12 Best Messenger Bags for Men in 2017

Contrary to the popular stereotype, it is not just women who need handbags to carry everything but the kitchen sink.

Men also need to transport their fair share of belongings whether for work or play, which will necessitate a suitable vessel in which to carry them.

Though a wallet is a given, this is only capable of holding a certain amount of small items, which will be insufficient for many circumstances. Similarly, the style of a backpack may not be appropriate in all scenarios, though it can be a suitable size.

When this is the case, a messenger bag can be a suitable option for a man, which will be a convenient way to transport items.

By determining which the best messenger bags are for men, you can ensure that you obtain the right one for your needs.

Top 12 Messenger Bags for Men Ultimate Table

DesignNameMaterialOther ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Ibagbar Durable Vintage Multifunction Canvas Shoulder Bag Cotton/Canvas Yes 4.8
  2. Kattee Leather Satchel Briefcase Leather Yes 4.6
  3. Brinch Unisex Oxford Laptop Sleeve Messenger Shoulder Bag Fabric Yes 4.6
  4. Berchirly Vintage Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag Canvas/leather Yes 4.5
  5. Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag Leather Yes 4.4
  6. 17.3-Inch Eco-Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag Canvas Yes 4.4
  7. MiCoolker Business Class Laptop Briefcase Messenger Shoulder Bag Canvas Yes 4.4
  8. Kenox Vintage Classic Canvas Laptop Messenger Bag Canvas Yes 4.4
  9. Kenneth Cole Risky Business Messenger Bag Leather Yes 4.3
  10. Laptop Bag, Snugg™ Crossbody Shoulder Messenger Bag PU leather Yes 4.0
  11. Rugged Grunge Mens Messenger Laptop Briefcase Bag Leather No 4.0
  12. Zebella Vintage Pu Leather Briefcase PU leather Yes 3.9

Materials of Good Messenger Bags

  • Canvas – A messenger bag made from canvas will be a strong one, which will be available in a range of different colors for a cost effective price.
  • Leather – The use of leather for a messenger bag will mean that this option is likely to be the most expensive examples. They will be hardwearing and can provide for classy looking bag. Even with bags made from other materials, if accents such as the strap, buckles or piping are made of leather, it can add a touch of style.
  • Cotton – Cotton is a highly versatile material that can be formed in a number of different styles. It comes in a range of different colors and will create a bag that is easy to maintain.

Get the Right Style Messenger Bag

With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which messenger bag to choose.

The first consideration should be how you intend to use the bag, which will dictate which is the most appropriate.

As an example, a bright red messenger bag could be beneficial for a bicycle courier as it will help them to be more visible, but may not be as appropriate for a business meeting, where a more muted color would be the norm.

The style will also be a factor according to whether it will be used for casual or formal purposes.

If you intend to use the bag in different ways, a multifunctional messenger bag will be the best option. Similarly, a bag that has separate compartments in which to store belongings can be important, as this will avoid items getting damaged, scratched or disorganized from being thrown about together in the same compartment.

Consider the size of the laptop, tablet or documents that will be transported in the bag to ensure that they will fit comfortably.

An adjustable messenger bag can be highly convenient; for example, being able to adjust the strap will allow you to decide on whether to carry the bag on your shoulder or across your body and how far down the bag falls.

Top 4 Best Messenger Bags for Men Reviews

1. Ibagbar Multifunction Messenger Bag

The first thing that you notice about the Ibagbar Durable Multifunction messenger bag is that it is smaller than the average messenger bag, at 9” x 11” x 5”. However, this makes it suitable for use when a large bag is not necessary.

It is made from canvas but retains a smart appearance that makes it suitable for use with smart attire. In fact, it is ideal for carrying all the essentials required when getting on a flight.

Besides the normal front flap that can be expected from a messenger bag, the Ibagbar bag comprises nine pockets that are all secured with zips. The zips have tabs so that they are easy to grip, the action of the zip is nice and smooth, and it does not catch the skin.

The main pocket is spacious enough for a number of essentials and has a handy netted zipped pocket that can comfortably fit a 10” tablet.

In addition to the adjustable shoulder strap, which is long enough to allow it to be worn across the body, there is a top carry handle.

A tough little messenger bag that suits many needs.

2. Kattee XZ342BN

The fact that the Kattee Leather Satchel is leather is apparent on opening the package as that distinctive smell immediately hits you.

The aroma matches the appearance of the bag, which has a classic look reminiscent of yesteryear.

There are two buckles on the front flap that makes it look like an old school satchel, but these are only for decoration as the fastening is via a snap button.

The front flap is only one way of securing the bag as the main compartment also has a zip. There is also a zip on the pocket at the rear, which is ideal to keep things secure.

The strap is padded so it is still comfortable to wear when it is heavy

Sufficient inner pockets to keep everything organized

3. Brinch Oxford Messenger Bag

The Brinch Oxford messenger bag is of a style that makes it especially suited to use by a professional.

It is available in a number of different colors and sizes, which makes it much easier to obtain the ideal bag for your purposes.

The front flap only covers half of the bag so the appearance is more like a laptop bag. However, the Brunch Oxford bag offers more space than a traditional laptop bag.

It has a handy strap at the rear that allows it be attached to a trolley case, which makes it a convenient choice for air travel. It stays in place when the strap is slipped over the trolley case handle as it fits snugly and does not move about.

The size of the smallest one is 13.6 inches whereas the largest is 17.3 inches, so it can accommodate a laptop of corresponding size in addition to other items.

In addition to the shoulder strap, which is adjustable in length, there is also a handle that allows it to be carried like a briefcase.

The tight weave of the fabric hides a layer of padding that protects the bag’s contents.

The Brinch Oxford is an ideal option for professionals who need a complete solution for carrying a number of items.

4. Berchirly VTA502-3U2

The Berchirly Vintage Military messenger bag lives up to its name as it provides a bag with an appearance that differs from the standard bags.

It would work well for those who like to stand out from the crowd as it looks like the type of bag suited to someone about to go on an adventure. It is more suited to casual use than formal.

It is mainly canvas, but the leather straps add a touch of style.

It is simply designed with one main, large compartment and four external pockets, which are positioned conveniently to keep essentials handy.

It is well made and looks like it will last a long time.

This is one of the best messenger bags for men as it provides a practical solution and allows the user to demonstrate their sense of style.