12 Best Motorcycle Backpacks in 2018

Backpacks are stylish, popular and lightweight bags that we can use to carry our things – that, we all know. Still, when it comes to a biker’s backpack, the design may be just a bit different to fit their requirements on the road. It’s just crucial to keep them comfortable.

Whether you are planning a road trip or you need the best motorcycle backpack to use on your daily commute, this guide will give you some tips on how to choose them as well as some popular options. Your backpack is going to be your travel companion, so it obviously needs to be reliable.

Top 12 Motorcycle Backpacks Comparison

DesignNameFabricModelRating (1-5)
  1. Revco Industries Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack Nylon Classic 4.7
  2. Seibertron Motorbike backpack Motorcycle bag Polyester Classic 4.6
  3. Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Outdoor Active Backpack Polyurethane, Polyester Classic 4.4
  4. TECOOL Ultra Light weight Outdoor Hiking Sackpack Nylon Classic 4.4
  5. TravTac Stage II Sling Bag Canvas Sling 4.3
  6. ArcEnCiel Man Army Tactical Chest Pack Military Molle Shoulder Bags Nylon, Canvas Sling 4.1
  7. Seibertron Roving Motorcycle Riding Street Dirt Bike Waterproof Rucksack Backpack Nylon Classic 4.1
  8. DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Backpack Polyester Classic 4.0
  9. MotoCentric Centrek Backpack Nylon Classic 4.0
  10. AXO 29101-05-000 Black Commuter Backpack Nylon Classic 3.8
  11. TMS TMS-BackPack-ALUM Aluminum Motorcycle Backpack Polyurethane Classic 3.8
  12. Hiking Cycling Backpack Sunhiker 25L Sports Outdoor Backpack Bag Nylon Classic 3.8

Buying Information

Getting the best motorcycle backpack can be as easy as it can be difficult. Relatively speaking, there is no actual major difference that sets regular backpacks apart from the motorcycling ones; everything is about how you intend on using them.

If you are, however, a hardcore biker, you might want to keep some extra things in mind when you choose your companion to ride on the open road.

  • Fitting – One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is this: you. And by this, we mean your body figure and size. Each backpack fits differently on every body size, so the one that fits your friend the best may fit you the worst.

Keep in mind your hip size when you choose a backpack with a hip strap. While some may feature adjustable hip straps, not all of them do so. Your backpack needs to fit snuggly to the size of your waist and hips so that you will ride in pure comfort the entire time.

  • Durability – How often do you plan to ride? If you only want to go on the road now and then, you won’t have a problem purchasing a cheaper polyester backpack. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person that believes a day not on the road is a day wasted, then you may want a stronger, more durable backpack.

A good quality backpack will have a sturdy construction that will survive endless commutes and motorcycle trips.

Make sure that you also go for a water resistant bag. On the road, you will be exposed to the weather’s every whim, without any means of protection. If you were to be caught in the rain, chances are you might not want your belongings to get soaked by the time you reach shelter.

  • Storage Space – The disadvantage of motorcycles, as opposed to cars, is that they do not all come with a trunk. They may come with a secured pouch to store belongings such as your helmet, but not all of them will have that option. As a result, bikers end up carrying the helmet in their hand whenever they get off the bike.

Depending on the size of your helmet, look for a backpack that will fit it. If you have one of those stylish helmets that only cover the top of your head, you might be able to get away with a regular-sized backpack. If not, look for something with a helmet catch.

Keep in mind that not all riding backpacks can store your helmet. For example, if you need to carry laptops or similar things with you every day, you may have to make a compromise. Think about what you plan to carry inside of it before you make the purchase.

Get a Design That Fits

Are you a fan of regular backpacks? Or do you prefer the more stylish sling backpacks? While classic backpacks are the usual go-to choice, some people like the way sling backpacks go around their torso. It gives them a stronger sense of security.

Keep in mind that a sling backpack may not be a good choice if you tend to overstuff your backpack. If the purpose is to carry your helmet and some other random items, then you may go with it; however, if you plan to stuff a laptop, shoes, and spare clothes, you may want to go for a regular backpack instead.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Backpack Reviews

1. Revco Industries GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack

If you are looking for a heavy duty motorcycle backpack that will withstand every kind of torture you will put it through, then this is definitely the one you should go for.

It has great storage space, and you can literally stuff anything you want in it from laptops to clothes, shoes, and jackets.

What makes it most convenient for bikers is that it has a separate catch so that you won’t have to carry your helmet in your hand every time you get off the bike, nor will you have to stuff it with the other belongings. It’s a quick-action catch, so you will not have to struggle too much with storing the helmet.

The fabric of the backpack is very durable. It has reinforced pockets that will withstand abuse, and they are also easy to reach regardless if you are on the bike or off of it.

It’s not fire retardant, but the burning won’t spread if put in contact with the fire.

2. Seibertron Motorbike Motorcycle bag

If you are tired of spending a fortune on a backpack that isn’t as convenient just because it advertises a certain purpose, then this backpack is certainly the one for you. It’s a multifunctional pack that you can use for military purposes, riding or hiking.

The reason why bikers love taking this one on the road is that it is very spacious. While it may not have a special catch to put the helmet in, you can fit it just as well in the main pocket AND still have some room to spare for other items.

It can expand or collapse, depending on how much storage you need.

The polyester fabric makes this backpack pretty water resistant, so you will not have to worry about your belongings getting soaked if the rain catches you unprepared. It will keep your items dry until you get to some place that will shelter you.

3. OGIO No Drag Mach 3 Outdoor Active Backpack

If you are on the road and want a backpack that will not drag you too much, then this backpack is definitely the one for you.

As opposed to most backpacks, this one was made from polyurethane – which actually makes it high water resistant. If you are caught in the rain and have no means of finding shelter anytime soon, then this backpack will stop the water from reaching your belongings.

The backpack is also sturdy enough so that it will not deform from the wind shear. The shoulder gasket makes the bag easy to get on and off, increasing its aerodynamic properties as well.

The backpack features a helmet carry strap which allows you to move around without having to keep the helmet in your hand.

Your hands will remain free, and therefore, this backpack will cover all the functions of a proper motorcycle backpack.

4. TECOOL Backpack with Helmet

When Tecool created this backpack, they had one thing in mind: to offer supreme comfort. And they reached their purpose by creating a lightweight bag that you will barely feel you are carrying.

It’s padded enough, so the straps will not be digging into your back if the contents are too heavy.

This feature is highly appreciated by bikers since long roads and back pain do not go well together. Therefore, by decreasing the weight of the backpack and creating an ergonomic design, every person owning a motorcycle will admit that they can barely feel this on their back.

The backpack features a packable net in which you can store your helmet. It’s fairly spacious, so you will have enough space to store most of your necessities if the need comes.

It may not be 100% waterproof, but it can keep your things dry long enough for you to find shelter fast.

5. TRAVTAC Stage II Sling Bag

If you like to travel light, then this one is great for everyday use. The strap is large and comfortable enough to fit around your body, so you can be sure that whatever turns you take, the backpack will be able to withstand them and stay in place.

The canvas is very durable, with reinforced stitching and materials that will not lose their form due to the wind power.

It is also wear and tear resistant, so you should have no worries that it will be damaged during your journey.

This bag is a great option for you if your motorcycle already has a helmet storing compartment. This way, you will only have to carry around the things that you need with the utmost comfort.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best motorcycle backpack, you need to keep in mind that storage is everything – and it’s directly proportional with how much you carry around with you. If you know that you need a lot of space, you may want to opt for a backpack with multiple compartments and a place to store your helmet.

So far, the Revco Industries seems to meet all of the requirements you’d look for in the perfect backpack. It can store your helmet, your things, it can protect against water and fire fairly well, it’s comfortable, and it is overall a great backpack to take on the road with you on a sunny (or cloudy) day.