12 Best Lumbar Supports for Cars in 2018

Out of all the things you can change on the interior of your vehicle, seats are one of the hardest to deal with. They are extremely expensive to replace in many cases, so if you have a bad back, you have to turn elsewhere. That’s where lumbar support comes in as it’s far cheaper to buy a pillow than new seats.

When searching for the best lumbar support for car use, we came across a wide variety of padded covers and pillows that are built to ease your pain on the road. Some will work at home or in the office as well if you want to transfer your padding indoors.

Top 12 Lumbar Supports for Cars Ultimate Table

DesignNameMultiple ColorsStyleRating (1-5)
  1. Sweet Relief 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion No Pillow 4.6
  2. Travel Ease Premium Memory Foam Car Lumbar Cushion & Neck Pillow Kit Yes Back & Neck 4.5
  3. Breathable Back Support Cushion No Full Back 4.3
  4. Mc Carty’s Sacro-Ease Ergo Curve Cush Lumbar Support Cushion Yes Varies 4.3
  5. ObboMed SH-4160 12V Heated Seat Cushion Cover Yes Full 4.3
6. Dreamer Car Back Support Lumbar Cushion Yes Full Back 4.3
7. Go Lumbar Support | Extra Comfortable Adjustable Breathable Black Mesh No Pillow 4.3
8. Relaxzen 60-2901 3D Mesh and PU Massage Lumbar Support Cushion No Pillow 4.2
  9. LoveHome Car Lumbar Support Back Cushion Yes Back & Neck 4.2
  10. LoveHome Car Lumbar Support Cushion Yes Full Back 4.1
  11. Wagan IN9438-2 12V Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support No Full 4.0
  12. McCarty’s Sacro-Ease Deluxe Model Seat Support Yes Full 3.9

Lumbar Car Support Buying Guide

It doesn’t matter if you are running errands around town or heading on a cross-country trip, back pain can quickly ruin your day. If you are shopping around for lumbar support, keep these tips in mind.


There are several different styles of lumbar support devices to consider for use in wheeled vehicles. For our purposes, we chose to go with three of the most common which would be pillow, full back, and full support lumbar cushions.

Pillow – Lumbar support pillows are just like the ones you see in many homes and cubicles around the globe. They offer up support in the small of your back, are portable, and easy to remove when not in use. On the downside, if too thick it will push you out from the seat.

Full Back – Full Back lumbar systems live up to their namesake as they run all the way up your back and do not “push” you out in the seat. They tend to be thin and can either tie onto the back of the seat or simply sit in place while in use.

Full Support – If you want the best of both worlds need some extra support under your tailbone, this is the only way to go. If you see a lumbar seat on our list will full support, it will have a full back and a bottom piece as well.

Compatibility & Color

Before you opt for a cool looking pillow for your ride, you’ll want to consider how it will fit in the seat. Do you own a car or is a truck with a bench seat? That matters as you need to look at how it will attach to the seat or if you need opt for pillow-style lumbar support. Once you figure out the types of seat, you can start to look at the styles and colors.

Due to the nature of lumbar devices, they aren’t going to be seen unless you are out of the car. In other words, style shouldn’t matter, but it will for some consumers and it should. That’s because some of the picks on our list of the best lumbar support for car use come in hues like tan and white which will look better on seats of the same color instead of the standard black.

Additional Features

Lumbar support cushions can do more than just ease back strain these days. That’s due to new tech which makes things once found only in your home available on the road. In this case, that includes cushions that can offer up a massage while you roll down the highway.

Other options to look for with lumbar support systems include matching neck pillows with vents and gel for cooling. Some can even produce heat which is also handy in the winter. Even if you just need a plain back pillow for your car or truck, make sure it can be easily cleaned or has a removable, washable cover.

Top 5 Best Lumbar Support for Car Reviews

1. Sweet Relief Memory Foam

This lumbar support system lives up to its name by giving you “sweet relief” when your back is aching from those bucket seats. Actually, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bench seat, bucket seat or your office chair, the Sweet Relief Memory Foam Back Cushion is going to keep your back cool and comfortable.

Sweet Relief’s system is a combo device of sorts. You will get a regular orthopedic memory foam pillow for lumbar support while you drive and there is an adjustable strap that clips around the black of your seat to keep it in place. The cushion itself is a bit thick but shouldn’t produce too much heat on your back. If it does, you can opt for the mesh section which is thinner and will keep you cool.

This cushion is affordable and should have enough lumbar support for most although we do feel it may be too thick for some that only need minor support. On that note, the mesh section is a definite perk, and the company is throwing in a lifetime guarantee to boot.

2. Travel Ease Premium Memory Foam

Sometimes a simple lumbar cushion won’t cut it whether it’s due to the thickness or the dimensions of your seat. This is what we will refer to as a full back support system as it runs from the base of your spine halfway up your back and is thinner than a lumbar cushion. Travel Ease is adding additional support to this model as well with a custom neck pillow.

The Travel Ease Premium memory foam lumbar cushion offers up lumbar support across your lower back and trials off towards the top due to an ergonomic design. The foam used is high-density yellow foam which is said to hold up better as time passes and is considered “therapy” level support. As a bonus, the cover is removable so that it can be washed. The neck pillow isn’t attached, so it is optional in case you don’t find it useful. If you do, you will get a bit of added support for your shoulders and neck.

We don’t see a downside to this set from Travel Ease aside from the fact that it may not match your interior as there are only three colors. That includes the classic black along with a light gray and beige. The cushion measures around 3.9” thick and is 16.5” tall x 15.7” wide.

3. Amooca Breathable Lumbar Support

Looking for a simple solution that won’t push you out into the seat but still offers up plenty of support? You will be hard pressed to beat the Amooca Lumbar Support car seat. This is another full back pad made from memory foam and covered in fabric that breathes to keep your back cool.

The Amooca lumbar cushion is built to reduce the pressure placed on the hips and coccyx while working to improve your posture with extended use. It’s around 5” thick and measures 17.5” x 13” wide with a removable cover that zips up. As for that cover, it has a nice textured feel and is thick with off-colored piping for an extra bit of flair. It is definitely one of the better-looking cushions to make the cut.

This particular lumbar seat is rated as “universal” so it should work with most modern cars and trucks. It is only available in one color, but can also be purchased in a set with a headrest cushion if you need neck support.

4. McCarty’s Sacro-Ease Ergo Curve Cush

The McCarty’s Sacro-Ease Lumbar Cushion has the distinction of being available in more colors than any other pillow we found. Depending on the style you choose, you can opt for black, blue, cappuccino, chocolate, and smoke. While there are several types of cushions to choose from, we opted for a full back model which has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The full back Sacro-Ease cushion has an adjustable belt and is made from high-density memory foam that is contoured the shape of your back. The cover can be removed, and it is the type of cushion that can be used in your home or cubicle along with your car seat. If you want some additional protection under your tailbone, you can opt for a matching Curve or Contour Cush cushion as well.

As mentioned, you can choose from several different colors of the full back model and for their variants. Those include a wedge support and several types of cushions for your seat. It is a solid, well-made cushion that should work well for a variety of folks.

5. ObboMed 12V Heated Lumbar

Not everyone needs a full measure of support in the lumbar region, so we included options that take a minimal approach on our list of the best lumbar support for car use. The ObboMed SH-4160 fits that bill and is a favorite of ours for several reasons. It’s a full seat cushion setup as well meaning it has full back support and an attached cushion at the bottom. It does not have a headrest, but there is one special feature we think you will appreciate.

This seat cushion has a heater built in which works with any 12V adapter. Its thermostat is rated at between 42 degrees Celsius and 44 degrees Celsius with two heating levels and a max power of 45 watts. The straps are also top notch as they allow you to tie it down across the back horizontally or vertically. There’s no need to worry about overloads, but you may want to consider battery drain if you are forgetful and have the type of terminals that stay active when the car is off.

The ObboMed heated lumbar cushion is available in six different colors and is one size fits all. It strikes all the right notes when it comes to price and performance, but may not be the right fit if you need considerable support in the lumbar region as it’s more in the medium range.