12 Best Latex Mattresses in 2017

It’s pretty safe to say that nobody likes to go mattress shopping. It’s almost like buying a used car as there are plenty of things to think about, and most consumers aren’t going to know how much they like it until they give it a test drive. Unfortunately, that’s not an option when buying online, so you need to be all the more cautious.

Even the best latex mattress may not be made entirely of latex, which is the first mistake many consumers will make. Our list includes a mix of hybrids and true latex mattresses along with a quick buyers guide to make sure you have everything covered before settling in on your new mattress.

Top 12 Latex Mattresses Ultimate Table

DesignNameHeightFirmnessRating (1-5)
  1. PlushBeds 10″ Medium Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress 10” Medium/Med-Firm 5.0
  2. BEST 2 REST 10 inch Natural Latex Mattress King Size 8, 10” Plush 4.8
  3. PlushBeds Natural Latex Sofa Bed Mattress 4.5” Plush 4.6
  4. Latex for Less 9″ Natural Latex Mattress 9,10,13” Double Sided 4.6
  5. Ultimate Dreams King Eurotop Latex Mattress 12” Customizable 4.5
6. My Green Mattress, Simple Sleep 7″ 7” Medium 4.2
7. LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress 16” Ultra Plush 4.2
8. My Green Mattress – Natural Escape – GOTS Organic Cotton 11” Medium-Firm 4.1
  9. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress 10” Varies 4.1
  10. Eco Terra 11″ Medium Firm Luxury Latex Mattress 11” Medium/Med-Firm 4.1
  11. Ultimate Dreams Queen Natural Latex Mattress 10” Customizable 4.0
  12. Brentwood Home S-Bed Latex and Gel Memory Foam Mattress 11” Plush, Med, Firm 3.7

What Type of Sleeper Are You?

So it’s time to buy a new mattress. That’s a huge decision for anyone, especially for consumers that require large or specialized beds. Those can cost thousands of dollars, which means you need to think carefully about the type of bed you want. You also need to think about how you or your partner sleep as that determines the type you’ll want to look for.

  • Side Sleeper – If you sleep on your side more often than not, you are going to want something soft and comfortable for your sides. This means you’ll want to consider a softer latex mattress or one with gel to ensure a good nights sleep.
  • Back –People that sleep on their back can with almost any type of latex mattress as it all comes down to the firmness in the end. You can buy a hybrid that sports several different types of materials with comfort levels ranging from plush to firm.
  • Stomach – Unless you are just the type to toss and turn, you probably sleep on your stomach if you don’t doze off on your back or side. You’ll want to stay far away from firmer latex mattresses if you are a stomach sleeper as foam latex mattress with a soft gel topper are your best bet.


If you’re looking for a mattress that is 100% latex with no filler, your selection is going to be somewhat sparse online. That’s partly due to weight as latex is cumbersome and difficult to ship, so there aren’t as many options when it comes to solid latex mattresses. That said, the best latex mattress does not have to weigh 100 pounds, which is where hybrids come into play.

Many mattresses use foam as their base and add around 2-3” of latex on top while other companies throw memory gel into the mix. You also need to consider the materials used in the cover which includes cotton and wool. In a nutshell, do your homework if you’re unsure about the construction of a mattress and always keep the warranty in mind.

Mattress Height & Return Policy

One of the biggest shocks consumers can experience when looking for a new mattress is getting it home and seeing that it’s higher or lower than their current frame. Nobody wants to have to adjust their bedside tables if their new bed is too tall.

There was a time when the thought of buying a mattress through the mail was considered insane, but it’s common now as bedsprings have gone the way of the dinosaur for most of us. Unpacking a king-sized mattress can be tricky, but not as much as sending it back through the mail. All the mattresses on our list will have a return policy of some kind, which is not something you’ll want to take lightly.

Even if a company offers free returns, be sure to check into their restocking policy to ensure there are no hidden fees. Their sleep trials can be anywhere from between 30 days to 3-months, and you may not take kindly to off-gassing that comes from certain mattresses. They also need time to break in before you know how they will truly feel.

Top 5 Best Latex Mattress Reviews

1. PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

Our top option for the best latex mattress also happens to be the coolest bed on our list. We don’t mean that regards to its natural cooling powers, but how it works. The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress is a rarity considering it allows you to change your comfort level without buying an extra bed.

The Botanical Bliss is a mattress made from natural latex foam, but instead of one big 10” thick piece of latex foam, you’re going to get three. This allows you to “set” the firmness to suit your needs as you simply need to rearrange the order of the pads inside the cover. As for that cover, it’s made from a blend of New Zealand wool and cotton which allows your mattress to breath while providing a measure of toughness. This one is far from what we would consider cheap, but the quality of construction is top-notch, and it’s certified by both the USDA and GOLS.

Due to its all-latex construction, the Botanical Bliss is going to be heavy regardless of the size you choose as the 10” Medium clocks in at 128 pounds. Prepare for some help unless you’re ordering the Twin, and this one is available from that size all the way up to a Split King and California King. While adjustable, there are still two firmness levels to choose from with Medium and Medium-Firm.

2. Best 2 Rest Natural Latex Mattress

Are you a side or stomach sleep looking for relief from a mattress built for backs? Well, you’ll get it from the Best 2 Rest 10” Natural Latex Mattress. It’s a hybrid model like we discussed in our guide, so while you won’t get much latex, the other materials more than make up for it.

This 10” mattress has a high support foam base which takes up 7” on the bottom. On top of that, you’ll find 2” of organic latex, that’s topped by another inch of memory gel with cooling properties. This one is very soft and the type of bed you’ll sink into after a long day. Nothing stands out in regards to the manufacturing process although it is CertiPUR-US certified for safety with a 20-year warranty and made right here in the good old USA.

The Best 2 Rest Natural Latex Mattress is an entry-level bed, but a great one if you need something incredibly soft. If you require a firm or even medium-firm bed, this one is most definitely not for you. This latex mattress is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen King, and California King with your choice of an 8” or 10” height.

3. PlushBeds Natural Latex Sofa Bed Mattress

Sleeper Sofas. Most of us have encountered the back-breaking beds, which tend to turn into family heirlooms over time. They are heavy, and nobody wants to move them although this one from PlushBeds is hands down the top latex mattresses money can buy for sofa beds.

Thanks to modern technology and construction techniques, your guests no longer have to give you the evil eye when spending the night on the sleeper sofa. The PlushBeds Natural Latex Sofa Bed Mattress is only 4.5” thick, but you’ll marvel at what a difference it can make in a traditional sofa bed. It’s tough enough to handle two full-grown adults weighing 250 pounds each and comes with a 10-year lifespan to boot. Unless your couch bed gets a lot of use, it’s likely to last far longer than that. It’s available in all of the standard sizes along with Twin Wide, Queen Wide, and Full Wide.

While we are just focusing on mattresses mainly made of latex today, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the other options with this one. If you have a couple of sleeper sofas or prefer something different, it’s also available in solid memory foam or memory foam with gel.

4. Latex for Less Natural Latex Mattress

Our second 100% latex mattress comes from the folks at Latex for Less. While this mattress doesn’t have a fancy moniker, you’re going to be thrilled by how well it sleeps and the amount of options provided by the manufacturer. It’s also another hybrid of sorts, but one that’s going to require some strength if you want to see its unique trick.

This particular mattress comes in three different heights and seven different sizes, which means there truly is something here for everyone. That includes the firmness as this is a two-sided mattress, something you don’t see every day in the latex world. It’s made in a similar fashion as our first pick, but instead of switching pads around, you just flip the mattress which takes you from firm to medium in minutes. Considering the 9” Queen weighs over 130 pounds, you may need some help with this one. It is something to consider depending on your strength as you can easily throw your back out flipping a mattress alone.

There is a lot to like about this mattress including the fact it’s available in three different heights at 9”, 10” and 13-inches. It’s also affordable given the sizes and the fact it’s a two-sided 100% latex mattress. We couldn’t dig up any information the company’s return policy, but it comes with a 20-year warranty out of the box.

5. Dreamfoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Eurotop

Dreamfoam managed to get several beds into our list, but the only one to crack our Top 5 is the Dramfoam Ultimate Dream King Latex Mattress. It’s another hybrid made from a mix of foam and latex although it has one feature won’t find on many mattresses in this class.

The Dream King is what’s referred to as a Euro top mattress. This style is similar to a “Pillow top” mattress, but instead of the top looking scrunched up like an actual pillow, Euro’s don’t have a gap. Due to the design, you get more edge support, which is ideal for those that sit on the sides of the bed as it won’t break down as quickly over time. Aside from that, it’s a 12” beast that features 8” of high-density foam, 3” of Talalay latex, and 1.5” of reflex foam in the zippered bamboo cover. It’s an exotic mix to be sure, but not the sweetest feature by far.

The Dreamfoam team takes mattresses seriously, so you don’t have to click a box to choose a firmness that’s right for you. Instead, they will contact you to help you choose the right level of comfort which ensures you’ll get what you want the first time around and not have to guess. The Dream King is only available in one height but sized from a Twin XL to a California King.