12 Best Men’s Dress Shirts in 2017

Every man needs to have a dress shirt in their wardrobe. Sometimes, the occasion may call for them to drop their daily T-Shirts and put on something formal to match that business suit they plan to wear.

Regardless if you do this every day or it’s just for a formal event, you will need to pick from the best men’s dress shirts in order to be as comfortable as possible. This article can help you in that aspect because it will tell you what to look for in a good dress shirt as well as offer some high-quality suggestions.

Top 12 Men’s Dress Shirts Comparison Chart

DesignNameFabricCollarRating (1-5)
  1. Gioberti Men’s Long Sleeve Solid Dress Shirt Cotton Blend Point 4.3
  2. Marquis Men’s Short Sleeve Solid Dress shirt Cotton Blend Point 4.3
  3. Van Heusen Men’s Poplin Fitted Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt Polyester Blend Point 4.2
  4. Van Heusen mens Long-Sleeve Dress Twill Cotton Blend Button-Down 4.2
  5. Van Heusen Men’s Flex Collar Regular Fit Solid Spread Collar Dress Shirt Cotton Blend Spread 4.2
  6. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Non Iron Slim Fit Solid Spread Collar Dress Shirt Cotton Spread 4.1
  7. Calvin Klein Men’s Non Iron Slim Fit Solid Dress Shirt Cotton Point 4.1
  8. JD Apparel Men’s Regular Fit Dress Shirts Cotton Blend Spread 4.1
  9. Tuxedo Shirt- White Wing Collar 1/4″ Pleat Polyester Blend Wing 4.0
  10. Milano Moda Men’s Long Sleeve Dress Shirt With Matching Tie And Handkerchief Polyester Blend Point 4.0
  11. UL JONES Men’s Long Sleeves Button Down Dress Shirts Polyester Blend Button-Down 4.0
  12. Tuxedo Shirt By Neil Allyn – 100% Cotton Wing Collar Cotton Wing 4.0

Buying Guide for Men’s Dress Shirts

It’s never easy to find a properly fitting dress shirt that will not cause any discomfort in the long run. The neck size needs to be perfect, the arm length as well, and the fabric has to be practical and comfortable.

While picking from the best men’s dress shirts is always challenging, there are still ways for you to break them down and choose the one suitable for your occasion. Remember that a dress shirt is exactly what makes a man look manly.

Choosing the Fabric

The material that a dress shirt is made of will determine the level of your comfort. It will also speak about its durability, how easily it can wrinkle and how difficult it will be to remove the stains.

Among all fabrics, these are the ones that you will most likely find in dress shirts.

  • Cotton – This one is breathable and speaks comfort. Cotton colored dress shirts will maintain their color for much longer, and they will keep looking bright after many washes. If it’s organic, it’s perfect for men with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Polyester – Since it is an artificial fiber, it will not be as soft as cotton; however, it will resist shrinkage and wrinkles, and it will also dry faster if needed.
  • Cotton/Polyester Blends – This was created to get the best out of two worlds. Most of the time, it will be just a blend between the two, but the category will depend on how much fabric was used A cotton blend, for instance, will have a percentage of cotton that goes past 50%.

Other options that you may find are linen and silk. Both of them are made from natural fiber and are lightweight; however, linen wrinkles easily and silk can be pretty difficult to launder.

The Collar

Collars are chosen based on the shape of your face. Here are the most popular dress shirts collars:

  • Point – The traditional style with narrow spacing between points. These are a great choice for most facial shapes.
  • Spread – These have a wider spacing between points and are great for men with short necks. You may want to avoid it, however, if you have a round face.
  • Button-Down – These basically are point collars that have buttons attaching the points of the collar to the shirt.
  • Wing – These are recognized by the small wings folding down at the points. Winged collars are generally worn with tuxedos or bowties.

You may want to decide on the accessories before picking the collar.

Choosing the Cuff

When it comes to men’s dress shirts, there are two cuff styles to choose from, the first being the standard cuff. These are closed usually with one or two buttons and are regarded as the traditional, casual or semi-formal cuffs.

The French cuffs, on the other hand, are also called double cuffs and are regarded as the ones you should choose for formal occasions and meetings.

They feature extra cuff fabric to be folded back and linked together with cuff links. They are definitely the classy option.

Cuffs should always be fastened tightly on the wrist so that they stay secure. They should always cover the wrist and stop somewhere near the base of your hand. Men will generally leave half an inch showing if they are wearing a suit jacket over the dress shirt.

Top 5 Best Men’s Dress Shirts Reviews

1. Gioberti Long Sleeve Solid Dress Shirt

This one is definitely one of the best dress shirts for men because of its price and quality. Made from a blend of 55% cotton and 45% Polyester, it’s soft enough to be comfortable all day long. It also features moisture-wicking properties to prevent any “sweaty accidents.”

This shirt features a pointed collar, which works with any physiognomy.

The standard cuffs also make it perfect for any kind of casual or semi-formal wear, so you won’t have to worry about looks; you’ll be classy wherever you are going.

Even though this shirt is made from cotton, it doesn’t wrinkle as you are wearing it; the polyester fiber makes sure of that. It’s also very easy to iron when the case asks for it.

The fabric is pretty thick, which means that it’s not see-through – making it safe to wear without an undershirt.

The pocket on the chest is a great extra to the shirt, and it allows you to store random items such as cards or money (make sure they are slim, though, so the bulge won’t be very visible).

2. Marquis Short Sleeve Solid Dress Shirt

This dress shirt is perfect for those hot summer days because it is very breathable. The cotton mixed with polyester is also very comfortable, and therefore you will not feel like stripping down whenever the scorching sun goes crazy.

The fact that it’s made with polyester also makes it moisture wicking; it’s not unusual for hot months to make us sweat a lot, but this shirt won’t let that be an embarrassment to you. It’ll wick away the sweat, and whatever remains will dry quickly.

This shirt will also not wrinkle as easily as a pure cotton shirt does. It’s easily ironed, and you can wear it the entire day even under the suit jacket, and it will not get wrinkled.

Since the dress shirt was made to be lightweight and breathable, the fabric is pretty thin. Therefore, you may want to add an undershirt if it seems too see-through for you.

3. Van Heusen Poplin Fitted Collar Dress Shirt

When it comes to high-quality dress shirts, Van Heusen has always been recognized as one of the top brands.

Made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, this was created to be as wrinkle-resistant as possible. You can wear it for the entire day, and it will still look great.

The point collar makes it perfect for every man to wear, regardless of his physiognomy. So even if you have a round face or an oval face with a short neck, you will not look as if you are a neck-less ball attached to a piece of cloth.

The standard cuffs make it perfect to take on a regular work day or a semi-formal event, like an opera concert or a night out with your friends.

The seaming is excellent, and of a high-quality, so this dress shirt will definitely categorize as a very durable one.

4. Van Heusen Long-Sleeve Dress Twill

Those who have issues with their collar never staying into place will definitely love this dress shirt. It has a button-down collar that will keep the points in place, regardless of your movements.

Combined with a bowtie, this will look just glamorous.

Made from 60% cotton and the rest of it polyester, this is the kind of shirt that you pull out from the dryer and put on right away because you don’t need to iron it.

It feels soft to the skin, and you’ll definitely love wearing this all day long. It has a very professional look, so regardless if you plan on using it for a formal event or at your desk job, this will complete every set.

5. Van Heusen Flex Collar Dress Shirt

If you always had a problem choosing a flattering dress shirt to go with your short neck, then this one should be the answer to all of your problems.

Not only is the collar flexible and easy to adapt, but it will also give you that illusion of a longer neck.

This shirt is literally what you call fashion without the strangulation. It looks cool, classy and professional enough to take it to any event you may have – regardless if it’s a night out or a work day.

The fabric doesn’t shrink when you wash it, and there aren’t any issues with wrinkles. You can wear it all day long, support your back on a chair with it or wear a suit jacket without worrying that odd lines will form.

Final Thoughts

The best men’s dress shirts can be professional, formal or even casual. Finding the right dress shirt is crucial for your looks and comfort, which is why you always need to pay extra attention to the details.