12 Best Minimizer Bras in 2018

Every woman with a small bust wishes that she could have a generous cleavage like their bigger busted counterparts. Still, those “gifted” with a D or E cup may argue otherwise: that a big cup brings with it more trouble than it should.

Regardless if you are suffering from back pain, can’t fit your clothes or are simply too self-conscious about your curves, you may be looking for the best minimizer bra. If so, this article will give you some ideas on how to choose them, as well as some popular choices.

Top 12 Minimizer Bras Ultimate Chart

DesignNameFabricsFasteningRating (1-5)
  1. Wacoal Women’s Elegance Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra Polyester Back 4.5
  2. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Minimizer Full Figure Underwire Bra 76080 Nylon, Spandex Back 4.4
  3. Lilyette by Bali Women’s Comfort Minimizer Keyhole Embellished Bra Nylon, Lycra, Lace Back 4.3
  4. Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra Nylon, Spandex Back 4.2
  5. Playtex Women’s Front-Close Bra Polyester, Spandex, Nylon Front 4.2
  6. Lilyette Women’s Enchantment Three-Section Unlined Minimizer Underwire Bra Nylon, Elastane Back 4.2
  7. Olga Women’s Sheer Leaves Minimizer Bra Nylon, Lycra Back 4.2
  8. Lilyette by Bali Women’s Beautiful Support Lace Minimizer Nylon, Spandex, Lace Back 4.1
  9. Delimira Women’s Beauty Lace Non Padded Minimizer Full Figure Underwire Bra Nylon, Polyester, Spandex Back 4.1
  10. Bali Women’s Satin Tracings Minimizer Underwire Bra Cotton Back 4.0
  11. Glamorise Women’s #9245 Stretch-Lace Wonderwire Bra Nylon, Lycra, Polyester, Lace Front 4.0
  12. Bali Women’s Double Support Minimizer Bra Nylon, Spandex Back 4.0

Big breasts are always placed on a high stand by the public, but as mentioned, bigger is not always better. Normal things, such as finding a top that fits, become more difficult when your bust is not cooperating, which is why investing in a minimizer bra is one of the only options.

The best minimizer bra will lift and compress your breasts, making them look as if they are one inch or so smaller. It will make the silhouette seem slimmer, and will, therefore, allow you to fit better into your clothing.

Minimizer Bra Fabrics

All of us look for comfort when we purchase a bra, and we want our skin to be able to breathe properly. Regardless if it is a classic bra with no extra features or a sexier one with bows and ribbons, each material generally has its own functions.

  • Cotton – Cotton is generally one of the most comfortable choices since it feels comfortable to the skin. Still, bras made from pure cotton are not very elastic, which is why you may want to look for cotton blends for a better fit.
  • Nylon – These are the most common types of bras due to the fact that they offer a very flattering form; however, if you tend to be a person that practices sports or sweats a lot, nylon may not be a good choice for you. Nylon bras are not good at absorbing the moisture.
  • Polyester – Blends made from cotton and polyester are generally the most breathable options when practicing sports. They offer support, but also moisture wicking features. Plus, they are also an easily available option.
  • Lace – Lace is sensual and feminine, and such a bra may be made entirely from lace or just partially on the cups. Lace bras are generally enhanced with stretchy compounds such as Lycra or Spandex – therefore providing an even more tailored fit.

Depending on the occasion, you may choose the fabric which is most suitable for you.

Consider a Front-Fastening Bra

Generally, the more easily available type of bra is the one with back fastening. They are the classic option which will leave our front seam-free, without being bothered by any uncomfortable front clasps.

Still, a front fastening bra may allow for more coverage in the back for smoothing the skin. Women with big breasts often struggle with back fat, and a bra with front fastening may be exactly what they need to hide those irregularities.

A front fastening bra is also easier to put on since you have a full visual over the closing system. You will no longer drag yourself while you’re dressing simply because you can’t get one clasp over the other.

Padded vs. Non-Padded Bra

Women buy padded bras generally for one reason: they want to give a smoother shape to their breasts. And that is a good thing to look for if your babies tend to have an irregular natural shape.

Keep in mind that padding will make any attempts at minimizing your breasts futile. You’ll be minimizing it just to “maximize” it back with padding. If you really need a little extra support, look for a bra with the minimum of lining that will not be that obvious.

Ideally, you will want to look for a non-padded bra with a thick fabric to keep your bust in shape. This will help you get the most out of that “minimizing” look and offer your bust a more natural shape – without the added padding.

Top 5 Best Minimizer Bra Reviews

1. Wacoal Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra

Made from polyester with very cute lace-like floral embroidery, this bra can minimize your bust by a full inch. It has no bulky padding, so you’ll get exactly what you are asking for: a minimizing effect mixed with comfort.

And this bra is indeed very comfortable. Not only is the fabric very soft and comfy, with a satin feel, but you can also adjust the straps to fit the size of your torso.

When you have this on, you will most of the time forget that you are even WEARING a bra. You will only know that your breasts will not be dangling out of control whenever you take a step; they will be properly supported.

This bra is also great for its back smoothing properties. Most of the times, ladies with bigger cup sizes struggle with back fat too, which is why the back panels and the wide band come in so convenient.

The large straps are also perfect for that sleek effect since they will not dig into your skin. You will definitely love wearing this daily.

2. Vanity Fair Beauty Back Minimizer Underwire Bra

This is the ideal item if you are looking for a full-coverage bra that actually manages to give you a flattering shape along with a smaller figure that goes down one and a half inches.

You can call it the “magic bra,” since it is definitely one of the best out there.

Your breast tissue will not start slipping out from all the wrong places with this bra – as long as you get the right size.

It will compress your bust correctly, scoop and swoop your ladies and allow you to fit in that blouse you have always been avoiding.

The Vanity Fair bra is also very comfortable and stretchy. You have a wider coverage in the back, so aside from a minimized effect on the breast, you will have the same effect on the back fat.

Comfy and smooth, you will definitely make a habit out of purchasing this model.

3. Lilyette by Bali Comfort Minimizer Bra

Who says that a minimizer bra needs to be ugly? With the Lilyette bra, you get the best out of both worlds: sexiness and comfort.

You will no longer be embarrassed if the straps accidentally show, because they look very nice, for a change.

This bra will support you in all the right places and does a great job at minimizing your breasts.

The bigger the size of the bra, the more hooks it has. Therefore, this bra may also fix your back fat problem.

It’s a very comfortable item that provides enough stretch to fit snuggly, but not so much as to let your twins loose. They’ll be secure and compressed, and you can go on your daily activities without worrying that your breast tissue will fall out.

4. Bali Passion for Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra

Ever had that feeling where your breast tissue felt imprisoned by your bra, and it did whatever possible to make a “prison break”? Generally, that can happen because of a wrong size, a wrong fabric or not enough coverage.

The Bali bra was, however, made from spandex and nylon. So as long as you choose the right size, it should stretch and fit your breasts snuggly and not make them feel imprisoned.

It provides full coverage, so there will be no “leaks.”

The cups may not be padded, but they are reinforced with several layers of fabric. Therefore, your bust will have a nice line, with a natural shape that does not look awkward in any way.

You will definitely consider buying this again the next time you need a bra.

5. Playtex Front-Close Bra

If you are a fan of front clasping, then this bra is definitely the one for you. Designed to be a perfect fit, the Playtex will do a great job at supporting your bust, compressing it and offering you full comfort as you go about your daily activities.

There is no padding to the cup itself; just some lining to the cushioning on the straps, to add to the comfort.

The bra is stretchy but just enough for it to snuggle comfortably around your bust without creating any odd lines.

This bra is perfect if you can’t seem to reach around the back. It has enough clasps in the front to provide coverage, and therefore, your bust will stay supported in its rightful place.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best minimizer bra, then there’s one thing you need to remember: ditch the padding. Look for bras that have a thicker layer of fabric which can compress on your breast in order to reduce their size. You’ll also want to look for full-coverage ones, to ensure that no tissue slips out.

The most popular minimizer bra is Wacoal, due to the fact that it’s also very pretty for such a bra. Ladies love the floral embroidery and considering that it successfully brings you down an inch, you’ll definitely like it as well. Bali, Lilyette and Vanity Fair also seem to be popular options.