12 Best Leather Briefcases in 2018

A decent leather briefcase helps to create a level of professionalism, no matter what type of work you undertake.

It will be able to offer an effective solution for many situations, such as, attending a business meeting, conference or lecture.

Not only is it a practical way to transport paperwork and similar, but it can also be a way to demonstrate your personal style.

There are many different options available for leather briefcases, which will help make it easy to find one suited to your needs.

The best leather briefcase will be able to offer everything you need in a stylish manner.

Top 12 Leather Briefcases Complete Chart

DesignNameClosureColorRating (1-5)
  1. Polare Men’s Full Grain Leather Shoulder Briefcase Messenger Bag Satchel Fit 17” Laptop Zipper Yes 4.7
  2. Kattee Real Leather Durable Briefcase Zipper No 4.5
  3. Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag Zipper Yes 4.4
  4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Luggage Show Business Zipper Yes 4.4
5. Samsonite Leather Flapover Briefcase Buckle/Zip No 4.3
6. Samsonite Leather Expandable Briefcase Zipper No 4.3
  7. Samsonite Luggage Leather Slim Briefcase Zipper Yes 4.3
  8. Maxam Brand Genuine Leather Briefcase Zipper No 4.2
  9. Samsonite Leather Checkpoint Friendly Brief Zipper No 4.1
  10. Samsonite Bonded Leather Attache Clasps/Lock No 3.8
  11. Alpine Swiss Hunter Leather Briefcase Dressy Flap-Over Buckle Computer Messenger Buckles No 3.6
  12. RoadPro SPC-941G Black 17.5″ x 4″ x 13″ Aluminum Briefcase Clasps/Lock No 3.3

Qualities of a Good Leather Briefcase

  • Leather – It may sound silly, but synthetics and PU leather can be of a good enough to fool many people. Just because it looks like leather, this does mean that it is, so it is prudent to check the label for the leather symbol.
  • Lockable – A combination lock is a handy way to keep the contents of the briefcase secure without worrying about a key. However, if you are prone to forgetting the key code, then a briefcase without a combination lock may be preferable to avoid the risk of being unable to open it.
  • Size – With the name being briefcase, it makes sense that the size will stop short of being a suitcase, but this does not mean it needs to be too small. The dimensions need to be sufficient for your intended use, with special attention particularly needing to be paid to the width.
  • Sturdy Base – Your briefcase will likely spend a fair amount of time tucked away somewhere, such as on public transport or under your desk. To prevent wear and tear during this period, it is important for the base to be reinforced or comprise stoppers, which will also help it to stand upright of its own accord. Some briefcases that do not comprise studs may have metal corners to provide protection.
  • Style – Typical hard briefcases have given way to soft leather messenger bag style versions, which are readily available on the market.  This can provide a more casual rule than can be achieved with a standard hard briefcase. Soft leather or hard case
  • Color – The color of the leather is an important consideration as this will contribute to the appearance of the briefcase and will determine whether the grain is visible.

Size Considerations for a Briefcase

Some briefcases on the market are only one step away from being a document case as they are near flat, but offer some convenience by being able to open in a different manner and having a handle. This type of briefcase will only be useful if you only ever intend to use it to carry documents.

Briefcases of a standard width will be able to accommodate one or two binders or folders alongside other items.

A briefcase of more significant width will provide more space, which will often create the temptation to fill it more, even if this is subconscious. This will serve to make the briefcase increasingly heavy.

Expandable briefcases are available that will offer more space without the rigidity of hard briefcases.

Top 4 Best Leather Briefcases Reviews

1. Polare Full Grain Leather Briefcase

The Polare Full Grain leather briefcase is available in dark brown and light brown and we tested the dark brown one.

It is immediately evident that this bag is made from high quality leather as it can be seen and smelled. The grain of the leather is visible in this handmade bag and it looks like the high-end bag that it is.

The thick leather is the type that can take wear and just look a bit weathered rather than fall apart.

It comprises a top handle as well as a long strap that can be used to carry the briefcase on the shoulder or across the body. The strap adjusts like a belt with it being easy to move the pin to the required hole.

The Polare Full Grain briefcase has several compartments, including one that comfortably fits a laptop of up to 17”.

It is expandable and extends to at least 9”, which enables it to carry a significant amount of items.

A stylish, high quality briefcase that is practical for a number of scenarios.

2. Kattee XZ102CE-2

The cowhide leather that makes up the Kattee Durable briefcase is high quality and creates a bag with a unique appearance. It is a briefcase for someone with effortless style – someone who does not have to try too hard.

The brown leather case has two large compartments that are large enough to fit a 16” laptop as well as some folders of paperwork.

The zippers on the main compartments have a smooth action and the small front pockets secured with a flap is every handy for ready access to items. The zipped pocket on the rear is also useful for valuable items. There are dedicated pockets for pens, cell phone and wallet.

The briefcase comprises a strap of leather around the two handles to keep them together and makes it easier and more comfortable to carry.

A great briefcase for those seeking a case that will last a long time while remaining reliable.

3. Samsonite 45798

The Samsonite Colombian briefcase is available in black and brown and, at first glance, has a traditional satchel look.

Get the best of both worlds, as it comprises a zipper closure as well as a side flap that is secured with buckles.

The shoulder strap is woven and adjustable to the desired length; it is secured to the briefcase with metal rings and has a padded section for extra comfort. The grab handle is also coated so it is comfortable to carry even when the briefcase is heavy.

The sheen and quality of the leather changes over time as you use the bag regularly. However, it can still hold up to what would usually be negative treatment. Despite being used in the rain, the contents remained dry.

The Samsonite Colombian is the best leather briefcase for busy professionals.

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction 524431

The Kenneth Cole Reaction briefcase is 100% leather and comes in the normal colors you can expect from real leather.

The adjustable shoulder strap is strong and comprises a padded section for comfort and to prevent wear. This is securely fixed to the bag with metal components.

There is also a carry handle that threads through the flap of the briefcase, which is comfortable to hold.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction briefcase comprises a zipped closure beneath the front flap, which comprises buckles, and it opens nice and wide for easy access.

Several compartments, including one with rigid sides, makes it easy to organize items within the bag, including a laptop of up to 15”.

It is fully lined and comprises a flat base so that it can stand up by itself, when necessary.

This is a great briefcase for those who want a quality briefcase in which to organize items and look good whilst doing it.