12 Best Motorcycle Pants in 2018

Purchasing the best motorcycle pants is compulsory if you wish to enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride each time you hop on your bike.

No matter if you are a motorcycle enthusiast or a commuter, such an investment will make you enjoy riding even more. On top of that, this decision will imminently boost your safety on the road.

As it is expected, shopping for a pair of motorcycle pants that fulfills your needs isn’t always the easiest of tasks. It’s highly recommended that you consider a handful of features before you do that.

In this article, we’ll go over all of the features you should pay attention to while shopping and we have also chosen the top pairs of pants, after having tested each of the products.

Top 12 Motorcycle Pants  Ultimate Pants

DesignNameMaterialWaterproofExtra FeatureRating (1-5)
  1. Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Women’s Motorcycle Riding Pants Heavy Duty 630 Hitena Twill Nylon Yes (removable waterproof liner) Adjustable height 4.5
  2. Mens & Womens Motorcycle Cowhide Leather Biker Riding Chaps Pants Unisex Cowhide Leather Yes Adjustable Waist 4.4
  3. Fox Racing 180 Womens 2016 MX/Offroad Pants Pink 4 600D Polyester Main Body Fabric No Heat & abrasion resistant leather knee panels 4.4
  4. Motorcycle Cordura Waterproof Riding OverPants Black with Removable CE Armor PT5 Abrasion Resistant 600 Denier Polyester Yes Front zippered hand pockets 4.4
  5. 2016 Fox Racing 180 Race Men’s Off-Road Motorcycle Pants Durable 600d Polyester Fabric No Heat and abrasion resistant leather knee panels 4.3
  6. Pilot Men’s Omni Air Mesh Motorcycle Over pants Nylon Polyester Fabric Yes Removable waterproof liner 4.3
  7. ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants 14 oz. Heavy Denim No Abrasion Resistant Fiber Lining 4.3
  8. Viking Cycle Leather Chaps – Plain Motorcycle Leather Chaps For Men Cowhide Leather Yes Adjustable Belt 4.2
  9. Sequoia Speed Men’s SR-2394-36 Trousers Protection Motorcycle Pants Leather Details Yes Adjustable velcro belt 4.1
  10. HB Motorcycle Cordura Pants 100% Waterproof Motorcycle Trousers Free Protectors Cordura Fabric (100% Polyamide) Yes Extra warm removable quilted thermal lining 3.9
  11. Newfacelook Men’s Motorcycle Cargo Jeans Pants Reinforced with Aramid Fiber Denim Fabric No Knee and Hip protector pocket 3.9
  12. BILT IRON WORKERS Women’s Iron Motorcycle Jeans 100% Cotton No Short two-part connecting zips 3.8

What to Look for in a Top Pair of Motorcycle Pants

At first glance, the function of motorcycle pants appears quite essential, but truth be told, such a garment does so much more than merely safeguard you from the cold.

A pair of motorcycle pants should aim at absorbing part of an impact in case of a collision. On that note, we think it is mandatory to invest in the best motorcycle pants that fulfill a range of variables.

  • Waterproof Features – Since riding on a motorbike involves unpredictable weather scenarios, it is highly recommended to choose a pair that comes with this feature.

Getting wet is, unquestionably, a major inconvenience, which can be avoided with the right pair of pants.

  • Pockets and Zippers – Another aspect you shouldn’t overlook is the presence of pockets and zippers in your pair of motorbike pants.

Zippers are compulsory for getting your pants in and out quickly. At the same time, pockets come in handy for carrying your personal belongings. Nonetheless, the pockets should be secure enough as in to hold your items safely.

  • Comfort – It goes without saying that, while riding your motorcycle, you should relish ultimate comfort. That is because riding equals staying in the same position for numerous hours.

In this direction, the design of the pants is important in determining the level of comfort.

Fabric Variety

The choice of material is another factor that buyers need to consider. In this direction, motorcycle pants are separated into three categories: leather, denim, and synthetic.

  • Leather – Leather pants are, presumably, the most popular choice of motorcycle pants. Leather has a decent performance at blocking mild rain and cold winds.

At the same time, leather provides you with optimal abrasion protection, in the case of accidents.

Nonetheless, the main disadvantage to leather pants is that, during hot weather, they can become genuinely uncomfortable since they aren’t breathable. Also, getting rid of odors from leather is challenging.

  • Synthetic – In comparison to leather, pants manufactured with synthetic materials are thinner, more flexible and comfortable, while providing you with excellent waterproof performance.

Still, such pants don’t deliver protection from abrasions, which is why many synthetic pants are equipped with armor padding on knees and thighs.

  • Denim – Denim motorcycle pants are ideal for riders that would rather wear a standard pair of pants. The advantages? They are comfortable and airy.

Still, since denim doesn’t give you impact protection, some denim motorcycle pants are featured by panels that aim at protecting some areas.

Top 4 Best Motorcycle Pants Reviews

1. Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Women’s Motorcycle Pants

These pants are a fantastic choice for women who are keen on riding their bikes.

For starters, the outer layer consists of heavy duty 630 hitena twill nylon, while being accompanied by a removable waterproof liner.

When it comes to functionality, we can affirm that these pants deserve an excellent rating.

Moving on to the next feature we loved – the adjustability of the height. In other words, whether you are tall or short, these will fit like a glove, maximizing your comfort.

In the hip area, the pants are equipped with extra padding that delivers optimal protection. The reinforced knee armor has the purpose of ensuring the rider’s safety.

As for other features, the two-way leg zippers enable you to fit the pants as you wish, while the melt-resistant material enhances breathability and security.

All in all, these pants are extremely versatile and useful for any woman.

2. Bikeraccess Motorcycle Riding Chaps Pants Unisex

This is another decent option for motorcycle pants. Manufactured with high-quality cowhide leather, these are ideal in cold weather.

The manufacturer states that these pants are suitable for both men and women since the waist is adjustable.

On that note, we couldn’t stress enough the importance of getting the right measurements before proceeding with your order. This is the key to getting them in the correct size.

The mesh liner boosts the pants’ breathability. Although they aren’t as breathable as synthetic pants, they still provide an overall decent performance in this respect.

3. Fox Racing 180 Women’s 2016 Offroad Pants

These pants manufactured by Fox Racing are engineered for a woman’s specific fit. On that note, these are equally flattering and functional.

They are well-made and look sturdy and durable. We particularly liked that they are well-ventilated.

The hip section is equipped with removable padding whereas the inner knee sections are reinforced with leather.

The only downside is that these pants have the tendency to run a bit small. That being said, you should consider ordering a size up for a better fit.

4. Motorcycle Cordura Waterproof Riding OverPants

Crafted with high-quality 600 denier polyester, these motorcycle pants are genuinely resistant to abrasion.

To improve your safety, the pants feature foam hip pads and knee armor. The later may be adjusted thanks to the Velcro mechanism.

For optimal comfort, these pants come with waist belts, for a customized fit. In the same respect, the use of stretchy materials in the calf area boosts the rider’s flexibility.

On the whole, each of our recommendations for best motorcycle pants will perform excellently whether you’re an enthusiast rider or a commuter. It all comes down to this: the right combination of comfort, safety, and flexibility.