12 Best Motorcycle Covers in 2018

While those “rules of the road” don’t apply when your bike is parked, you may want to leave it in the garage if you have not taken care of it. A good wash and wax is only part of the solution as you’ll need a good motorcycle cover if you want protection for your bike indoors and out.

The best motorcycle covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes although most of the ones on our list are only available in black. That shouldn’t be an issue for bikers although there are plenty of areas you will need to keep in mind before settling on the perfect cover for your motorcycle.

Top 12 Motorcycle Covers Comparison Table

DesignNameWater ProtectionStyleRating (1-5)
  1. Covermax – 107551 – Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover Waterproof Cruiser 4.8
  2. Badass Moto Gear All Wx Waterproof Motorcycle Cover Water Resistant Varies 4.7
  3. Guardian By Dowco – WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover Waterproof Varies 4.7
  4. Premium Heavy Duty Motorcycle cover (XXL) Water Resistant XXL 4.6
  5. Guardian By Dowco – WeatherAll Plus Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover Waterproof XL-XXXL 4.5
6. The Bike Shield Standard (Medium) Motorcycle Shelter Waterproof Varies 4.4
7. UltraGard 4-444AB Cranberry/Black Touring Motorcycle Cover Water Resistant Touring 4.4
8. XYZCTEM XXXL Large Oxford Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover Water Resistant XXL 4.4
  9. Classic Accessories 73867 MotoGear Deluxe Motorcycle Cover Water Resistant Varies 4.3
  10. LotFancy Motorcycle Bike Polye All Weather Waterproof Motorcycle Bike Polyester Cover Water Resistant Varies 4.3
  11. Nelson-Rigg UV-2000 Motorcycle Half Cover Waterproof Varies 4.3
  12. Motorcycle Cover By Dilimit – Large – Rainproof Water Resistant Cruiser 4.2

Motorcycle Cover Buying Guide

Motorcycles are expensive pieces of machinery, and a cover is one way to protect your investment. Even if you know the size, you’ll still need help in several major areas to make a quick but informed buying decision.

Type of Bike

You already know what kind of motorcycle you have or are planning to buy, but all “styles” are not of equal size. Things are not sized Small, Medium or Large either, which makes finding the best motorcycle cover tough. For our list, we mainly stuck to three general size ranges with Touring, Sportbike, and Cruisers.

Touring bikes are made for mileage and are largest on the road aside from some custom cruisers. Sportbikes aren’t as bulky, but some of the higher class models are going to need larger covers. There are half-covers to consider as well, although they are not the best option if the weather is a concern. While we did not include anything for dirt bikes or ATVs specifically, many of these will work with those as well.


Before you pull the trigger on that new cruiser cover for your Harley, you will still want to consider the overall size. Even if the style of the bike is the same, frames and accessories change over the years which means a bike built in 1985 may not fit as well if the cover’s measurements are for a modern motorcycle. In other words, check the manufacturers listed measurements on the cover against the measurements of your machine.

Another thing to consider are any accessories you’ve added to your motorcycle. Cruiser’s with high-backed seats can mean trouble for tight covers, and the same can be said for large side mirrors or any large aftermarket parts that drastically alter the shape of your motorcycle.

Waterproofing & UV Protection

Any piece of plastic will keep elements of your bike for a while, but how well it protects your motorcycle is another story. Some manufacturers claim their covers are “waterproof, ” but they are only “resistant” to water up to a certain point. Heavy rain or snow may soak through if the cover is not 100% waterproof. If you have owned an older car or bike, you know what the sun can do to paint over time. Well, the sun can also zap the color and life out of your motorcycle cover unless it’s UV safe.


This area is tricky as the lining varies wildly from cover to cover and not everyone needs a velvety lining for their motorcycle. If you have a custom paint job or are going to be using the cover more often than not, you will want a motorcycle cover that is lined to protect your paint. On the other hand, lined covers are heavier and tend to take up more space so they may not be the best option for consumers light on space.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Cover Reviews

1. Covermax Heavy Duty Motorcycle and Trike Cover

Covermax was a lock for our best motorcycle cover list although it was difficult for us to settle on a favorite. We decided to go with their Heavy Duty 107551 cover which geared towards larger bikes including trikes. In other words, it will be able to cover almost any bike in its class with a few large or custom exceptions. It is one of the few covers on our list that can handle the famous Tri Glide Trike as well.

This cover is going to be waterproof in most cases unless you’re parked in the middle of a monsoon. It has waterproof seams and uses 300 Denier Polyester in its construction which is lightweight and has a water repelling finish. There are two (covered) vents up top as well which help to combat against condensation. While that’s dandy, your cover may fade over time as there is no UV protection listed.

The Covermax Heavy Duty Trike Cover also has a velour lining on the inside to keep your paint safe and reflective material on the vents. It’s only available in black, but that shouldn’t be an issue for most trike owners.

2. Badass Moto Gear All Wx Heavy Duty

Motorcycles come in many forms, and we just briefly discussed a few of them in our guide. The minds from Badass Moto Gear don’t specialize in one type of motorcycle cover; they actually handle them all whether you have a rocket bike, road bike or Goldwing, they have you covered with their All Wx Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover.

While this one is available in a half-dozen sizes, the construction and features stay the same. Those would include pockets for a lock or alarm, a windshield liner and reflective material on the outside of the cover. The cover has taped seams and is easy to lock into place with a buckle and strap system, but is not entirely waterproof. It’s water-resistant, so keep that in mind if you need a cover that is 100% waterproof. It is mildew and UV resistant however which is a pretty fair trade-off depending on your storage options.

This cover from Badass Moto Gear comes sized small, medium, large, and extra-large for motorcycles which is around 86” to 108” in length. They also have covers for ATV’s if you have a four wheeler sitting next to your two-wheeled beauty.

3. Guardian By Dowco Ultra Lite Plus UV

Dowco is another company that has produced their fair share of motorcycle covers over the years. Picking a favorite is not nearly as tricky due to the fact they have a big bag for everyone, including consumers that prefer hogs and cruisers to street bikes built for speed.

The Dowco Ultra Lite Plus is a lightweight bike cover at around 5.5 pounds folded depending on the size you choose. The material used is heavy 300-denier polyester with a “marine” grade triple coating to keep your bike and cover safe from the elements. It is waterproof, and it can withstand UV rays as well thanks to Dowco’s custom Color-Lok tech. Mildew, mold and other nasties will be held at bay as well courtesy of ClimaShield Plus.

Other specialty properties of this cover consumers should take note of include a windshield insert to protect against scratches, sew-in grommets for wheel locks, and a moisture guard vent system to keep dampness from creeping up under the cover. It’s one of the few covers that can withstand a hot tailpipe as well if you’re in a hurry and need to throw the cover on and walk away after a ride. This black cover can handle anything thrown its way and is available from Scooter size all the way up to XXX-Large.

4. Formosa Premium

Many of the motorcycle covers on our list will work with models of bikes outside of their range. That means what works for a Harley may also work for a street bike as it all comes down to the length. Well, that and height unless you don’t need a cover that touches the ground. Formosa Covers has produced a large cover that should take care of almost any custom job you have in your garage with a size rating of XXL.

As mentioned, you have to take those measurements lightly in most cases as XXL may mean 98” in length from on manufacturer at 120” from the next. In this case, it means the cover can handle a bike up to 108” in length, so it’s in the cruiser or touring class. It makes use of the popular 300-Denier fabric as well but is only water “repellent” so it will not keep your bike dry in a heavy downpour. It does have UV coating however and has a soft liner in the front area to keep scratches at bay.

While there is a lot to like about this cover, there is one thing consumers should keep in mind. The seams are heat sealed, which is good but not great as it is a weak point that could let in water if it weakens over time with extended use. It is also not mildew or mold resistant, so this type of cover is best suited for indoor use in our opinion compared to others in its class.

5. Dowco Guardian Weather All Plus

Our second motorcycle cover from Dowco is another cover built for larger bikes. The Dowco Guardian WeatherAll Plus is an indoor/outdoor cover according to the company, and we wholeheartedly agree with that assessment. It’s waterproof, so it can wick water away with ease outdoors and carries the UV protected tag as well. Need a couple of vents for moisture protection? Not a problem and you ensure this cover doesn’t leave your bike with a wheel lock pass through.

This cover features the same general construction used by our third choice, so you will get all the bells & whistles that will come along with it. That includes a rear zipper for easy access to your saddlebags or the bike itself and double taped seams for increased protection against the elements. The standard windshield guard is included as well along with a heat shield that allows you to use the cover while the bike is still hot from the road.

This cover comes with a drawstring pack and is available in black with silver trim along the bottom. The sizes are listed from X-Large to XXX-Large although the larger sizes may swallow older bikes or custom hogs sans saddlebags.