12 Best Leggings for Women in 2018

Whether you love them or hate them, leggings have come back into fashion in a big way and show no signs of waning in popularity with off-shoots, such as jeggings and treggings, also being available.

They can be dressed up or dressed down and are easy to wear. They can offer additional benefits, such as making your legs look more shapely and can help you to retain warmth in cold weather.

Available in a number of different colors and styles, by recognizing all the features that they offer, you will discover why the best leggings for women should be a staple in any wardrobe.

Top 12 Leggings for Women Comparison

DesignNameLengthVarietiesRating (1-5)
  1. Leggings Depot Basic Solid Plain Full Leggings Stretch 128 Ankle 19 4.3
  2. SEJORA Fleece Lined Leggings High Waist Compression Slimming Warm Opaque Tights Ankle 9 4.2
  3. Romastory Women’s Winter Warm Velvet Elastic Leggings Ankle 6 4.2
  4. American Apparel Cotton-Spandex Jersey Legging Ankle 11 4.1
  5. Seamless High Waist Leggings for Women Fashion Tights-Full Length & Fleece Lined 3 Pack Ankle 3 4.1
  6. High Quality Printed Leggings Ankle 34 4.0
  7. JP Womens Ankle Length Fleece Lined Leggings Super Stretchy Great For Workout Variety Of Colors Ankle 9 4.0
  8. American Casual Women’s Seamless 3 Pack Fleece Lined Leggings Ankle 3 4.0
  9. Women’s Free to Live Seamless Fleece Lined Leggings – Assorted Colors Ankle 1 4.0
  10. CLOYA Women’s Denim Print Fake Jeans Seamless Full Length Fleece Lined Leggings Ankle 3 3.9
  11. Lush Moda Seamless Full Length Basic Leggings – Variety of Colors Ankle 10 3.8
  12. Emmalise Women’s Full Ankle Length Seamless Leggings Regular Fleece Plus Ankle 33 3.4

Beneficial Features of the Best Leggings for Women

  • Shaping – The structure of some leggings means that there are some varieties available that help to shape the body. This can include flattening the stomach, lifting the bottom and elongating the thighs.
  • Thermal – In cold weather, you will need effective clothing to keep you warm, and leggings can meet requirement. Those versions that are lined with fleece, velvet or some similar soft material can create a warming effect and make them useful thermal wear.
  • Patterned – Leggings that comprise pattern can help the wearer to show their personality, and can be the statement piece of an outfit.
  • Colored – Being able to obtain leggings in different colors will make it possible to get a pair to match different color outfits.
  • Style – The style of leggings can vary in different ways, such as due to the length or accents, and can allow you to display your unique sense of style.
  • Versatile – Leggings can be worn in a range of different scenarios, whether going for a smart casual look, or you are preparing for a workout.

Advantages of Wearing Leggings

Even though leggings may not be seen on the catwalks of Fashion Week, they can still be found in the drawers or closets of many women – and there is good reason for this: they are very practical and versatile.

  • They are mostly made of cotton and include a small percentage of elastane or similar stretchy material to ensure that they fit well.

The material will also play a part in the laundering process required, such as whether they are machine washable or if they need to be washed by hand. They are easy to launder and will often be able to be included in a normal load of washing and will not need any special treatment.

  • They can work with a wide range of shoes as where they end at the ankle will work with both knee and ankle boots, as well as not interfering with regular shoes or sneakers.
  • They are available in different lengths so that you can wear them whether you require them to reach the ankle, though if they are cropped and reach just below the knee.
  • They are an alternative to pantyhose and can be worn beneath dresses and longline tops. They are easy to wear alongside other clothing as the colors and patterns can be varied, so it is possible to create a cohesive look.
  • There are thermal versions available that are ideal for winter conditions and can easily be worn under other clothing without it feeling too bulky. Other varieties will be suitable for hot weather, such as those mainly made of cotton, or which include lace panels.

Top 4 Leggings for Women Reviews

1. Leggings Depot Full Leggings Stretch 128

The leggings from Leggings Depot have all the basic qualities that you would need from a good pair of leggings.

There are 19 solid colors available, so there is a wide spectrum to choose from which makes it easy to find one to match any outfit.

These Leggings Depot leggings have plenty of stretch as they include 8% Spandex along with the polyester, an

d they are one size. They are comfortable to wear and not too tight on the waist.

They are a high waisted style and they reach all the way down to the ankles.

The color is saturated enough to prevent them from being see-through.

The Leggings Depot Basic are the best leggings for women as they have everything you need from leggings.

2. SEJORA Fleece Lined Leggings Opaque Tights

Sejora Fleece Lined Opaque leggings have multiple benefits though they appear to be of a standard style.

Made from nylon and Spandex, these ankle-length leggings are one size and stretch enough to fit most women.

This material also means that it is fleece lined, which makes them great for cold weather as they can help keep you warm.

They have a high waist that hides the other benefit that these leggings offer, which is a compression waist that helps create a slimming effect to the stomach. This benefit extends to the thighs and helps to elongate the thighs.

The Sejora Fleece Lined Opaque leggings are a practical and effective clothing option for cold weather.

3. Romastory Velvet Elastic Leggings

These leggings from Romastory are designed to be worn in cold weather as they are velvet lined, which is capable of retaining heat. It also makes them snugly and comfortable and feels like your legs are wrapped in a blanket.

It is one size that is equivalent to a US size S/M and they are capable of fitting a wide range of people as they stretch well. It is capable of this because it comprises Spandex.

They are 37” so they are long enough to reach the ankles.

They are easy to put on and are not so bulky that they are uncomfortable when worn beneath other clothing.

When effective winter clothing is required, the Romastory leggings can do the job.

4. American Apparel Jersey Legging

American Apparel leggings are a basic style of the clothing that are mainly made from cotton and include some Spandex to make it stretchy.

This also makes them easy to care for as they are machine washable and can be

They are available in a large number of different sizes, so any woman should be able to find one to fit.

These leggings are designed to fit well with the use of tapering, which it does down to the ankle. The waistband falls at a comfortable position.

They come in a range of block colors.

For a comfortable pair of leggings that keep their shape well, those from American Apparel will fit the bill.