12 Best Motorcycle Glasses in 2017

There is a lot of protective gear to consider when you own a hog.

From the right jeans and a jacket to a helmet and gloves, you also need to protect your eyes with the right pair of glasses.

Our experts have tried and tested some of the best motorcycle glasses available to provide you with a list of the top options.

Consider the best glasses as well as the buying tips and the experiences of the experts to ensure the glasses you choose are the ones that will best suit you.

Top 12 Motorcycle Glasses Comparison Chart

DesignName# of PairsLens Color(s) Rating (1-5)
  1. 3 Pairs of Choppers Glasses Padded Frame Lense Block 100% UVB 3 Smoke, Yellow, Clear 4.4
  2. Night Driving Riding Padded Motorcycle Glasses 011 Black Frame with Yellow Lenses 1 Yellow 4.2
  3. 3 Pair Motorcycle Riding Glasses Smoke Clear Yellow 3 Smoke, Yellow, Clear 4.1
  4. Set of (3) Stray Cats Motorcycle Glasses Sunglasses 3 Smoke, Clear, Yellow 4.1
  5. Black Motorcycle Padded Foam Glasses for Outdoor Activity Sport 2 Smoke, Clear 4.1
6. Global Vision Outfitter Motorcycle Glasses 1 Smoke 4.1
7. 3 Pairs Kickback Foam Padded Motorcycle Sunglasses 3 Smoke, Clear, Yellow 4.1
8. Oversized Choppers Men’s Sport Padded Motorcycle Bikers Sunglasses 1 Mirrored 4.0
  9. Motorcycle Riding Glasses – 2 Pair Smoke & Clear Biker Foam Pad 2 Smoke, Clear 4.0
  10. Set of 2 Women Motorcycle Padded Sunglasses Glasses Clear and Smoked Rhinestones 2 Smoke, Clear 4.0
  11. MF Payback Sunglasses 1 Super Dark 3.9
  12. Pacific Coast Original KD’s Biker Sunglasses 1Clear 3.7

See the Difference

Getting motorcycle glasses can just be about looking cool when you ride, but chances are you want a pair that combines style with practicality.

When you examine all of the glasses on our list, you will see that they combine both. You should consider this as well as the following features to ensure you get the best motorcycle sunglasses.

They should be:

  • Lightweight
  • Anti-fog
  • Suited to wear with a helmet
  • Anti-glare
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

Seeing Colors

There are three basic colors for the lenses of motorcycle glasses. Of course, they should all be made well and be made so that they will not break easily, but they also each have their role.

  • Clear – Clear glasses make it easy to see in the dark and mean that you can go from being outside to inside without having to take off your glasses.
  • Smoke – This is the best option for daily wear. It blocks out more of the sun and also helps to minimize the distortion of color. You get a more true representation of the colors around you with these glasses.
  • Yellow – This color helps to increase your depth perception. It makes it easier to see potholes or obstacles in the road.
  • Mirrored – This is more of a style than a color option, but it is still worth considering and is best when riding in really bright conditions. The lens will reflect more light and therefore let less light through to your eye.

Finding out which color is your favorite is good, but it is also good to have an arsenal full of motorcycle glasses that are suited for any situation. It is recommended that you opt for a set or buy your favorite, but you should definitely keep more than one pair knocking around to be sure you never have to endure a dry-eyed ride.

Frame Features

The frame is the only other part of the glasses that you need to consider; this should be done carefully as the frame has the largest effect on your comfort.

  • Padding – The first thing to be aware of is whether or not your glasses have foam and whether or not that foam is then removable. Foam is best for comfort when you plan on going for a longer ride but is not necessary for short trips around town.
  • Durability – While these are a good accessory, they should also be one that can withstand any wear and tear. Most motorcycle glasses have plastic frames. This plastic should be thick and should not bend and break easily.
  • Helmet Fit – This has a lot to do with the coverage of the glasses. You should be sure that the frames are suited to your head on the sides but also that they will fit well underneath your helmet. This compatibility is key.

Additional Features

Transition Lenses – Sometimes you have the option to choose lenses that will transition when you go from being inside to being out. If you take a lot of short trips, then this might be a good option. You also have the option to apply it to the lenses after you have purchased a pair of glasses that you like.

Anti-Fog – Fog on your glasses is never pleasant but can be a real danger when you are riding a motorcycle. The best motorcycle glasses will have anti-fog applied to the lenses and will also be anti-glare so you never get blinded by the sun either.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Glasses Reviews

1. G & G Choppers Glasses

Having the G & G Choppers Glasses means having your eyes protected and total comfort whenever you ride. These glasses come in a set of 3 so you can choose which ones suit the time of day and the weather best.

These lenses are padded with 2-inch wide lenses that make them perfect to wear with any helmet. They are also suitable to wear for longer periods of time because of this. Not only is this set of glasses cost efficient, but it also comes with the yellow lenses that make night driving possible.

Regarding fit, these glasses fit almost anyone, thanks to the padding. You can be sure that even when you reach higher speeds like upwards of 60MPH, these glasses will stay in place. It also means that they are good to have around for any potential passengers. They will be sure to fit and will keep the wind out of your eyes completely.

2. Choppers Night Driving Riding Glasses 011

The Choppers Night Driving Riding Glasses 011 have specifically been designed to help you see when you ride at night while also keeping the wind and dirt clear of your eyes too. These glasses have a thick yellow frame and rich yellow lenses. This combination is stylish as well as practical.

These goggles are like regular glasses and will therefore not fit over prescription lenses. However, they are definitely OK to wear with contact lenses if needed. Due to the style, glasses like this would normally need to be ordered by size, but this pair comes with padding that can be molded for adult sizes large to small.

The tint of the yellow lenses means that you are better able to see in front of you but are also able to better see oncoming traffic too; this is also a good color as it will less noticeably fog up as temperatures drop or whenever there is a significant change.

3. Private Label Motorcycle Riding Glasses

The Private Label Motorcycle Riding Glasses are perfect for anyone that wants a set of good, solid riding glasses that are made to last. While these glasses are incredibly durable, the low price means you don’t have to worry if they do break. The three colors make it easy to switch it up to better fit with the time of day.

With these glasses, you get UV protection as well as full protection from the wind, which is partially helped by the padding around the lenses. It helps to keep all air out of the cavity where your eyes are and ensures your ride will not be affected by dirt or dry eyes.

As these are great for anytime and anywhere riding, they are the kind of glasses that you will want to buy many pairs of and stash them everywhere. Performance-wise, they are comparable to glasses that cost five times as much.

4. Global Vision Eyewear Stray Cats Motorcycle

Global Vision Eyewear Stray Cats Motorcycle glasses have proven themselves to be some of the best glasses when you compare performance, quality, and cost. These low costing glasses have been made for all motorcycle riders.

Whether you take long trips on open highways or just like to zip around town, these glasses are comfortable and will keep you shielded from the wind. The polycarbonate lenses offer UV protection, and they are also shatterproof should a rock or stone fly up from the road.

With anti-fog coating, each pair is also very safe to use when the temperature changes rapidly. None of the designer glasses can compare to how comfortable and how effective these are. There is never any chance of tearing up or having to squint because of the wind as it never interrupts your vision. It should be noted that these are not the kind of glasses that can be worn over another pair of prescription glasses.

5. Sport Sunglasses Black Motorcycle

Getting the Sport Sunglasses Black Motorcycle glasses means you never have to second-guess the quality of the pair you are going to take on your ride. This set comes with two pairs of glasses, one with smoke lenses and one with clear. The only difference between them being your personal preference on which you find best suits each occasion.

Due to the size of the lenses, these glasses are better suited for men. The larger size is to fit a larger head but also to give the rider a wider perspective of the road. These lenses block as little of your vision as possible to ensure you are driving safely.

These glasses keep both the wind and the dust out of your eyes without issue. They are stylish too with the black frame that isn’t too chunky. These are the best motorcycle glasses for fit and function, and the longevity isn’t bad either. Unless you accidentally step on the glasses, they will last for countless rides and a few years before needing to be replaced.

Coverage First

The amount of coverage that your glasses offer is probably the most important feature you should be considering; this is the only way that your eyes will be protected if you do not have a face guard on your helmet.

You want to be sure the glasses protect your eyes from the wind but will also keep any debris away too. Once you have found glasses that fit properly and keep your eyes covered, then you can start to consider other features.