12 Best Men’s Underwears in 2018

Hopefully, you wear underwear every day, which means that this is a garment that deserves more attention. Your underwear can be the difference between you looking and feeling like Mark Wahlberg in a Calvin Klein ad and feeling like a teenager in your worn-out boxers.

Most of the time, you will probably find that you are wearing underwear that was a Christmas gift or was bought at a superstore when you did your grocery shopping at the same time. As a result, chances are you need some help to dive into the specifics of getting the best men’s underwear.

As guys, we know that underwear shopping is kind of a pain, but we are here to help with buying tips, popular pairs, and reviews of the to make the process quick and painless for you.

Top 12 Men’s Underwears Comparison Chart

DesignNameStyleQuantityRating (1-5)
  1. Men’s Underwear,KAYIZU Brand Classics Comfort Soft Breathable Brief Briefs 6 4.5
  2. Avidlove Men Underwear Micromodal Bikinis 4 Pack Briefs Bikini 4 4.5
  3. Saxx Men’s Vibe Modern Fit Boxer Boxer 1 4.5
  4. Fruit of the Loom Men’s 7-Pack Basic Brief Briefs 7 4.4
  5. Hanes Men’s 5-Pack FreshIQ Tagless Tartan Boxers with Exposed Waistband Boxer 5 4.4
6. Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear 3 Pack Cotton Stretch Briefs Briefs 3 4.4
7. Fruit of the Loom Men’s 5-Pack Soft Stretch Knit Boxer Boxer 5 4.4
8. Jockey Men’s Underwear Elance Bikini – 3 Pack Bikini 3 4.3
  9. David Archy Men’s 4 Pack Micro Modal Low Rise Trunks Boxer 4 4.2
  10. 6pk Men’s Seamless Athletic Compression Boxer Briefs Shorts Underwear One Size Boxer Briefs 6 4.0
  11. Emporio Armani Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Boxer Briefs Boxer Briefs 3 3.8
  12. BOSS HUGO BOSS Men’s 3-Pack Cotton Trunk Boxer 3 3.7

The Impact of Your Underwear

Buying underwear is nothing like buying socks. They might not seem as important or as detailed as buying a 3-piece suit for an upcoming wedding or buying your sneakers to use in a road race, but they certainly are.

Your underwear is the garment that you wear most often; wear most closely to your body and the garment that is in contact with the most sensitive area. It should come as no surprise that it should be given more attention and care in the buying process to ensure you are comfortable at all times.

Where to Start

There is nothing that can affect how your feel in your underwear more than the comfort or discomfort that they provide; this can be determined by a variety of factors, consider the following:

  • Size Matters – Size is something that is generally made to suit standard waist sizes.
    • Small – 28-30 inch waist
    • Medium – 32-24 inch waist
    • Large – 36-38 inch waist

While this gives you a general idea of which pair will fit you, the sizes do vary from brand to brand. The best and most effective way to determine your perfect size is to try them for yourself and/or read reviews from the experts that have first-hand experience.

  • Fabric – Men’s underwear across the board used to come in only one material, but now you have options, including:
    • Lycra
    • Cotton
    • Spandex
    • Nylon

The fabric that is best for you will be determined by what you find comfortable; this requires some testing, but it is worth noting the following:

  • Some people are allergic to nylon and Lycra
  • Lycra is a tight fit, but if you like it, you will really love it
  • Lycra, Spandex, and Nylon are suitable for athletics
  • Cotton is the best and most durable material for everyday use

Your Fit, Your Style

If comfort is the first thing you should consider when deciding on the best underwear for men, then style is the second. The style affects the comfort on a personal level so our experts recommend trying out each style to determine whether you are loyal to one or would like to have a selection on hand that are each dedicated to a different activity.

  • Boxers – This loose-fitting style offers more freedom of movement and comfort. They are best paired with loose-fitting pants or suits but are not a suitable option for athletics. Boxers can be recognized by the following features:
    • Varied length 8-16”
    • Entire behind and thigh coverage
    • Working front fly

Note – There are also tapered boxers that are long but are closely fitted to the thigh. The only other difference between these styles is that the tapered option does not have a working front fly.

  • Bikini – This style looks exactly as you would imagine it. There is a pouch at the front, and the material around the waist covers only an inch or two while the back offers total behind coverage but little else.
  • Briefs – This is the extremely supportive style that is best paired with any style of pant, including low-rise jeans. This style can be easily recognized by the following features:
    • Elastic waistband
    • Y-shaped front fly
    • 4” of fabric that covers from the waist to the thigh
    • Completely covers the behind

Note – Mid-rise options are available with the same features but sitting two inches below the waist.

  • Boxer Briefs – This style offers you the benefits of the brief and the boxer in one pair of comfortable and supportive underwear. This style fits tightly like a brief but is long enough cover your entire behind and much of your thighs; this makes them comfortable to wear under any style pant and even suitable for athletics.

Additional Features

  • Color – Color and patterns are taking over the fashion side of underwear across the board. The best men’s underwear is no longer just the traditional white.
  • Purpose/Occasion – If you participate in athletics or just do yard work then you might need to include some more supportive pairs in your collection. You also will need to make sure you have some tighter pairs to go along with any tighter pants or tailored suits. Other than this, your favorite style should be suitable for everyday wear.
  • Price – The price isn’t just about the amount you will spend right then and there but also about how many pairs come in the set, how often you will need to replace the underwear and how long they will still look new. The best way to determine the value for money is to read the expert reviews.

Top 5 Best Men’s Underwears Reviews

1. KAYIZU Underwear Classics Comfort

The KAYIZU Underwear Classics Comfort are made of the perfect combination of 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex; this means that the material is stretchy, soft and breathable while also keeping its shape.

The fabric means that this pair of underwear will never stretch out and lose the comfort that they provide. It also means that they will keep their color for longer. You can choose a set that is all standard black or white or a mix of brighter colors.

The cool feeling against your skin is something that will completely transform the way you view this tighter style and material combination.

2. Avidlove Men Underwear Micromodal

If you love the bikini style, then the Avidlove Men Underwear MicroModal are the most comfortable. These are the best men’s underwear for everyday wear whether you wear a suit every day or will participate in athletics.

The standard bikini style is accented by the low-rise cut; this adds a bit more sex appeal to the underwear and it enhances the attractiveness of the pouch and it’s contents.

The pouch in the front of the underwear is snug but is also deep so there is more than enough room for you to be comfortable. It should be noted that the material of the underwear also helps to keep them fresh, even when you are being more active.

3. SAXX Underwear Co Men’s Vibe Modern Fit

The SAXX Underwear Co Men’s Vibe Modern Fit is a pair of underwear that you will want to fill your entire underwear drawer with. This pair is on the more expensive side as they are sold singularly but they are made for comfort and longevity.

The ergonomic pouch at the front keeps things flexible and supportive while the parallel mesh side panels help to make the entire pair of underwear more breathable. It should be noted that these underwear come in a fitted boxer style that comes far enough down your leg to feel secure.

Whether you are going to the gym after a day at the office or just lounging around the house, your body will thank you for the embrace that these underwear provide.

4. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Basic Brief

The Fruit of the Loom Men’s Basic Brief is a pair of underwear that you can trust to always fit in the way that you would expect and to always be breathable and comfortable. The cotton material is ideal for everyday wear, and the underwear are styled perfectly to suit a man’s body.

The affordability and the fact that this underwear comes in a set of 7 make them a good economic investment too. They will last for a long time and will be your daily go-to underwear, so you will not have to spend even a moment deciding on your needed style or color when getting ready.

If you just want simplicity, comfort and a pair of underwear that is suitable for any and every activity and day, then you have found your match.

5. Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Tagless Tartan

The Hanes Men’s FreshIQ Tagless Tartan Boxers have all the style and comfort that you want from your boxers. Whether you are wearing them to lounge around in the house, use them to sleep in or wear under your loose pants, they are stylish and freeing.

The tartan pattern is classic, and the exposed waistband also adds a nice touch for whenever someone catches a peek at your underwear. The cotton and polyester blend mean that the soft woven fabric will never itch or cause discomfort.

The FreshIQ technology offers odor protection; this means that you will feel fresher all day long even if you participate in more active tasks. The combination of comfort and freedom make these some of the best men’s underwear.

What to Take Away

While comfort is the most important feature, it should be considered after you choose the style or styles you want; this ensures you are not wasting your time finding the most heavenly pair of men’s underwear when it won’t fit into the tighter jeans that you might wear on a daily basis.

We recommend sticking to the top products on our list as they provide the most comfort, breathability, and style.