12 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids in 2018

Whether your kids are headed off to school, a field trip, or a summer road trip, they need to eat! Lunch boxes are a great way to save money and give your children healthy lunches.

One way to get your children excited about bringing their lunch with them is giving them a lunch box they will be proud to show off to their friends. There is a wide selection of lunchboxes available to suit your needs and your kids’ personalities.

We have selected 12 of the very best lunch boxes for kids and put them in a chart below; it will be much easier for you to compare them side by side and we’re sure your kids will love these!

Top 12 Lunch Boxes for Kids Table

DesignNameInsulated?Separate Compartments?Rating (1-5)
  1. Skip Hop Zoo Insulated Lunch Bag Yes No 4.8
  2. Olive Kids Trains, Planes & Trucks Lunch Box Yes No 4.5
  3. Bentgo Kids – Leakproof Children’s Lunch Box No Yes (5) 4.5
  4. Wildkin Blue Camo Lunch Box Yes No 4.5
  5. 3 Sprouts Lunch Bag, Elephant Yes No 4.4
6. ICOLOR Purple Big Butterfly Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bag Yes No 4.4
7. Ultimate Spiderman Thermos Dual Compartment Lunch Kit Yes Yes (2) 4.3
8. Yodo 3-Way Convertible Playful Insulated Kids Lunch Boxes Carry Bag Yes No, although there is a small front pocket 4.3
  9. Thermos Soft Lunch Kit, Frozen Yes No 4.3
  10. Insulated Durable Lunch Bag Yes No, although there are a couple of small outer pockets 4.2
  11. Fit & Fresh Bento Box Lunch Kit Yes Yes (3) 4.1
  12. OmieBox Bento Lunch Box Yes Yes (4) 4.0

Important Details

We decided which are the best lunch boxes for kids and narrowed down the selection to 12, so from here, you can use these useful tips to help you find the right one for your child’s needs.

  • Compartments – If you want to give your child lunch with several different parts to it, compartments can be very helpful in keeping it organized and intact; this especially true if your child happens to enjoy running off to the bus while holding their lunch box. You won’t have to worry about everything getting smashed together if the box has compartments!
  • Sizing – The size of the box is also helpful to note. You want one big enough to hold all the food you want to pack for your child, but you don’t want one so big and heavy that it’s difficult for them to carry it.
  • Appearance – Children want to be able to show off their belongings to their friends. It’s only natural that they would want a lunch box they can enjoy and be proud of showing off (especially if they’re bringing it to school every day!).

Getting your child a lunch box they’ll enjoy that fits with their personality is one little thing you can do to brighten their day.

  • Insulated – If the bag is insulated, you can either keep food in it warm or cold depending on what your desires are and the style of the bag.
  • Type – There are several different types of lunch boxes. We will go into the different kinds in detail below.

Understanding Lunch Box Types

While it’s true that every lunch box can carry food, there are several different types of lunch boxes that affect the ease of carrying the box as well as the ease of packing food in it.

  • Boxes – As the name suggests, this is quite simply a box in which to put lunch. These often have a small handle to hold onto, and often have small compartments in which to store food. These can also often be put into a larger bag to keep food safe.
  • Backpacks – Some lunch boxes are made in the backpack style and have straps with to hold them. These make carrying the food very easy, even for children who aren’t particularly strong.
  • Purses – Purse lunch boxes are similar to box ones except like more like a traditional purse. These have a handle to hold onto or a strap to put on the user’s shoulder.

Top 5 Best Lunch Boxes for Kids Reviews

1. Skip Hop Eureka Unicorn Lunch Bag

This cute lunch bag is sure to bring a squeal of excitement from many a child! It has a fetching unicorn face on the back of it. Any child would be excited to show it off to all their friends at school. It’s insulated and great for keeping food and drinks cold.

It is high quality and a beautiful choice! It has a few large pockets, but no small compartments. If you prefer food to be kept tightly in a lunch box, one would fit in the back of this lunch bag. There is also a netted pocket inside the bag to store a napkin, utensils, or even a note from you!

It has a handle on top your child can hold onto, or they can use it to clip it to a backpack. Your child won’t have any problems carrying their lunch around with this bag!

2. Wildkin Olive Trains, Planes & Trucks Lunch Box

This next choice is an exciting option for any child loving trains, planes, and trucks. It is a box (soft, not hard) with a handle to hold and it is insulated. Since it doesn’t have small compartments inside, a sandwich would easily fit. There is an inner mesh pocket to hold an ice pack to keep everything nice and cold.

The box’s soft characteristics make it light enough for a toddler to carry it around easily. The box is also machine washable, so there’s no need to worry if it comes home a little messy.

If your child likes the style of this option but isn’t a fan of trains, planes, and trucks, there are some other options. There are designs from mermaids to dinosaurs to princesses. Take a look! There’s an excellent choice for everyone.

3. Bentgo Children’s Purple Lunch Box

This third option is a beautiful purple box. It’s not insulated, and it has five compartments to hold a variety of food. The different types of food inside stay separate from each other and won’t get soggy since they’re all safe in different compartments.

There’s no handle on the box, but it’s not overly large, so it wouldn’t be difficult for a child to hold. If, however, you would prefer your child to have some handle on the box, it would be easy to slip it into another backpack or bag.

This box not only comes in the lovely shade of purple mentioned before, but it also comes in a pretty blue and green. If you have several children, you could get them each a box in a different color to prevent mix-ups. The box is leak-proof so no worries about spills happening!

4. Wildkin Blue Camo Lunch Box

This particular option is a camo-patterned box. If your child doesn’t prefer camo, it comes in quite a few other patterns as well!

Not only is the box cute, but it is also insulated and made with a sturdy, durable fabric. It can stand up to a rough day of play and travel. It’s easy to clean and has a front zippered pocket. There’s a handle on it so carrying it about is quite easy. Alternatively, it is easy to slip into a backpack if you prefer: there are no small compartments.

One especially helpful feature of this bag is the little strap inside. The strap is sturdy enough to keep a juice box, milk box, or small water bottle secure.

It is another excellent choice and is sure to serve your child well.

5. 3 Sprouts Pink Elephant Lunch Bag

3 Sprouts has an absolutely adorable option that comes with a friendly pink elephant smiling on the front. The bag has a handle with a clip so you can unfasten it and attach it to a backpack if you so desire.

There’s a place for you to write your child’s name on the front so no worries about it being confused with someone else’s lunch bag! It is insulated, and there are no small compartments, meaning that it can hold larger containers or food. Water bottles and tall sippy cups fit easily with the height of the bag.

This bag also comes in five other colors and animals. Whether you pick one out or let your child decide, you’re sure to find an animal and color that will make your child happy!

Final Thoughts

If you wanted lunch box options to choose from, you got your wish! There’s no shortage in the lunch box department. Any of the options listed here would serve you well. Remember to keep everything we talked about in mind.

If your child enjoys fanciful stories and cute animals, the first option of the Eureka Unicorn Lunch Bag could be an excellent choice! The handle is easy for your child to grasp and it also clips onto a backpack. The insulation makes storing food in it safer for longer periods of time. A great alternative to this lunchbox would be the Wildkin Blue Camo.

The Children’s Purple Lunch Box is a great choice for those who want a box that has compartments for several different foods. The leak-proof nature of this box is a bonus! Do remember this one is not insulated and does not have a handle, so if both of those are important features you want, you will need to place it in another bag that is insulated and has a handle.

Last but not least, the 3 Sprouts Pink Elephant Lunch Bag is a super cute option that comes with several different adorable animal and color options. It is insulated and can be fastened to a backpack if you desire.

Any of these high-quality lunch boxes would serve your child well.