12 Best Laptop Cooling Pads in 2018

Laptops can range in size from an 11-inch netbook to massive gaming machines above 17-inches. The displays also vary wildly these days with touchscreen panels and 4K resolution on some of the high-end models. Regardless of your laptop’s size or components, they all have one thing working against them – heat.

Heat can kill a laptop quicker than anything outside of an EMP, but you do not have to let your machine suffer needlessly. If you pick up the best laptop cooling pad for your traveling companion, you can run cool no matter where you roam. Just keep the pad out of those thick blankets as that heat and air still need somewhere to go.

For our list of the top laptop cooling pads, we chose to focus on mats that rely on fans for cooling. That means there will be very few models that will function as a full-fledged desk and there is not one quadropod-style base in sight.

Top 12 Laptop Cooling Pads Ultimate Table

DesignNameNumber of FansFan Speed ControlRating (1-5)
  1. Laptop Cooling Pad Beaucoup Cooler Pad Laptop Desk Laptop Table Bamboo 100% Cooling Fan Stand 1 Single 4.8
  2. Laptop Cooling Pad, Tree New Bee 14-17 Inch Laptops 5 Dual 4.6
  3. Laptop Cooler, Aicheson Laptop Cooling Pad Chill Mat with 4 Quiet Fans USB Powered Adjustable Mounts Stand 4 Digital 4.5
  4. Mobility Laptop Cooling Pad – Best Adjustable Cooler Mat For 15 1/2″-17″ Laptop Computers 4 Dual 4.5
  5. Vanble Dual USB Portable 15.6-17 Inches Laptop Cooling Pad Varies Dual 4.5
6. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad for 15.6 – 17-Inch Laptops 4 Dual 4.5
7. Laptop Cooling Pad, TeckNet Portable Ultra-Slim Quiet Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Stand 2 Dual 4.4
8. MARVO FN-30 15 – 17 Inch Gaming Laptop Cooling Stand Powerful Cooling Pad 4 Dual 4.4
  9. Thermaltake MASSIVE 14 Dual 140mm Blue LED Cooling Fan Adjustable Speed Control Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad 2 Single 4.4
  10. Tenswall 15”-17” Laptop Cooling Pad with 3 Quiet 110mm Blue LED Fans Varies None 4.3
  11. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad 12″-17″ Cooler Pad 5 Single 4.3
  12. Otimo Laptop Cooling Pad for 12 5 Single 4.3

Quick Buying Tips

There is no need for you or your laptop to have a meltdown when it’s time to find the right cooling pad.

Attack of the Clones

This is something we see frequently in the wild world of tech accessories. When you are cramming several large fans between two pieces of metal and plastic, there is only so much you can do with the design. That means most of the laptop pads on our list are going to look like they hail from the same family or brand. In other words, the smallest thing may make the difference in your buying decision. That brings us to these quick tips you need to keep in mind.

  • Fans – All the cooling pads on our list have multiple fans with one exception. While it may seem like more fans would work better, that is certainly not always the case. If a laptop cooling pad is designed poorly, it’s all for naught as the air may not go where it’s needed.

Another thing to consider is the fact that some fans are more replaceable than others. While this may seem minor, there is no need to dispose of a laptop cooling pad if a fan goes out. Some offer easy access to the fans individually while others actually require you to take the entire bottom off. If you are the type to do repairs, look for an option with easy access.

Depending on the type of laptop you have, the area that actually needs cooled may vary as well, so take a quick peek at the bottom of your laptop if you’re stuck between several models with similar features.

  • LEDS – More often that not, whatever laptop cooling mat you decide to roll with is going to have LED lighting. It is something that isn’t necessary by any means but has become standard over the years as people tend to like pretty lights. That said, you are generally only going to find them in two basic hues with Red or Blue. Some models will feature a switch that allows you to shut them off, but other models… well, you aren’t quite as lucky, so we hope you like LEDs.
  • Extras – As mentioned, you will be hard pressed to find too many differences among our picks for the best laptop cooling pad. One area that does has a bit of wiggle room are the ports. Two ports are considered standard and are what you’ll find on most laptop pads. On occasion, you will find machines with a few more, but it is rare. The same goes for dual speed fan control, something you should find on 90% of the cooling pads available.

While exotic, some laptop pads will have additional features like digital controls or temperature sensors. Finding an adjustable laptop cooling pad is also something to consider if you plan on using your machine in multiple positions or locations.

Top 5 Best Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews

1. Beaucoup Bamboo Cooler Pad for Laptops

If you have ever owned a laptop pad in your life, there is a strong chance it was made from simple black plastic. It is a cheap but sturdy material that gets the job done more often than not. If you want something a wee bit different, the Beaucoup Bamboo Laptop Cooling Pad will be your new best friend. It’s also the only laptop pad that is going to catch the eye of others as well.

Gone is the drab plastic as it has been replaced with real Bamboo which is extremely light weight and pretty darned sturdy to boot. This pad only sports one fan, but it is large and located in a position where it can be changed out if needed. Beaucoup’s laptop pad also offers up five levels of adjustment and a safety stopper at the bottom.

This cooling stand can accommodate laptops up to 17-inches, and the Bamboo construction ensures heat will dissipate with ease. On the downside, there is only one port on this model due to the single fan which may be an issue for some consumers.

2. Tree New Bee Laptop Cooling Pad TNB-K033

If you want the best laptop cooling pad, you either want one with a very large fan or several smaller ones. The Tree New Bee TNB-K033 offers the best of both words while remaining affordable. It sports a whopping five fans under the hood with four smaller ones in each corner to go along with a massive one in the middle. Like most of the pads on our list, you will also get plenty of light courtesy of five Red LEDs.

Tree New Bee’s cooling pad may only come in one size, but it is large enough to handle laptops ranging from 14 to 17-inches which covers the majority of machines on the market today. There are anti-skid mats to help keep your machine stay put along with the standard two USB ports. Other features to note include an adjustable stand and dual fan controls.

3. Aicheson Laptop Cooling Pad Chill Mat

The Aicheson Laptop Cooling pad is the first four-fan cooling mat to make the cut. It has two massive fans on either side with two smaller ones in the middle. You can plug into the 5V DC USB port for easy access, and you’ll get Blue LEDs instead of Red this time around. They tend to be a little easier on the eyes in dark environments.

While this laptop cooling pad is comparable to the rest in the design department, it has one awesome feature the others lack. This one has a digital control setup with a LED screen that shows the speed. This allows you to adjust things with ease and means you don’t have to reach around the back or side anymore to adjust.

There are six speeds, a power switch and you can even turn a few fans off if they aren’t needed. The Aicheson Laptop Cooling Pad is quiet, looks great and can adjust to several different positions as well.

4. Mobility Ultra-Slim Cooling Laptop Pad

Are you in the market for a laptop that can really crank out the wind and keep even the largest of laptops cool? If so, the Mobility Laptop Cooling Pad is a fine choice due to four large, but extremely quiet fans. It is a bit larger than some of the mats on our cooling pad list, but is still fairly light and can handle laptops all the way up to 17-inches.

When it comes to extras, there isn’t much to say aside from the fact you will get several LED lights and can adjust the fan speed through dual dials on the back. It’s adjustable as well, but also sports two prongs that fold up on the front to keep your laptop steady. This isn’t necessarily the best pick for smaller laptops or Ultrabooks, but a perfect choice for consumers looking for something large and in charge.

5. Vanble Dual USB Port Portable Laptop Pad

Vanable has produced one of the sleeker laptop pads on the market with this dual port cooling pad. It is far slimmer than several of our picks and has inputs and controls on the side instead of the back. It also has two fold out legs to add a bit of height when needed but is not quite as adjustable as some of the others. That said, we do like those curves.

Vanble’s cooling pad has an ergonomic style. It curves down along the back edge but upwards at the front to help ensure your laptop stays on the pad and doesn’t wind up on the floor. Four 140mm fans ensure plenty of wind while the overall design sucks the heat away. It will certainly get the job done and comes in several different sizes as well. There are three models of Vanble’s cooling pad with a two or three-fan 15-17” model or a larger four-fan model with a slightly larger base.

Our Sum Up

The cooling pads on our list are just a small sampling of what is available, but we picked the best ones to suit everybody’s needs, and not for specialized purposes. If you do have a laptop that requires an extreme cooling solution, there are other alternatives. Several come from Opolar, a company who makes “coolers” for laptops. These are essentially mini air conditioners which attach to the side of you laptop. They can drop the temperature by up to 50 degrees in a matter of minutes but are not ideal solutions for basic users or folks with super slim netbooks or Ultrabooks.