester Pedal so affordable! The nylon composite body is a much cheaper material than aluminum or magnesium, but it is just as light and durable. Plus the nylon provides extra grip between the pedal and the rubber soles of your shoes.
  • Replaceable Traction Pins – A platform pedal should still allow maximum foot grip while you’re out on the trail and these steel hex pins provide just that. The fact that they are replaceable makes it easy to fix traction issues without springing for a new pedal.
  • Fully Sealed Bearing and Bushing System – Race Face’s Chester Pedal is great for muddy trails for all the reasons we have mentioned so far, but especially for this fully sealed system! It keeps the bearing and bushing system clean on even the soupiest trails so you can enjoy your pedals for a long time.

Because of its affordability and excellent construction, we recommend the Race Face Chester Pedals as a number one pick for beginners and experts alike!

2. Bodyguard Lightweight Mountain Bike Pedals

These mountain bike pedals by Bodyguard are sleek and modern without making any sacrifices on performance. If you like your mountain bike pedals with a little flare, then read on and check out what Bodyguard’s mountain bike pedals have to offer.

  • Non-slip Nails – This is a characteristic that any good mountain bike pedal should have. Without cleats to attach to your pedal, you need some supplemental traction to help give you all the control you need on the mountain.
  • Ultra-light Design – Keeping the weight down on your mountain bike is very important, and Bodyguard kept that in mind when they made these pedals. Not only are they made of lightweight aluminum, but they also have a hollow design that removes a significant amount of weight from these pedals allowing them to come in at under a pound each!
  • Comfortable Shape – Bodyguard’s mountain bike pedals were made with the human foot in mind. They are designed to fit the natural curves of your feet for a comfortable riding experience. Not only that, but they are also extra wide so you can feel safe and secure on bumpy trails.

If you are looking for a high-performance mountain bike pedal that looks cool too, make sure to check out Bodyguard.

3. Shimano XTR PD-M9000 Race Pedals

As you will see, Shimano made our list more than once and for a good reason: Shimano is a leading brand in professional grade mountain bike pedals. We recommend this pedal to cyclists looking to take their mountain biking to the next level.  Let’s take a look at some of its features:

  • Clipless Pedal – We mentioned this in our buying guide, but it is worth mentioning again: clipless pedals give you control over your mountain bike that a platform pedal just can’t. The Chromoly spindles and aluminum pedal body of the M9000 pedals ensure a secure cleat connection every time.
  • Lightweight – The ultra-light aluminum construction makes the Shimano PD-M9000 pedal much lighter than its competitors. Although it may not seem like a lot, shedding a couple of ounces from your pedals, lighten the load on your frame and make riding a mountain road that much easier.

If you’re comfortable on a mountain bike and have gained some experience on tough trails, upgrading to a clipless pedal like Shimano’s XTR PD-M9000 is a must!

4. Look KEO 2 Max Mountain Bike Pedals

Another great platform pedal, Look KEO’s 2 Max mountain bike pedal has everything you need to have a great day on the mountain. Here are some of the features that put the 2 Max pedal at the top of our list!

  • Fully Sealed Axles – Keeping dirt and grime away from your mountain bike’s pedals is essential for their longevity. The dual seals on the 2 Max protect your axle from both ends, so it stays clean and freely spinning!
  • Composite Polyamide Body – This composite plastic construction is ultra-strong and light and provides excellent grip. Add that to the stainless steel cleat contact plate, and you get a strong platform pedal with ultimate control.

If you are a beginner looking for a great platform pedal, Look KEO’s 2 Max mountain bike pedal is a great addition to your gear.

5. Shimano PD-MX80 Platform Mountain Bike Pedals

Shimano’s second pedal on the list, the PD-MX80, is one of cycling company’s best selling platform pedals. What does a platform pedal from Shimano have that others don’t?

  • Concave Platform Shape – This concave shape allows for extra grip on your shoes (in addition to the replaceable traction pins) as well as superior riding comfort!
  • Lightweight frame – The aluminum alloy construction of the MX80 makes for a strong and pedal that never wears you down.

These pedals fall in the mid-price range, so if you’d like to avoid the cheap pairs but don’t want to spend too much, this would be a great choice.