12 Best Men’s Dress Shoes in 2017

Whether you are a casual dresser or someone who always tries to look his best, it’s hard to argue the importance of owning at least one nice pair of dress shoes for your wardrobe. Throughout some point in any man’s life, he will most likely be attending a wedding, going on dates, or interviewing for an important job. It’s best to be prepared by purchasing a great dress shoe today.

The best men’s dress shoes should offer you comfort, style, and long-lasting durability. After all, you don’t want to have to look for the perfect pair of dress shoes year after year.

This leaves a lot to look for when buying a pair of your own. Let us help you pick out the perfect men’s dress shoe by walking you through everything you should consider while you are doing your shopping.

Here are a few of the top selling dress shoes for men today!

Top 12 Men’s Dress Shoes Table

DesignNameStyleLaced/Slip-OnRating (1-5)
  1. ECCO Men’s Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford Dress Shoe Cap-Toe Oxford Laced 4.5
  2. Giorgio Brutini Men’s 175891 Luxore Slip On Loafer Slip-On 4.4
  3. Nunn Bush Men’s Bleeker St Slip-On Loafer Slip-On 4.4
  4. Rockport Men’s Style Purpose Wing Tip Oxford Wingtip Oxford Laced 4.3
  5. Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Cap-Toe Oxford Cap-Toe Oxford Laced 4.3
6. YangXieJiang Mens Patent Leather Tuxedo Dress Shoes Tuxedo Oxford Laced 4.3
7. Allen Edmonds Men’s McAllister Wing Tip Wingtip Oxford Laced 4.3
8. Dockers Men’s Sinclair Kiltie Loafer Kiltie Loafer Slip-On 4.3
  9. Ferro Aldo MFA-19266A Grey Mens Lace Up Plaid Dress Classic Shoes Wingtip Oxford Laced 4.2
  10. Calvin Klein Men’s Gareth 2 Patent Tuxedo Oxford Tuxedo Oxford Laced 4.1
  11. Bruno MARC Men’s Formal Loafers Stretch Slip On Leather Lining Square Tip Modern Dress Shoes Loafer Slip-On 4.1
  12. Cole Haan Men’s Lenox Hill Venetian Slip-On Loafer
 Loafer Slip-On 4.0

How to Select the Perfect Dress Shoe for You

Now that you’ve seen some of the hottest trends in the best dress shoes for men, it’s time to find the shoe that fits your look and your lifestyle the most. There’s a lot to think about when going shoe shopping, especially for dress shoes, so we put together this buying guide to help make your decision!

  • Style of Your Dress Shoe – There are many different “base” styles for a men’s dress shoe. The style determines a lot about how the shoe will fit as well as what kind of dress for which the shoe is appropriate. The two most popular styles are the Oxford and the loafer.
    • Oxford – If you love a classic look that can be dressed up or down then you will love the Oxford. Its versatility means you can dress up the most casual of looks to stand out! Gaining its popularity at Oxford University among students, the Oxford style is characterized by its close fit to the form of the foot; this makes them light and comfortable.
    • Loafer – The loafer is a moccasin-like dress shoe that is known for being ultra comfortable; this is because they are designed to be a slip-on shoe, for a snug, but soft fit. If you need more proof of their comfort, they were originally designed as slippers for King George VI of England!
  • Toe Design – Once you’ve decided on the style of shoe you prefer you must consider the toe design. The toe design can vary from shoe to shoe and is a great chance to show off your personality with a little flair! Here are some of the most popular toe designs:
    • Plain Toe – Plain toe shoes are just what they sound like: plain and simple. The vamp of the shoe (the section that covers the front of the foot) is left unmarked for a subtle but stylish look.
    • Cap Toe – This toe design uses a line of horizontal stitching across the vamp to form what looks like a literal cap on your toes. This is the most classic look, especially in Oxford.
    • Apron Toe – Apron toed shoes have a seam that runs from the middle of the toe all the way to the back. If you are looking for a casual shoe that can double as a dressier pair, try an apron-toed shoe!
    • Medallion – This toe style incorporates a brogue (perforations in the leather of a shoe) design on the toe.
    • Wingtip – Wingtip shoes have a cap which flairs out near the middle of the shoe giving it a “wing-like” look.
  • Material of Your Dress Shoe – The best men’s dress shoes on the market need to be made of the best materials. Usually, this means leather or suede, but there are some synthetic materials like “pleather” that can give you a dressy look without a huge price tag.

Now should have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for in your own pair of dress shoes. In case you need some more information, here are the reviews of the top five best men’s dress shoes from our list!

Top 5 Best Men’s Dress Shoes Reviews

1. ECCO Helsinki Dress Shoe

This cap-toe oxford from ECCO would be a perfect addition to anyone’s shoe collection. Its simple black color is offset by stylish seam work to bring you a classy dress shoe for any occasion. Here are some of the other pros of the ECCO Helsinki Dress Shoe:

  • Moisture-absorbent lining – Keeping your feet dry and odor free is always important, but especially so when you are trying to make a good impression at a classy event or the office.
  • One-piece Outsole – The direct-injected polyurethane outsole provides excellent support, and its shock point adds a source of extra traction so you can walk surefootedly in any situation!
  • Removable leather Insole – By itself, the insole of the Helsinki Cap-Toe Oxford is very supportive and comfortable. However, because it is removable, you can upgrade your dress shoes by adding a special insole or orthotic.

These are an ideal dress shoe for the office, parties, or even black-tie events. Add it to your collection for a versatile shoe that can go with many different looks.

2. Giorgio Brutini Men’s Luxore Dress Shoe

When you shop with Giorgio Brutini, you know the quality is going to be good. The Luxore Dress Shoe takes classiness up a notch with its comfortable but dressy slip-on design. Here are some other things we liked about the Luxore Dress Shoe:

  • Grooved Sole – Dress shoes are not known for their good traction, but the grooved sole on the Luxore dress shoe adds some much-needed stability whether you are dancing at a wedding reception or walking through the rain to a business lunch.
  • Cushioned Interior – The cushioned interior of this dress shoe makes it feel like they were customized just for you. It’s already uncomfortable enough to be so dressed up so why settle for uncomfortable shoes?
  • Nubuck Leather – The shiny nubuck leather of the Luxore Dress Shoe is what really makes it stand out. This shoe instantly upgrades the dress level of any outfit.

If you’re looking for a dress shoe that makes you stand out and would be appropriate for the highest of dress-codes, then this is the one for you!

3. Nunn Bush Men’s Bleeker St. Dress Shoe

The Bleeker St. Dress Shoe From Nunn Bush is one of the most versatile shoes on our list. It can be worn in casual dress as well as in formal attire. Other than versatility, here are some other things we love about the Bleeker St. Dress Shoe:

  • Slip-On Design – These shoes were built for comfort. Their slip-on design spreads the pressure of the shoe all over the foot instead of it being focused on the laces.
  • Non-Marking Rubber Sole – The rubber sole of the Bleeker St. Dress Shoe won’t mark up your floors, and it is slip resistant! The slip-resistant sole adds a layer of safety to any situation in work or play.
  • Memory Foam Footbed – The open-cell memory foam footbed is designed with your comfort in mind. Your foot depresses into the insole and forms right into the shoe so you can be pain-free all day long.

If you need a dress shoe and love a piece of clothing with versatility, we highly recommend that you check out the Nunns.

4. Rockport Men’s Purpose Dress Shoe

The wing-tip oxford is a timeless shoe design, and Rockport does a great job implementing it in their Purpose Dress Shoe. While everyone else is walking around in standard loafers, stand out from the crowd with these classy shoes.

  • Moisture-Wicking Lining – These shoes make sure you only stand out in the best ways. The moisture wicking lining in these wingtips will keep foot odor to a minimum and help keep your feet dry.
  • Stylish Design – The perforated brogue trim on the Purpose Dress Shoe is its distinguishing feature. The unique designs give the shoe just enough flair while maintaining the classy look for which they are meant.
  • EVA-Foam Footbed – The EVA-Foam footbed conforms to your feet for ultimate customized comfort. That plus the comfort system means that the pressure points affected by being on your feet all day will be as protected as possible!

The Rockports should be your choice if you love a modern take on classic style.

5. Stacy Adams Men’s Dickinson Dress Shoe

We love a well-done cap-toe Oxford shoe, and Stacy Adams has one for us! Their Dickinson Dress Shoe is a sterling example of what a cap-toe oxford should be. Here’s why we love it so much:

  • “Sunburst” Color – This shoe is beautiful. The colors on the shoe shift from light to very dark brown making this shoe a talking point at any cocktail party.
  • Brogue trim – The perforated brogue trim of the Dickinson Dress Shoe adds a touch of elegance that many dress shoes lack.
  • Fully Cushioned Insole – The memory cushion insole of this cap-toe oxford absorbs all the impact and shock that you put on your feet every day.

Just looking at these should be enough to make you want them. They’re some of the hippest on our list.