12 Best Leather Work Gloves in 2017

When it comes to choosing the right pair of leather work gloves, we can be overwhelmed by the large variety of options. Which type of leather should we pick? How do we know they will offer us the protection that we need? Are they durable enough to withstand hard labor?

This guide will help you in your quest for the best leather work gloves and offer you all the information that you need in order to stay protected. You will no longer have to worry that your hands will be damaged because we will tell you exactly what to buy.

Top 12 Leather Work Gloves Comparison Table

DesignNameLeather TypeCutRating (1-5)
  1. KINCO 1927KW-XS Men’s Lined Grain Pigskin Gloves Pigskin Gunn 4.6
  2. Leather Work Gloves. Premium Goatskin Utility Gloves Goatskin Gunn 4.5
  3. Wells Lamont Full Leather Work Gloves with Ball and Tape Wrist Closure Cowhide Gunn 4.3
  4. OZERO Leather Work Gloves for Gardening Cowhide Gunn 4.3
  5. Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves Pigskin Clute 4.3
  6. Magid TB1640ELT-S Women’s Pro Grade Collection Premium Grain Deerskin Gloves Deerskin Gunn 4.2
  7. Wells Lamont Full Leather Work Gloves Deerskin Gunn 4.2
  8. John Deere JD00016 Split Cowhide Leather Gloves Cowhide Clute 4.1
  9. Custom Leathercraft 2060L Top Grain Goatskin Work Gloves Goatskin Gunn 4.1
  10. 3 Pack PIP® Industry Grade Top Grain Pigskin Leather Driver’s/Work Glove with Keystone Pigskin Gunn 4.0
  11. Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves with 100-gram Thinsulate Insulation Cowhide Gunn 3.9
  12. G & F 5015L-5 Regular Cowhide Leather Palm Work Gloves Cowhide Gunn 3.8

Purchase Information

There are several factors to consider when picking the best leather work gloves. Since they were made to be worn for about 40 hours a week, this is what you need to keep in mind when purchasing them.

The Type of Leather

Many people think that “leather is leather,” regardless of the source. But while most leather items have similar properties, they can also provide different features depending on where they come from.

Here are the four leather types used in work glove manufacturing:

  • Cowhide – This kind of leather is the most common when it comes to working gloves. It has the best availability as well as superior durability, heat and abrasive resistance.
  • Pigskin – This one is known for its pliability and toughness. Flexible and soft drying, pigskin can withstand moisture without stiffening. Like cowhide, it also has increased durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Goatskin – Its content is high in natural lanolin, which offers the gloves their pliability and softness. This does not, however, compromise its durability.
  • Deerskin – Naturally supple and soft, deerskin offers increased dexterity. If exposed to water, deerskin will dry much softer than cowhide and will still maintain its flexibility even after it has dried.

Depending on your work environment, you may want to opt for a certain kind of leather.

Choosing the Cut Pattern

The way in which a glove is cut will influence the comfort and dexterity of the item. Here are the two types of cuts you will often find in work gloves:

  • Gunn Cut – These feature a one-piece seamless back, with the entire back cut from a single piece of leather. The palm, index finger and little finger are cut from one leather piece while the two middle fingers are cut from another piece.

The pieces are sewn separately so that the bulk in those fingers is minimized, offering increased dexterity.

  • Clute Cut – This cut offers a palm that is stitch-free. The palm with its four fingers is cut from a single piece of leather while the back side offers each finger a separate leather piece.  The design of this type of glove is meant to provide a roomier, comfortable fit.

Each type of cut may come as an advantage to you, depending on your line of work. Gunn cut gloves offer you dexterity while clute cuts offer you more comfort.

Leather Quality

When choosing your gloves, you may also want to pay attention to the quality of the leather and from which part of the hide it was taken.

  • Split Leather – One of the most often heard terms in the work industry, split leather also goes under the name of “suede.” When the leather is taken off the hide, it is very thick, so it is divided into separate layers, the bottom part being what we call “split leather.”

This type of leather has high abrasion resistance and great puncture resistance. It is also more flexible as compared to other types of leather.

  • Grain Leather – Full or top grain leather is the top part of the leather after it was split apart – the smooth and shiny part. It’s usually more expensive due to its fine appearance.

Thick and durable, this type of leather has superior waterproof properties and offers superb abrasion resistance.

For better longevity, you may want to choose grain leather gloves. On the other hand, if the work is temporary, you will benefit more from a pair of split leather gloves. Not only will they provide great abrasion resistance, but they will also be more cost-efficient.

Top 5 Best Leather Work Gloves Reviews

1. KINCO Men’s Lined Grain Pigskin Gloves

These gloves aren’t only surprisingly warm, but they also offer great dexterity. Gone are the days when you would have to work with the risk of frostbite simply because you did not have full control over your fingers.

The Kinco work gloves can easily get you through at least a couple of seasons of work in harsh conditions without damaging.

Cheap and effective, these items will protect you through your work whatever you are doing.

The pigskin leather will last like none other – if maintained properly. If you are prone to getting cold easily, you might want to pair them with some liner gloves for extra warmth.

Still, when it comes to thickness and fit, they’re great. They do not fit tight, and they do a great job in protecting you from abrasions.

It’s definitely a long-lasting pair you will want to invest in.

2. FIRTREE Leather Work Gloves

These comfortable work gloves from FirTree are made from high-quality grain leather that will offer you protection from outside factors.

If your job revolves around gardening, for instance, you will not have a problem with pickers, splinters or thorns; your hands will be safe from abuse.

The goatskin leather used to make these gloves is breathable, so there will be no issues with sweaty hands as you are working. They are lightweight but really tough.

The gunn cut also allows for a snug fit, without creating any uncomfortable bulges.

During the colder seasons, these can be easily paired with some liner gloves for extra warmth.  They are so soft and flexible that you’ll even forget you have them on. They can also be washed without the risk of damaging the leather.

Overall, these gloves are great for the spring-fall season. The material and workmanship are of superior quality, and so they will last you perfectly through the seasons.

3. WELLS LAMONT Full Leather Work Gloves

Everyone loves cowhide simply because it’s the most common, ergo the cheapest option available. But just because it’s cheap, that doesn’t mean that it has to be low quality. When treated right, cowhide can triumph over any kind of leather at any hour.

These gloves will keep your hands comfortable and protected while you are doing your daily work tasks. The grain leather is resistant to abrasion and punctures, so the gloves will prevent any harm from happening to your hands.

Designed with a gunn cut, these gloves are highly comfortable and flexible. The reinforced leather palm patch works well in offering an extra grip while enhancing its durability in harsh conditions.

They are, overall, a great glove set to buy if you need something to use on a daily basis.

4. OZERO Leather Work Gloves

Made from grain leather with a “whiff” of suede, these leather work gloves combine the best out of two worlds.

The leather is very thick, so they are definitely resistant to abrasions and puncture.

Designed with a gunn cut, these gloves provide great dexterity. The fit is tight, but not TOO tight, and the sewing will not allow for any uncomfortable bulges.

They are also so soft that you will even forget you are wearing them.

The reinforced palm and elastic wrist of the Ozero gloves allow for superior skin protection and grip. The elastic will also keep the glove in place while preventing dirt and other debris from getting inside.

Plus, these gloves have the advantage of style. They look so great that you may even want to wear them as winter gloves. They will definitely also protect you from the cold.

5. WELLS LAMONT Leather Work Gloves

Don’t you just love that feeling of knowing that your hands are protected while being in extreme comfort? That is exactly what these grain pigskin work gloves provide: best abrasion resistance, with anti-moisture and anti-puncture properties.

Basically, no matter what kind of work you plan on doing, these gloves will take on everything. They are highly durable, and if properly maintained, they can last you a very long time.

You will also not have any problems handling small items such as keys with them; they offer great dexterity.

The clute cut makes the gloves seem roomier, so you won’t even feel you are wearing them. The wrist can also be adjusted to a fit so that no debris will get in.

Overall, this is a quality purchase that you will not regret making.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the right leather glove for your job, you need to consider your line of work. For instance, if you work with rough materials such as metal or wood, you may not want to get a thin-skinned glove.

On the other hand, if you need an extra touch of dexterity, you may want to opt for leather that is softer and not so thick. Flexibility is essential in this case.

At the moment, the best leather work gloves were made by Kinco, although Wells Lamont also seems to be a fairly popular choice. Depending on your personal preference, each of the gloves mentioned above are durable, abrasion-resistant and comfortable.