12 Best Minor League Hats in 2018

There are only a few reasons to wear a minor league baseball hat; you are a dedicated fan, it adds to your personal street style, or you play a bit of ball and need a quality hat kicking around. In any of these cases, you can find a high-quality hat that suits your needs and your budget.

Rather than buying a hat that isn’t for you in one way or another, follow the advice of our experts. They have spent the time and energy using the hats to give real feedback, shopping advice and even a list of some of the most worthwhile options on the market today.

There is nothing better than knowing that you are spending your money well and with this guide, you can be sure of that even before you purchase one of the best minor league hats.

Top 12 Minor League Hats Ultimate Table

DesignNameBrimStateRating (1-5)
  1. MiLB Minor League ADULT LAKE ELSINORE STORM Black/Red Hat Cap Curved California 4.5
  2. BRADENTON MARAUDERS Adult Cap Minor League Officially Licensed MiLB Replica Hat Flat or Curved Florida 4.5
  3. River Bandits Minor League Adult Hat Curved Ohio 4.4
  4. NEW Aberdeen Ironbirds ADULT Adjustable Velcro Cap MiLB Minor League Baseball Hat Flat Maryland 4.3
  5. Minor League Baseball Delmarva Shorebirds Road 9FORTY Adjustable Cap Curved Maryland 4.2
6. Minor League Baseball Salt Lake Bees Home 9FORTY Adjustable Cap Curved Utah 4.1
7. READING FIGHTIN PHILS Adult Cap Minor League Officially Licensed MiLB Replica Hat Flat or Curved Pennsylvania 4.0
8. MODESTO NUTS Adult Cap Minor League Officially Licensed MiLB Replica Hat Flat or Curved California 3.9
  9. MiLB Minor League ADULT Portland SEA DOGS Hat Cap Curved Maine 3.8
  10. Minor League Baseball Palm Beach Cardinals Home 9FORTY Adjustable Cap Curved Florida 3.8
  11. VERMONT LAKE MONSTERS Adult Cap Minor League Officially Licensed MiLB Replica Hat Flat or Curved Vermont 3.7
  12. Minor League Baseball Erie SeaWolves Game 9FORTY Adjustable Cap Curved Pennsylvania 3.7

Cheer Your Team in Style

If you are looking to cheer on your team in style, then you need the best minor league hat to do so. If you are looking for a hat that you can wear instead of the overly popular major league hats, then your options expand, but you still have quality and style to think about.

In both cases, you should consider the logo for the team to either ensures it is accurate or for how well it will match your overall style. In both cases, the quality and the style should also be examined more carefully as follows:

Quality Above Everything Else

  • Stitching – There is nothing that affects the quality of a minor league hat more than the stitching. The stitching needs to be consistent in every way possible.

The thread needs to be high quality and thick enough to really hold the material of the hat together. The stitches should be equidistance apart. There should never be any exposed finishing knots. If the stitching has all of these things, then the hat will be durable enough for play or long-term wear.

  • Color Fade The quality of the hat can also be seen in the material that has been used. Most minor league hats are made from brushed cotton, cotton twill or canvas.

Each of these materials reacts differently to dyes, and in turn, those dyes react differently to sunlight. There is no material or color that has been proven more superior, so the only way to determine the quality and how others will see this is to observe the amount the color of the hat fades over time.

The only way to determine this without actually buying and testing each hat is to consider the reviews from our experts below.

Note  All of the hats that are included in this guide have been proven to keep their color, even when exposed to sunlight on a regular basis.

Adjustable StrapThe size of your baseball hat needs to be comfortable. This is why many of the top minor league hats will come with an adjustable strap made of Velcro or plastic button inserts.

The adjustable strap should be easy to navigate and change without it losing its ability to do so. The Velcro strap should be strong to ensure it stays in place and the plastic buttons should be tight and secure.

Don’t Forget About Style

You want the hat to look good at all times, make sure that the brim suits your taste and that the colors do too. If you have a sharper style with a rich color palette, then you need to seek hats that have a striking combination such as red and black.

When looking for a decent minor league hat for your style, you should identify the kind of brims that are available; this includes the following options:

  • Flat  Flat brims are generally a more flexible option as they can be kept flat to suit personal preferences or they can be molded and rounded in exactly the way that you want.
  • Curved  The best minor league hats for play are the ones that have a curved brim. Whether the hat comes like this or is molded to be curved it totally up to the fan/player.

** It is important to note that the brim can also come short or long. The longer option is good for practical use as it keeps more sun out of your eyes and the short brim is more for style than anything else.

Pro TipAs you will know, baseball is all about the authenticity of the fans. We have included the state that the minor league team is based in so you can choose your baseball cap due to some affiliation, rather than only because of whether the mascot is appealing or not.

Of course, this is also a great opportunity to choose one based only on style and then get to know a team that would never enter onto your radar before.

Top 5 Best Minor League Hats Reviews

1. Lake Elsinore Storm Adult Cap

The Lake Elsinore Storm hat is the perfect combination of style, supporting a team and wearability. Whether you will be adding the hat to your collection to ensure variety or are going to be using it in practices to keep the sun out of your eyes, you will certainly enjoy the high quality.

The stitching is the first thing you will notice in terms of quality; this has been done to ensure the fabric of the hat holds together through being worn day after day. While the stitching is a key component in this, the fabric of the hat is just as well made in itself.

The colors are rich, and you know that the threads of the fabric will not tear easily. The design of this minor league hat is subtle but also sends an intimidating message. The red and black colors and design are reason enough to buy this hat.

2. Bradenton Marauders Adult Cap

If you are looking for a minor league baseball hat to wear that fits well and is functional, then you should definitely consider the Bradenton Marauders hat. This hat is solid black and features the image of a cartoon pirate on the front; this is a great design whether you support the team or would just like a cool baseball hat.

The fit is great, even with the adjustable Velcro. This type of closure on the back can sometimes leave extra materials or gaps when you fit it to your size, but that is not the case with this hat. It really is a great fit for anyone 12 and up.

Durability is certainly a concern if you are going to be wearing this hat for playing baseball rather than fashion and this particular hat does not disappoint. The durability is definitely the best feature.

3. River Bandits Adult Cap

The River Bandits hat is really built to last. The quality of the stitching is impeccable, and something that means the hat will stand up to the wear and tear of daily practices. The practicality is assisted by the fact that this hat has a curved brim.

This hat is one that is well designed so that it can be worn for practices or fashion. One of the best features of this hat is the fact that the colors are rich and will not fade in the sun. Of course, they will dull if the hat becomes dirty, but this simply needs to be washed away to restore the original color.

Comfort is key with this hat and the main reason to choose this one over others. The design is simple yet unique, so you can even buy this hat as a gift and know that the recipient will easily be able to wear it; this is also helped by the fact that the size is adjustable.

4. Aberdeen Ironbirds Adult Cap

The Aberdeen Ironbirds hat is so well made and looks so distinguished that it might fool those that see it into thinking it is the hat of a Major League team. It is one of the best minor league hats because of the cool bird logo on the front, the black and blue color scheme as well as the high quality of the materials.

The poly cotton/twill fabric means that this hat does not wear easily; this applies to the stitching and the color of the fabric as well. The hat has been with an adjustable Velcro fit that makes it a great buy for the whole family.

It is worth noting that the brim of this hat is flat and therefore, it is very well suited to be molded and bent by a player or to be worn as part of an outfit. This hat outshines other options in style and durability.

5. Delmarva Shorebirds Adult Cap

The 100% polyester and the meticulous stitching are two of the reasons the Delmarva Shorebirds hat is so well made. These two aspects combine to ensure your hat will not wear or burst at the seams without some serious use.

The black hat wand orange bird logo are unique regarding color and style, making this a very interesting hat to have as part of a baseball hat collection. Whether you support the team or not, this hat has been well made and will stand out.

The curved brim and Velcro adjustable size allow for as much comfort as you could want from this hat. It can genuinely be used to play baseball and be used for a variety of ages too. While this is an added benefit, the unique color combination of the hat is the main reason to buy it.

Don’t Forget!

Whether you plan to wear this hat for fashion or practice, you need to make sure it is of the highest quality. Even though you are supporting a minor league team, you don’t want it to look like you have a minor league budget.