12 Best Motorcycle Boots in 2018

Motorcycle gear is a billion dollar business as everyone wants to look good on his or her bike. You don’t have to look long to find a head wrap, jacket or a pair of chaps regardless of your style of motorcycle. Those choices extend to footwear as well, including shoes and boots built for the road.

While you can wear almost any type of shoe for a quick ride down the road, the best motorcycle boots are tough to find. Even though you won’t be on your feet, they need to be comfy, but tough as the road can wear down a regular pair of boots quickly. With that in mind, here are our Top 12 picks which include styles suited for all types of riders.

Top 12 Motorcycle Boots Ultimate Table

DesignNameMultiple ColorsStyleRating (1-5)
  1. O’Neal Rider Boots No Off-Road 4.5
  2. Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot Yes Cruiser/Hog 4.5
  3. Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots Yes Off-Road 4.4
  4. Xelement 1436 Mens Black Short Harness Motorcycle Boots No Cruiser/Hog 4.4
  5. Harley-Davidson Men’s Scout Boot Yes Cruiser/Hog 4.3
6. Tour Master Solution WP 2.0 Road Mens Leather Street Motorcycle Boots No Multipurpose 4.1
7. NEW Men’s Motorcycle Racing Boots Yes Racing 4.1
8. Dingo Men’s Dean Boot Yes Cruiser/Hog 4.1
  9. Vega Touring Men’s Motorcycle Boots No Multipurpose 4.0
  10. AXO Drone Boots No Off-Road 4.0
  11. Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 Men’s Motorcycle Riding Boots Yes Cruiser/Street 4.0
  12. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Mens Afterburner Boots No Cruiser/Hog 3.8

Do You Ride a Hog or Street Bike?

We could hit you with a few paragraphs on motorcycle styles and talk about Goldwings, Ducatis, BMW’s sleek cruisers, or the old-school Ninjas. There’s no need to go down that road however as most of the picks we chose fall into a few simple categories. Street Bikes and Hogs are two of them, but we have also included boots for off-roaders as well.

If you own a big Harley or a Cruising style bike, you are probably going to want a thick pair of leather boots. They hold up for ages when properly cared for, but are heavier than other styles. Consumers with street bikes would want something lighter while off-road boots are self-explanatory. Looking for something you can wear on almost any type of bike, go for multipurpose boots.


If you opt for a pair of boots built for your Fat Boy or custom hog, they are probably leather 99% of the time. We don’t need to explain why it’s a fantastic option for the best motorcycle boots as people have been using hides to protect their feet for thousands of years. With leather boots, pay attention to the stitching and take into account the height of the boot as well. You don’t want the tops “bulging” through your jeans, so choose a proper height to suit your style.

Other types of fabric you may encounter include PU leather, rubber, nylon or other types of synthetics. These materials can make up part of your boot or the majority of it depending on the style. The soles are just as important as the upper but not as much of a concern on street bikes as it is with larger cruisers or Harleys. Consider how you ride along with the types of materials used before proceeding to the next step.

Fit & Comfort

Everyone knows shoes fit differently, so a size 10 in an Adidas may feel like a 9.5 if you switch to Nike. The construction of the shoe plays a part in that as cotton, and other fabrics can stretch – leather does not. That means the size of motorcycle boots is arguably more important than other types as there is no room for adjustments aside from laces and straps.

If you feel comfortable with a manufacturer’s sizing chart, you still need to think about your socks. Heavier boots require a little more cushion, however, and you don’t want to wear ankle socks with off-road boots. Common sense goes a long way here, and eventually, you are going to have to climb off your road rocket and walk. In other words, your boots need to be comfortable and feel good unless you are only going to use them for riding and nothing else.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Boots Reviews

1. O’Neal Rider Motorcycle Boots

O’Neal has made a name for themselves in the outdoor world with gear spanning from surfboards to motorcycle boots. The aptly named O’Neal Rider Boots are best suited for consumers that prefer to the trails to the road and have plenty of style.

Worried about accidents on the trail or having to spend a week in the hospital with your shin in a cast or busted toes? Well, have no fear as the Rider Boots have reinforcement where it counts. That includes injection molded plastic plates and a metal toe guard which helps fight back against delaminating. They have a thick sole with plenty of grip and utilize a snap-lock system to ensure a proper fit. Despite their size, they have mesh on the inside to help keep your feet fresh while the leather exterior keeps heat from the engine away from your lower legs and feet.

One of the cool things about these boots is the fact you can pick up extra straps or buckles if one happens to wear out. While the construction is top-notch, wear will get to even the best of boots over time, so replacement parts are a plus. They are only available in black sized from a 7 through 15 in the standard width.

2. Durango Men’s 11” Harness Boot

These boots are not for the faint of heart if you’re looking for the best motorcycle boots that are short in stature. Harness boots are always tall although the Durango Men’s Harness Boots clock it at only 11” tall. That’s still far from short, but a long way from knee highs.

Harness boots can come in a few different styles, but Durango decided to go classic with these. Made from 100% leather, these boots have the standard strap across the top and back of the ankle and two more coming up from the sole on each side. These are hooked to rings but offer no adjustment as they exist for looks alone. There are two sturdy handles at the top to help you pull these big boys on, which you may need as they don’t zip. It’s a true boot with a 1.75” heel and a top opening measuring 14.5” round.

Due to the size of these, you will want to keep your pants legs in mind and make sure you’re rocking boot cut jeans. While they do not offer up as much reinforcement as other styles, they are quite comfortable and available in several shades of brown and a classy oiled black. They are also the type of boot that will last for a decade if you treat them with care.

3. Forma Adventure Motorcycle Boots

If you’ve grown out of the beginner’s stage on your ATV or dirt bike and are ready to move up a class, it might be time to look for a high-quality boot. Forma’s gear isn’t what we would consider cheap, but it’s hard to put a price tag on quality, comfort, and coolness.

The Forma Adventure Motorcycle Boots has all three of those qualities in spades and are a fantastic option for off-roaders that want a top-tier boot with excellent protection. These sturdy boots have gear pad protection, a double density anti-slip sole, and have injection molded plates in the front made from plastic. As you can see, there is plenty of leather in play as well thanks to a full-grained leather upper that is oiled. From the rubber on the toes to the ankle protection, these are good looking boots.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the comfort factor on these boots. They actually use memory foam in the padding, and the footbed itself can be removed for washing or replaced altogether. Not that you would want to as it’s an anti-bacterial bed, so it will help keep any nasties away from your toes and feet.

4. Xelement 1436 Black Short Motorcycle Boot

If you liked what our first harness boot had to offer but were put off a bit by the style or height, you’ll want to give these a look. The 1436 Motorcycle Boots come from Xelement and have a short 8” shaft made from thick full-grain leather.

These boots are obviously best suited for those with larger bikes like Harleys or Goldwings and not something you would necessarily want to wear on a street bike. That’s partly due to their style, and weight as the rugged construction makes these quite heavy as well over 5 1/2 pounds in the larger sizes. They have a heavy duty lug sole that is neoprene oil-resistant while the upper uses an oil tanned leather. We do not have a measurement for the heel height, but the photo tells the tale.

While we like the style of this boot from Xelement and appreciate the sturdy construction, you may want to be careful with the sizing or prepare for padded socks. Some have reported them being a little wide or loose in the heel, and while we cannot confirm or deny that fact, it is something to consider.

5. Harley Davidson Men’s Scout Boot

Last up is an “official” boot in the sense that it comes from Harley, so we are looking at another harness boot which fits the company’s style of bike. On that note, these will fit like a glove and are stylish enough to be worn casually as well.

These Harley-Davidson Scout Boots are heavy where it counts but light up top with a low profile. They use the standard two-ring, four strap setup around the heel and have a slim rubber sole. That said, there is still plenty of tread underfoot for when you need some traction. Due to their height, you won’t need any pull tabs to get these on as a zipper on the side makes things simple. Throw in the company’s famous logo on the side, and you have got yourself a beautiful boot that can match your bike – provided it is a Harley.

Harley’s Scout Boots fit about as you would expect and are sized from a 7 to a 13 in standard width. They are available in black or brown leather, the latter of which has contrasts nicely with the black sole. The boots should also work with loose fitting jeans along with boot cuts, but you will want to proceed with caution with other styles of pants.