12 Best Modular Helmets in 2018

The first thing you’ll want to purchase whenever you buy a motorcycle is a helmet. For beginners, that alone can be enough to drive you insane considering there are dozens of variations to choose from, and that’s just with full-faced helmets. Once you get into the hybrid styles like modular helmets, things expand even more.

This time around we are just going to focus on the best modular helmet for bikers, a style that’s especially handy if you’re riding want to be heard by your friends at red lights or take a quick drink. A great modular helmet doesn’t have to break the bank although there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before making your choice.

Top 12 Modular Helmets Comparison Table

DesignNameSizingNumber of ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet XS – XXXL 6 4.5
  2. Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet Gloss Black DOT #936 S – XXL 3 4.4
  3. Shoei Neotec Gloss Black Modular Helmet XS – XXL 2 4.3
  4. IV2 Helmets “DEMON SAMURAI” Dual Visor Modular Flip up Motorcycle Snowmobile Helmet DOT S – XL 1 4.2
  5. LS2 Helmets Strobe Civik Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield XS – XXXL 8 4.1
6. HJC CL-MAX II 2 – Full Face Flip-Up Modular Street Helmet S – XXXXXL 13 4.1
7. Scorpion EXO-900X TransFormerHelmet 3-In-1 Street Motorcycle Helmet XS-XXL 4 4.1
8. YEMA Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet S-XXL 4 4.0
  9. Motorcycle Helmets,FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet M – XL 6 4.0
  10. YEMA Helmet YM-627 Dual Visor Open Face Motorcycle Helmet-White S – XXL 3 4.0
  11. Bell Revolver Evo Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up Street Helmet S – XXL 10 3.9
  12. ILM 10 Colors Motorcycle Flip up Modular Helmet DOT M – XL 10 3.8

What Is a Modular Helmet?

While there are close to a dozen kinds of motorcycle helmets, modular brain buckets have become very popular. That term can mean different things depending on the product; in the tech world it means you can change components. With helmets, modular doesn’t allow you to add anything but does give you the ability to go open-face in an instant.

Modular motorcycle helmets can come in many different styles, but all have one thing in common. The front part of the helmet with the visor flips up, which converts the helmet into an open-face model. That includes the chin bar, which (usually) flips up along with the helmet. All of our picks are DOT certified and safe for road use, but modular helmets are weaker than full-face models due to their construction and the break where the bar and visor raise.

The Chin Strap

The chin bar is definitely an area of interest with this kind of helmet, but the chin strap is of equal importance. All helmets have them, and they will come in one of two one of two varieties with D-ring straps and buckles that allow for a quick release. The best modular helmet can have either option although one is considered safer than the other.

  • Quick-release Buckle – This type of strap uses a plastic buckle more often than not with a mechanism that allows you to unbuckle in an instant. It’s very convenient but not as safe as helmets are made to stay on your head and not come off until you’re ready. While sturdy, plastic is not as tough as metal.
  •  D-Ring – It may not be pretty, but this kind of chin strap has been performing admirably for ages. You simply need to thread the strap through the D-rings to cinch the helmet down tight, and while it’s a bit slower to take off, they are considered the safest of the two.

The Visor & Venting

While all of our helmets are modular and flip up, they still have visors that perform the same trick. Some are fancier than others are, but since you can pick up helmets with multiple visors. Some have dual visors already built-in while others offer up visors for various conditions including fighting back against fog or extreme sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Any motorcycle helmet worth its salt is going to be vented, which in turn keeps your head cool while you ride. The number of vents is worth considering, but should not be a huge factor in your buying decision. You will want to ensure your helmet has a removable liner or cheek pads at a minimum, however, as helmets can still get funky regardless of how much ventilation they provide.

Top 5 Best Modular Helmet Reviews

1. HJC IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

There are helmets that are flashy, and helmets that are classy. The HJC IS-MAX II falls under the classy banner as there’s not a lot of flair on this one, and that’s a good thing. It’s a DOT approved beauty that will keep your cranium safe and the sun out of your eyes thanks to a smoky sun shield.

HJC’s helmet uses a single-button mechanism to make things modular which allows you to flip up the bar and shield in one smooth motion. The shield itself is of the 3-stage variety smoke-tinted with 95% UV protection. You can opt for a different shield if you don’t fancy the one that comes with it, and the company has made swapping simple thanks to a tool-less setup. Other features to note with the IS-MAX II include an ACS ventilation system, and adjustable chin bar, and the classic D-ring enclosure.

This affordable helmet offers up a lot of bang for your buck, and all the base colors are present so you should find something to match your bike. It’s also one of the few that gives you the option to choose a Bluetooth headset and large sizes including 5XL.

2. IV2 Modular Flip up Motorcycle Helmet DOT

A good motorcycle helmet doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars; the IV2 Modular Helmet is proof of that. While it may now win any awards for its design, it is a solid entry-level bucket that that can convert from a full-face to open in a matter of seconds.

IV2’s helmet has a sturdy EPS impact absorption liner to help keep your brain comfy and sports the famous one-button system on the side which allows you to go open-face. They used a form of ABS thermal plastic in the shell of the helmet, and while it is DOT certified, it’s not as high-grade as the materials you’ll find in a helmet from Bell or Shoei. The ventilated helmet is light at only 3.5 pounds, and the padding can be removed and run through the washer when things become dank. We’re not huge fans of the face shield, but it’s said to be scratch resistant, a definite plus.

The modular motorcycle helmet from IV2 takes the cake as the most affordable alternative we’ve come across despite a few flaws. This sharp looking helmet is sized small to XXL and available in glossy black, wine red, and black matte.

3. Shoei Neotec Gloss Black Modular Helmet

If you’ve been on the road for years, you already know what Shoei brings to the table and understand why they bring a premium. They are top-notch helmets in every way, and the company pulled no punches with their modular Neotec helmet.

The Shoei Neotec helmet is arguably the best modular helmet on the market, and it’s hard to argue with its understated sense of style. Everything on this helmet looks good from the mechanism that holds the visor in place to the venting system. Like all of our picks, the chin bar and shield flip up when it’s time to convert, and the company’s AIM-based construction ensures your noggin will stay safe. Headed into a patch of road with direct sun? Not a problem, there is a switch that can bring the inner sun shield down in an instant. Riders that experience hot head on the road will dig this one as well thanks to a three position vent up top.

If the Shoei Neotec is in your price range and you like black, it’s hard to go wrong with this particular helmet. All the boxes are checked when it comes to safety, and it has more features than you’ll find on other modular helmets. This one has a D-ring strap xzppand comes in a wide variety of sizes and a few different colors (white and yellow) if you choose the size.

4. IV2 Demon Samurai Dual Visor Helmet

For every dull helmet with a solid color scheme, there are dozens of helmets geared to attract attention. We’re not talking about ones with mohawks either, but modular buckets with some pizazz. You’ll get plenty of that from IV2’s helmet dubbed the Demon Samurai.

The artist in charge of this helmet went with an eastern theme which matches those speedy bikes from the Far East. While this one would stick out like a sore thumb on a Harley, it’s going to look great on a street bike or any other motorized vehicle built for speed. On the downside, it features the same construction found on their other modular helmet. That’s good as you’ll still get the quick-flip button mechanism to go along with the nifty paint job, just don’t expect top-tier materials in the build. It’s a looker, but it’s still a vented entry-level helmet at the end of the day.

Like all roadworthy helmets, this one is DOT certified to the FMVSS.218 standard and lined with EPS impact foam inside. DEMON SAMURAI is only available in one pattern and color scheme although multiple sizes are available.

5. LS2 Helmets Strobe Civik Modular Motorcycle Helmet

One of the drawbacks of modular helmets is the fact the helmet breaks down when you flip the face upwards, which results in a weaker structure. The LS2 Strobe Civik Modular helmet is sturdier than many in that regard, and you won’t have to worry about that chin bar flopping back down in your face once it’s open thanks to a full detent.

A major draw of this helmet aside from its modular nature is its twin visor system. There is a removable visor inside the helmet that basically acts as a pair of sunglasses with the visor up or down. The primary shield is resistant to scratches and various road hazards, but optically correct so that it won’t affect your vision. It has adjustable ventilation to keep your head cool on hot summer days, and the lining can be popped out and tossed into the wash as needed. The LS2 Strobe Civik passed certification from both the ECE and DOT with the added benefit of a 5-year warranty against flaws in the helmet.

No particular feature really stands out on this helmet although it is solid where it counts and a nice step up from the entry-level models on our list. It does use a plastic buckle for the quick release strap instead of D-rings and comes in a variety of colors including bright yellow, gunmetal, and wineberry just to name a few.