12 Best Luggage Scales in 2018

Whilst the prospect of air travel can be exciting for many, it also brings with it its fair share of trials and tribulations.

One of the main ones can be packing. Not only because you want to ensure that you have everything you need, but also because you are limited as to what you can take.

Being in a position of having overweight luggage is not desirable as the cost of overweight luggage is always extortionate, and rearranging or leaving things behind will only add more stress.

Besides, you do not want to be that person story in the newspaper about the traveller thus out all their clothes on to avoid overweight luggage charges.

By making use of the best luggage scale, you can ensure that an accurate weight is obtained, helping to avoid the hassle of the discovery of being overweight at the airport.

Top 12 Luggage Scales Overview

DesignNameBattery RequiredLCDRating (1-5)
  1. Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale 1 X Lithium Included Yes 4.8
  2. Digital Luggage Scale 2 X AAA Included Yes 4.8
  3. Camry Digital Hanging Postal Luggage Scale Temperature Sensor 1 X 3V Lithium Cell Yes 4.7
  4. EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale 1 X CR2032 Yes 4.7
  5. Etekcity Digital Hanging Postal Luggage Scale, Rubber Paint Technology, Temperature Sensor 1 X Lithium Ion Included Yes 4.7
  6. DecoBros 110lb/50kg Electronic Digital Luggage Hanging Scale, temperature sensor Included Yes 4.7
  7. Swisste Luggage Scale 2 x AAA Included Yes 4.7
  8. Smart Weigh 50kg/110lb Digital Postal Luggage Scale 1 x Lithium Included Yes 4.6
  9. Hot New 110 Lb Electronic Digital Portable Compact Luggage & Suitcase Weighing Scale 1 X 3v Included Yes 4.4
  10. Digital Hanging/Fishing/Luggage Scale 2 x AA Yes 4.3
  11. Travelon Stop & Lock Luggage Scale No No 4.2
  12. Luggage Scale 1 X 3V Lithium Included Yes 3.9

Features of Good Luggage Scales

  • Result Hold – It is all well and good having a scale with which to weigh luggage, but it is of no use if you are unable to see the result. As it may be necessary to get into awkward positions when weighing a suitcase, it is useful for the scale to be able to hold the result in place to give it a chance to be seen.
  • Loop or Hook – Many scales will comprise a loop in which the handle of the case to be weighed can be secured.  With a hook, there is a risk of the suitcase slipping out of place.
  • Backlight – When you are in some dark corner of the airport desperately trying to repack your suitcase, a backlight can be useful in making sure you read the weight correctly because the figures are clearly visible.
  • Battery Included – It is all too easy to forget to buy the required batteries when you buy electronic items, and it is just as easy to forget to check whether they are included. When it is included, you will benefit from being immediately able to start using the scale.

Additional Features

Low Battery Indicator – Knowing when the battery is low will be handy as a reminder to replace the battery and can help prevent a false reading because of the scale not having sufficient power to work correctly.

Temperature Reading – There are not many people who carry around a thermometer with them, but knowing what the temperature is

Warranty – Some manufacturers will be so confident about the quality of their luggage scale that they will offer a warranty, which will give you peace of mind.

Top 4 Best Luggage Scales Reviews

1. Tarriss Jetsetter Digital

This Tarriss Jetsetter Digital scale is so compact and sleek that it looks as though it is too delicate for task of weighing anything significant. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it worked beautifully.

The design works in its favor as it is easy to use and comfortable in the hand, even for those with small hands.

As small as it is, it works well and is easy to carry with you in hand luggage as it is so small.

Once you lift the required item and it displays the result, the figure lock in place to give you a chance to read it.

It is stainless steel, which gives it a sleek and stylish appearance.

The digits on the LCD are crisp and do not require a backlight to see clearly, which is handy because it does not have a backlight.

It is powered by a single cell battery, which is included in the package and is easy to fit into place.

A stylish and practical way to weigh luggage with no fuss.

2. Dunheger AL-1026D

The Dunheger Digital luggage scale is small and light, which makes it very handy to travel with so that it is ready for use when necessary.

Its shape makes it seem as though it is ergonomically designed as it fits comfortably in the hand.

It is easy to use without even having to read the instructions. It takes two AAA batteries, which come with the luggage scale, and they are easy to fit. Once they are in place, it is operated by a simple push button that turns it off and on.

The loop is strong and easily supported a case of 45lbs though the maximum capacity is 100lbs.

The result comes up quickly and automatically locks in place so you can be sure of the result, which is easy to see with the backlight. To save battery power, it automatically shuts off after 60 seconds.

A great little luggage scale that is reliable enough for regular travelers.

3. Camry EL10

The silver and black coloring of the Camry luggage scale makes it look like the type of item that can hold its own alongside your other electronics.

It comes with a battery that is easy to insert before sliding the cover back into place. After this, it is immediately ready to be used.

The loop needs to be unfurled and it is easy to undo before clipping around the suitcase handle. The underside of the scale is curved so it does not cause discomfort when it is lifted.

The LCD flashes the weight three times to let you know that is result.

It has a maximum capacity of 110lbs, which is more than sufficient for most flights.

The Camry luggage scale is multifunctional as it not only warns of a low battery or overload, but also acts as a thermometer.

The Camry luggage scale can be considered the best luggage scale as it offers a number of different functions.

4. EatSmart ESLS-01

The EatSmart Precision Voyager luggage scale differs from others in that it comprises a handle that allows it to be lifted with both hands. It is particularly useful for people who have trouble lifting the more compact luggage scale that requires one hand.

The loop is made from a strong woven material and the clip is easy to release with a pinch action and clips back into place easily.

Even when lifting the handle with both hands, the design prevents the LCD screen from being obscured. Those who find it easier to lift the scale with one hand can still do so as the scale will beep when the reading is complete.

The screen is backlit so the digits cannot be mistaken.

This EatSmart Precision Voyager is great for people who want to take some of the stress out of travelling by ensuring that weight luggage is never a problem again.