12 Best Luggage Sets in 2017

You’re going on a journey and you are extremely excited. There is a slight problem, however: you don’t have a luggage set! Whether you need all of them for yourself or your family, there is no trip without something to carry your belongings in.

If you are searching for the best luggage sets, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we have gathered the most important tips that will help you choose your luggage, as well as some popular sets that you can take on the road with you.

Top 12 Luggage Sets Comparison Chart

DesignNamePiecesShellRating (1-5)
  1. Goplus® Globalway 3 Pcs Luggage Travel Set 3 Hard 4.6
  2. Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner 20 24 28 3 Hard 4.6
  3. HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase Sets 3 Hard 4.5
  4. Merax Travelhouse Luggage 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Set 3 Hard 4.3
  5. Samsonite Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS 3 Piece Set 3 Hard 4.3
  6. American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 4 Piece Set 4 Soft 4.2
  7. American Tourister 645901041 Pop Plus Suitcase 3 Soft 4.2
  8. Rockland Luggage 3 Piece Sonic Upright Set 3 Hard 4.1
  9. Samsonite 5 Piece Nested Luggage Set 5 Soft 4.1
  10. Rockland 2 Piece Luggage Set 2 Soft 4.1
  11. US Traveler New Yorker 4 Piece Luggage Set Expandable 4 Soft 4.0
  12. Ninewest Round Trip 5 Piece Luggage Set 5 Soft 4.0

Choosing between the best luggage sets is never something easy to do. Most people go with the flow and make a random pick, saying: “It can carry my stuff; who cares what else it can do?” Still, this kind of mindset won’t be of any help in the long run.

In order to make sure that your luggage will offer you all the benefits that you need, you must keep some important features in mind:

The Number of Pieces

A 3-piece luggage set won’t do you any good if you have a 5-person family – and none has his/her own luggage. Keep in mind the number of items you plan on taking with you and the number of people you need if for.

So, are you going by yourself? If that is the case, then a two-piece set will be more than enough to fit your belongings. As a single traveler, you may be better off with choosing a set with a rolling case and a duffel, but if you are going with a partner, you may want to go for a 2-piece with two rolling cases.

The bigger your family is, the larger the set will have to be. Most of the time, 3-piece sets will have three rolling suitcases, but there are also instances when you may find two wheeled cases and a duffel.

Sets that are bigger than 3 pieces will usually have three rolling suitcases, the rest of them being duffels and totes. Generally, these are chosen based on the family member (for example, a toddler or a child won’t need more than a tote or duffel).

Choosing the Luggage Shell

There are basically two types of shells for you to choose from, and those are:

  • Soft Shell Luggage – These are usually the most durable types of luggage pieces. Soft shell luggage has more flexibility, and you can fit it into spaces that are a bit more compact. These sets also have the advantage of more pockets, making them more accessible.

The downside is that they may not be water resistant. Soft shell luggage can absorb water, and as a result, it can harbor many strange smells. Options to choose from are nylon, polyester or canvas.

  • Hard Shell – Hard-shell luggage sets are water resistant, so you won’t have to be faced with any of the above-mentioned strange smells. Also, a hard shell luggage is more likely to protect your clothes from water than a soft shell one.

On the other hand, they are very stiff, and their firm edges may make them more difficult to fit in the overhead of a plane, for instance. Plus, they don’t have outer pockets, so you will have to dig through the entire case if you want to grab something small. Choices may be PC and ABS.

Material Quality and Price

The quality of the material used for the luggage set is crucial for its durability. For example, in the case of soft-shelled luggage, nylon is the highest quality material while polyester is considered a nylon wannabe.

While nylon is more expensive than polyester, it is definitely the more durable and waterproof choice. On the other hand, polyester is the popular choice because it’s cheaper. If made well, a polyester case can last you many long journeys.

In the case of hard-shell cases, PC (Polycarbonate) is the highest quality material while ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is its lower quality copy. If you are looking for long-lasting high quality, PC should be your choice. Still, if you are tight on the budget, an ABS set should work just as well.

Top 5 Best Luggage Sets Reviews

1. GOPLUS Globalway Luggage Travel Set

This luggage set will make you very excited to go on a holiday with it. There are many color options for you to pick from, so you can go from the subtle, regular black set to the crazy, easy to spot lime green. You’ll be able to recognize them on the airport luggage belt from miles away.

The set comes in a large, medium and small case, which is perfect for families with one child.

The large one will be perfect for your lady (who might pack the entire house, given the opportunity), the medium will be just right for the husband while the small one will fit the child’s items just right.

Even though it is made from ABS (with PC lining), this set is highly durable. It can withstand abuse from at the airport, which happens really often with full flights.

You won’t have to worry that your luggage will be damaged simply because the attendant didn’t handle it right.

2. SAMSONITE Omni PC Set Spinner

Made entirely out of PC, this luggage set is definitely one of the most qualitative out there.

It has an inner nylon lining that will keep your clothes in one place and prevent them from catching dirt or water.

The outer surface is scratch-resistant due to its micro-diamond texture. It can withstand all kinds of abuse at the airport (and beyond), and you can take it journey after journey without worrying that it will break or fail you.

It’s highly water resistant, so it doesn’t matter if you’re caught in the rain; your clothes will remain dry.

The suitcase may be hard, but it’s actually very lightweight. It’s easier to handle than most soft shelled suitcase, and you definitely won’t have any problems rolling either of these around.

Regardless of how much you plan to take with you, you can choose from a small, medium and large case.

3. HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Glossy Suitcase Sets

The set combines PC and ABS to create a suitcase that is both high quality and affordable.

The brand is German; and since we know how much they stress on quality, they would not release something that isn’t highly durable.

This luggage set is well-built, sturdy and made from solid components. Plus, it looks exactly like in the picture.

It’s nice and luxurious, from the inside-out. It has components designed to make traveling much more convenient, with a shell that can protect your belongings from any kind of damage.

The pieces of luggage are very lightweight, and therefore, very easy to pull around.

The set doesn’t look cheap, and it doesn’t feel cheap either. It was made to resist scratching so that you’d have a professional-looking suitcase with you whenever you go on a trip.

4. Merax Travelhouse Expandable Spinner Set

The Merax travel set also combines the best out of the two materials: ABS and PC. The ABS was treated to be durable while the polycarbonate coating was added for an extra touch of durability.

The set, like the ones above, includes 3 pieces, with a small, medium and large case. Each bag has multi-directional spinning wheels, which makes it easy to roll around.

The fact that the suitcases are very lightweight makes the set all the more convenient.

The price is very affordable considering the quality of the cases. The zippers are very sturdy, and they seal your contents off nicely.

If you find yourself in heavy rain, you won’t have to worry that your belongings will be damaged by the water just because you couldn’t find shelter fast enough.

5. SAMSONITE Luggage Winfield 2 Fashion HS Set

Samsonite strikes once more with a high quality, stylish looking suitcase set that will follow you closely on every trip you plan to take.

Made entirely out of polycarbonate, this one is the epitome of high quality.

Regardless of the abuse it may receive at the airport or anywhere else, this set was meant to last.

No matter if you’re taking the small, medium or large suitcase (or all of them, in case you’re going with the family), they will resist scratches and won’t fall apart for years to follow.

The nylon inner lining will offer extra protection to your belongings, and the straps will keep them in place so that they won’t be dangling around.

This set is perfect for extended travel since it’s light, easy to “spin” around and durable enough to withstand heavy weight and maneuvering.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best luggage sets, you always need to keep in mind the number of items you plan on taking with you. Whether you need a 3-piece travel set or a 5-piece one, purchase them with your belongings in mind.

You also need to keep in mind the quality, because if you are going on a longer journey, the last thing you want is for the handle to break off at the checkpoint.

So far, the best one is the Goplus Globalway, but you cannot go wrong with the popular Samsonite either. Check which one of the sets presented above suits your style and preferences, and purchase it for a successful journey.