12 Best Mens Sweatpants in 2018

Sweatpants are a staple item in many wardrobes, especially a guy’s.

The problem is how to choose a decent pair: you want something that fits comfortably, but you really don’t know too much about the fabrics, styles, sizing and material.

Not to worry, because we are here to lay it all out for you: plain and simple.

In our guide below, we’ll not only highlight the 12 best men’s sweatpants, but we will also break down the basics for you so that you understand how to choose the right pair for your needs.

Compare and contrast the products in our table first, then head down for all of the shopping tips and finally the reviews of the top five sweats.

Top 12 Men’s Sweatpants Comparison Chart

DesignNameStyleMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. Men’s Condivo 14 Training Pant Training Pants Polyester 4.6
  2. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Elastic Bottom Sweatpant Elastic Bottom Cotton, Polyester 4.4
  3. Under Armour Men’s Reflex Warm-Up Pants Warm Up Pants Polyester 4.3
  4. Pro Club Fleece Cargo Sweatpants Cargo Pants Cotton, Polyester
(13-ounce Fleece)
  5. Southpole Men’s Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant Jogger Pants Polyester 4.2
6. Mrignt Mens Casual Cotton Elastic Waist Jogging Pants Jogger Pants Cotton, Polyester 4.2
7. Champion Men’s Open Bottom Eco Fleece Sweatpant Open Bottom Pants Cotton, Polyester
8. Hanes Men’s Solid Knit Pant Open Bottom Pants Cotton, Polyester 4.1
  9. adidas Men’s Slim 3 Stripes SweatPants Jogger Pants Cotton, Polyester 4.1
  10. Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Closed-Bottom Fleece Pocket Pant Closed Bottom Pants Cotton, Polyester
  11. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Fleece Cargo Pant Cargo Pants Polyester
  12. URBANCREWS Mens Hipster Hip Hop Drawstring Sweatpants Jogger Pants Polyester 3.9

The Styles

As you can see in our table, we’ve included the pant styles since the term “sweatpants” is rather broad. Here are the differences between each type.

  • Athletic Training Pants – These were designed for athletes to slip on between events. If you wear shorts and it’s your turn to sit on the bench in 50° weather, then you’d appreciate something like this, too!

In general, these have a more tapered cut. The bottom of the pant leg is usually shorter (falling above the ankle), and the material should breath and keep you warm at the same time.

  • Jogger Pants – The last thing you want when you’re running is a pair of pants with wide legs that flop around everywhere. The same goes if you’re at the gym on a bike or around any machinery where your pant legs can get caught.

These have a ribbed cuff at the bottom of the pant leg that “hug” your leg. These are also shorter (which is to be expected) and the fit is slim.

  • Cargo Pants – These are just like regular cargo pants, only constructed with softer material.

Most manufacturers who create a cargo-style pant use fleece or a heavier, thicker material that is better when the temperatures are cooler. In the warmer months, a pair of cargo sweatpants will be too warm.

The nice thing about them is all of the pockets and storage they offer you! They’re great for casual wear or errand running.

  • Open Bottom Pants – If you don’t like pant legs that cling to your ankles, look for a pair of sweats with loose, open cuffs on the bottom.
  • Closed Bottom Pants – These are the exact opposite of the open bottom pants (obviously) since they have an elastic band at the bottom of the pant leg; this will allow them to cling to your leg and keep the cold air or debris out.


As you can see, most use polyester or cotton (or a mixture of both) when it comes to sweatpants.

Since polyester fibers and cotton fibers can be woven together in many different ways, the main thing to understand when you’re shopping is whether or not they are considered fleece. We’ve labeled them in the table for you so that it will be easy for you here.

  • Fleece – Fleece is fuzzier since they nap the knitted fibers with steel brushes, yielding that fluffy fuzz that you love to feel against your skin.

There are other ways to weave and treat the fibers, however, so not polyester or cotton pants are fuzzy.

  • Cotton – Since you’ll be choosing a pair of sweatpants based on the material, don’t forget to factor in sweat. That’s right: sweat.

If you’re running or in the middle of a rigorous workout, then those fuzzy sweats will absorb that water like a sponge and be visible to everyone around you.

When you know you’ll be working up a good sweat, be sure that you opt for pants that don’t have cotton in them.

Small Details

Here are a few other small things to take into consideration as you compare and contrast the best men’s sweatpants.

  • Drawstring – Do you need it or can you live without it? Some sweats don’t have it, so make sure you double check if this is something you prefer.
  • Pockets – Too many pockets can add on too much bulk for a workout, so unless you’ll be wearing the sweats around the house or for running errands, we would recommend something with fewer pockets.
  • Pant Leg Zippers – Some pants have a zipper at the bottom of the pant legs so you can let more air flow in temporarily (or to roll them up). If you’re an athlete, this is a handy feature, but for average use, it doesn’t mean much.

Top 5 Best Men’s Sweatpants Reviews

1. Adidas Condivo 14 Training Pant

Yes, the best men’s sweatpants on our list are hands down the Condivo 14 Training Pants from Adidas, and there are so many other guys who agree with us!

The Condivos are lightweight, making them perfect for warm to slightly cool temperatures (when fleece is too heavy); you might need them to keep you warm during an evening practice, or you might need something clean to slip on once you’re headed out of the gym. Either way, these are perfect.

Adidas paid attention to the small, simple details that other manufacturers tend to overlook, which is what we loved most about them. The Condivos have mesh ventilation inserts behind the knees to provide you with better ventilation, zippered pockets on the front to help you keep your small personal items safe and sound, and ankle zippers that you can open when you want to roll the pant legs up a bit.

These are stylish enough to wear around town for some casual errand running and durable enough for athletes who need them for their intended use (training pants).

One pair probably won’t be enough, so plan to buy two!

2. Fruit of the Loom Elastic Bottom Sweatpants

Those of you in need of something a little heavier to keep you warm during the winter months will appreciate these sweatpants from Fruit of the Loom.

They feature the classic design with an elastic waistband and elastic leg cuffs to help prevent cold drafts of air from wafting up your legs. There is no drawstring, though, so you should expect to get a pair that will fit you comfortably yet snugly around the waist.

We see these being great for household use or at the gym when you’re not doing cardio (leg days or arm days would be better). If you run in these, not only will they flop around, but the sweat spots will stand out like a sore thumb.

They’re affordable and come in a wide variety of sizes, but some find that the legs are too short so if you’re a tall guy, you might need to opt for a different brand.

3. Under Armour Reflex Warm-Up Pants

Heading back to the training pant style, we will now introduce you to the Under Armour Reflex Warm-Up Pants.

These pants feature a slightly roomier fit than the Adidas pants above, but have slightly longer legs: if you don’t like pant legs that fall a couple of inches above your ankles, you’ll like these because they “puddle” slightly on the top of your foot. They have a 32-inch inseam, so if you’re tall, they will probably fit you perfectly without much excess length at the bottom. If you’re short, they will probably be too long for you.

At the top, you have an elastic waistband (no drawstring), and the material itself is unique. Under Armour calls it a “closed-hole mesh,” which is both durable and breathable: two things you need when you work out often!

4. Pro Club Fleece Cargo Sweatpants

If you’re a guy who practically lives in his sweatpants, then a pair of cargo sweats are ideal for you.

They are comfortable, they have pockets, and the fit is relaxed; everything you love about regular cargo pants only fuzzier!

These pants are made out of a 13-ounce cotton/polyester mix (a.k.a. fleece), which means that they are more appropriate for the winter months or cold weather. There is plenty of storage room thanks to the six pockets (two on the back, two on the front and one on each pant leg side) and the top has a drawstring (tighten or loosen as needed). The khaki colored pair could almost pass for regular cargo pants!

The only gripe that some guys have with these pants is regarding the sizing: some feel that they run too small and since Pro Club is very vague about their origins (we couldn’t find a company address), we’re assuming they are made Perhaps the models they used have smaller structures than the average U.S. man does?

Our tip: measure twice, purchase once. Make sure you double-check the sizing before you buy!

5. Southpole Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are great for both joggers and hipsters alike.

We liked the color selection that Southpole offered, and they fit well on guys with a slimmer frame. If you’re short, these will also look good.

The material is not heavy, but in this price range, it isn’t as high in quality as some of the other pants and sweats we reviewed. These are made of polyester, and with regular use, they’ll wear out quickly. Shrinking is likely when you wash, so it’s better to hang dry them and stretch the pant legs out when they’re still wet.

If you have huge thighs (courtesy of all the hard work you put in on leg days), then these probably aren’t going to be comfortable for you.