12 Best Laptop Bags for Men in 2018

Let’s face it, most men like traveling fairly light and tend to be forgetful when it is time to head out the door. When it comes to laptops, that can be disastrous, so it’s best to have everything ready to roll at a moment’s notice. That means you probably need a solid sack for your favorite machine.

Only the best laptop bags for men can ensure you never have to worry about leaving your charger behind again, and some even offer up extra bells & whistles. Our quick list will have you packed up properly in no time, and we have included something for even the pickiest of fashion forward consumers when it comes to style.

Top 12 Laptop Bags for Men Comparison Table

DesignNameMultiple Sizes AvailableStrap or HandleRating (1-5)
  1. ProCase 13 – 13.5 Inch Laptop Sleeve Cover Bag for Surface Book Yes Handle 4.8
  2. KomalC 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Office Briefcase College Bag No Both 4.8
  3. ProCase 14 – 15.6 Inch Laptop Messenger Shoulder Bag Briefcase Yes Both 4.8
  4. Wowbox Leather Vintage Messenger Bag Yes Both 4.8
  5. PL 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag for Laptop Briefcase Satchel Bag No Both 4.7
6. Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Bag Yes Handle 4.7
7. Vetelli Laptop Bag / Laptop Messenger Bag No Strap 4.6
8. Evecase Classic Padded Briefcase Messenger Bag Yes Both 4.6
  9. Case Logic VNA-216 16-Inch Laptop Attache Yes Both 4.6
  10. Texbo Genuine Leather Men’s Briefcase Messenger Tote Bag Yes Both 4.6
  11. AmazonBasics 17.3-Inch Laptop Bag Yes Both 4.6
  12. Alpine Swiss Cortland 15.6″ Laptop Bag Organizer Briefcase Black No Both 4.6

Buying Information

Laptops are something you will want to keep protected at all times, so keep these simple buying tips in mind…

  • Size Matters – No matter how cool the bag is, it is all for naught if your laptop won’t fit. Before you set your sights on a laptop bag you cannot live without, take a long hard look at the size of the machine setting in from of you. Is it thin like an ultrabook or a heavy workhorse built for gaming?

If you want something slim and sleek with a light footprint, you may want to buy a laptop on the smaller side. If so, you will want to ensure it offers up more protection than most due to its slimmed down nature. On the other hand, a large or oversized bag can protect small and medium-sized laptops with ease.

You can’t always go off size alone either. You will also want to consider any accessories you cannot live without including your smartphone, sunglasses or any other extras. If in doubt, jump up to a larger bag as you can’t downsize, but don’t buy one too large as a loose laptop rattling around can be harmful as well.

  • Padding – Some laptop bags actually live up to their name: that means they are just a fancy sack to put your expensive piece of tech in and offer up little in the way of protection. While they are certain instances where they may be okay for you, most consumers are going to want a laptop bag with some extra padding. If you fall into that category, tossing your machine in your old Jansport backpack isn’t going to cut it.

Most of the bags on our list do have some form of protection for the laptop pocket. Unfortunately, you won’t find many manufacturers that tip their hand to how thick their padding is or what it even consists of. Keep this in mind if you sport a delicate machine as having to wrap your laptop before putting it in the bag defeats the purpose.

  • Professional or Casual – It is not too difficult to produce a nice looking laptop bag, but putting one out that can be used for any occasion (and in all types of weather) is trickier. You see as many laptops as briefcases in some board rooms these days, and it goes without saying you do not want to meet your shareholders with your MacBook crammed in a cheap canvas bag. If you need something that will work for any occasion remember this – less is more.

You don’t want a laptop bag with a lot of flair or extras if you go the professional route. A briefcase style bag may be the best solution for these occasions as they always have handles for a more classic look. If you are a student or prefer casual, you will want to opt for a messenger bag hands down. These always come with a strap so they can be worn across your shoulder which in turn lightens your load. Some can be work either way, but you may have to sacrifice some class if you go for the strap.

Top 5 Best Laptop Bags for Men Reviews

1. ProCase Laptop Messenger Briefcase Bag

The top bag on our list is also one of the simplest from a design standpoint. The ProCase Laptop Messenger Briefcase Bag is an awesome choice for students, professionals or folks in need of a backup bag. It comes in enough sizes to house laptops and ultrabooks up to 15.6-inches which cover most of the machines on the market. At least the ones you would actually want to tote around.

While the size of this bag varies depending on which one you choose, the style and extras stay the same. They include a flannelette lining on the inside, a water-resistant exterior and two zippered pockets on the front. There is a large back pocket with Velcro as well. The main pocket has a double zipper, and you get the option of using the handle or detachable straps. The only downside would be the color if you want something bright as this particular laptop bag is only available in Grey.

2. KomalC Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Bag

Now we are going to kick things up a notch or two. Komal’s Passion Leather has produced the Retro Buffalo Hunter Laptop Bag which is arguably the best looking bag on our list. It is “hand crafted” from Hunter buffalo leather and lined with tough canvas inside. This one will be tough inside and out due to its quality construction and heavy stitching.

While it may have a rugged style, the Buffalo Hunter bag will still keep your laptop safe with a padded storage compartment. It can be used as a messenger bag as well, which means you will get plenty of extra space with several additional pockets to go along with the stylish buckles and straps. The bag is only available in one size but rated to fit laptops up to 15-inches measuring 15.5 ” x 11” x 4”.

3. ProCase Laptop Sleeve Bag

Remember when we said some folks prefer to keep things agile while on the go? If you fall into that category, you will appreciate the style and size of the ProCase Laptop Sleeve. This bag is as simple as it gets with a front pocket for extra storage and a spot in the middle to secure your laptop. It has a double zipper enclosure as well and comes with only a handle giving it a bit of additional class.

The ProCase Sleeve will not hold nearly as much as some of the best laptop bags for men due to its slimmed down design and single pocket. It will allow for a measure of water-resistance however due to the canvas exterior. There are no extras with this particular bag, but it is stylish and light at around 7.2 ounces for the smallest model.

Despite the slim nature, the ProCase is available in a variety of sizes from 12-inches up to 15.6-inches. That means most laptops and convertibles are covered. It’s available in four colorways with Teal, Light Grey and the extra manly all Black and Dark Grey.

4. Wowbox Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

Sometimes you just want a hint of luxury instead of going with full blown elegance. If you like the look of leather laptop bags but do not want to fully commit, the Wowbox Leather Messenger bag is a fine option. While it is billed as a unisex bag, it is most certainly worthy of a spot on our list of the best laptop bags for men.

Unlike full leather bags, this one has a canvas bottom to give it a cool two-tone sense of style. It has two buckle clasps on the front and is convertible in a sense. That means you can use it as a messenger bag or detach the straps and go into briefcase mode on a whim. The bottom of the bag will get some extra protection with foam padding sandwiched between the washed canvas layers. As for your laptop, that special pocket is said to be “shockproof” with plenty of padding to keep your machine nice and safe.

Like multiple pockets? If so, you will appreciate this bag more than most. There are two large front pocket in addition to a zipper pocket and smaller two pockets on the inner wall. It can hold almost anything you throw at it (including your laptop) and will look great doing it. You can get this one in four different colors, but the hue depends on the size you choose.

5. Komal’s Passion Vintage Handmade Leather Bag

Big, sturdy and professional. Those are the first few words to come to mind when we first set eyes on the Komal’s Vintage Leather Messenger Bag. It does have the same classy sense of style as its Buffalo-based brethren, but with a softer look and in a much larger form factor.

This bag is quite large compared to others at 18” x 13” x 6” and sports the usual front flap with buckles like most messenger bags. The size ensures you will be able to tote even the largest of laptops around, and if you do own a smaller one, you’re going to have plenty of space left over. That said, keep our size tip in mind as you don’t want your laptop to be secure, not rattling about.

As for that interior, it will be quite tough. The company opted for a heavy green canvas on the inside which is helpful against any rips or tears. There are five pockets in all on this bag including a back pocket with YKK zippers.