12 Best Lacrosse Gloves in 2018

Every sport requires certain gear, and in Lacrosse, the gloves are important for everyone.

The best lacrosse gloves can keep your hands fresh while you play and protect them from damage, but which ones are right for your position and budget?

In our guide, we will help you understand how to select the right pair and provide you with detailed reviews of some of the top brands. If you’re wavering between Brine, Adidas, STX, and Maverick, read on to see what our experts have to say about all of them before you make a decision.

Top 12 Lacrosse Gloves Ultimate Table

DesignNameStyleAvailable SizesRating (1-5)
  1. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove Field 2 4.7
  2. adidas Performance EQT Berserker Lacrosse Gloves Field 2 4.7
  3. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Gloves Field 4 4.5
  4. adidas Performance EQT Berserker G Lacrosse Goalie Gloves Goalie 2 4.5
  5. STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Gloves Field 2 4.0
6. Brine Senior Uprising II Lacrosse Glove Field 1 4.1
7. Maverik Lacrosse Charger Glove Field 3 4.1
8. STX Boys Stinger Gloves Youth 1 4.0
  9. STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie Glove Goalie 1 4.0
  10. Maverik Lacrosse M3 Glove Field 2 3.8
  11. Warrior Burn Goalie Glove Goalie 2 3.7
  12. ADebeer Women’s Lacrosse Tempest GloveAA Women’s 4 3.6

What Position Do You Play?

In Lacrosse, there are several positions you can play. You can be a Midfielder, Attacker, Defender or a Goalie, but some are inclined to play multiple positions.

Thankfully, there are only two kinds of gloves you need to consider when looking for the best lacrosse gloves with field gloves and ones geared towards goaltenders.

Padding is essential regardless of position, but you’re going to require more stick control if you are attacking or defending. A regular glove will offer that although some are better suited for one position over another. If you are a goalie, you will require a special glove or risk serious injury. We have included several of those in our table along with a few options for the younger crowd and women. On that note, gloves are generally gender-neutral; they simply need to fit properly.

Glove Construction

Construction is the most important area to consider with lacrosse gloves and can mean the difference between a great game or an injury. While all of our options offer ample protection, some are more comfortable or flexible where it counts.

If you need room to maneuver, look for mitts with more ridges. Thumb protection is critical as are any foam inserts or splines which offer additional protection on the exterior.

Nobody likes hot hands, so ventilation is something you want from a great glove. You can find vents on the exterior or in the palm on some models although many players prefer a smoother palm for better feel. That’s unless you’re a goalie, then you need all the protection you can get and a bit of ventilation. Goalie gloves will have reinforcement in more areas including the sides and especially around the thumb.


If you have played lacrosse, you already know what to expect when it comes to size. That said, you should still think about the manufacturer if you are trying a new brand. Most companies will have an official sizing chart which has typical sizes like Small, Medium and Large along with their actual measurement in inches.

New players may find sizing difficult unless you have the change to try one on ahead of time. Large sporting good shops are an option, but some smaller stores may not carry lacrosse equipment so check ahead of time. Considering they are lined, you can use a regular fitting glove as a guideline although you’re better off buying them a little too large than too small. You can cinch down larger gloves to a degree around the cuff, but can’t add extra padding to the tips of your fingers or palm if they are too small.

Top 5 Best Lacrosse Gloves Reviews

1. Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Glove

Brine King’s lineup of gloves have been a popular option for years, so it’s no surprise that we crossed paths with several pairs. The Brine King Superlight 2 gloves are our top choice for the best lacrosse gloves, and it’s only partially due to their durability.

Sporting equipment can be expensive, especially gear that you usually don’t find in a strip mall sports shop. We’re pleased to say that Brine King has produced and affordable option in the Superlight 2 and it offers up optimal protection whether you’re firing a shot or playing defense. They have a wrist strap to keep your gloves close by when you need to give your hands a break and ample ventilation to keep your mitts cool. The palm is textured, but still thin enough to let you “feel” the stick while the floating cuff gives you some coverage around the wrist.

While we love this glove, there is one drawback. It’s only available in two sizes in a 12-inch and 13-model, and your color options are limited depending on your size. If you have the right sized hand, you can choose from Carolina Blue, Black, Forrest Green, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Red, and Royal.

2. Adidas Performance EQT Berserker Gloves

There are entry level lacrosse gloves, and there are “Pro” style gloves along with a few that fall in the middle of the pack. The Adidas Performance EQT Berserker is a glove built for those who need the best, and they’ll get it with this one from the padded wrist cuff all the way to the tips of the fingers.

These gloves are made from premium materials so you’ll get an Ax Suede palm which improves the feel while allowing your hands to breathe. The company used dual density EVA foam for padding in all the crucial areas including the back of the hands and fingers. There is plenty of flexibility in the thumb as well, an important feature to look for in a good glove. The company claims it’s the “coolest” glove around thanks to Climacool tech and an ice chill inner liner. We would have to agree, and it’s incredibly stylish to boot.

Adidas’s EQT Berserker Glove are sized at 12 or 13-inches and available in six different colors with Navy, Silver, Royal Blue, Power Red, Black and Neon Green with Black accents. While they certainly won’t be for everyone, they are well worth your time if you’re serious about the sport.

3. STX Lacrosse Cell 3 Gloves

STX is a brand lacrosse players will be very familiar with as they produce top-tier gloves for players around the globe. We chose the STX Cell 3 gloves as our top pick from the company, and think you’ll be thrilled by what they bring to the table as well.

STX’s Cell 3 lacrosse gloves feature something called GeoFlex technology which gives them a crisp appearance and adds flexible protection to the outside of your hand. The thumb has a unique fabric that allows for additional flexibility while seamless palm vents keep your hands dry during long matches. There’s nothing special about the padding as they use dual-density foam like most manufacturers although there is plenty of it on the wrist and fingers.

This stylish glove is a good choice for anyone, and we’re not just talking about the quality construction and protection. The STX Cell 3 comes in four different sizes ranging from 10 to 14-inches, which is more than you’ll find with other styles. There are five colors available as well with Red, Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, and White.

4. Adidas EQT Berserker Goalie Gloves

If you liked the style behind the EQT Berserker, but don’t play in the field, we have something just for you. The Adidas EQT Berserker G is their goalie glove, and while it has a similar style, you’ll get some additional features with this particular glove.

The main draw of this glove is the padding, which comes in the form of dual-density EVA foam, which is contoured to protect all the key areas. The biggest difference between the goalie glove and the field glove is the fact this one has more padding around the thumb. Extra foam is placed around the sides of your thumb although the palm is made from Ax Suede and the overall construction remains the same. That means you get the chill liner to go along with a thickly padded cuff.

Just like with the field model, the Adidas Performance EQT Berserker G comes in 12 or 13-inches. The same colors are available as well with Power Red, Royal Blue, Black, Silver, Navy and Neon Green. If you’re just getting started in the sport, this one could be overkill, but it’s hard to argue with the overall quality and protection you’ll get from the Berserker G.

5. STX Lacrosse Cell 100 Gloves

Lacrosse is an expensive sport to play when you are a beginner considering the amount of equipment you have to pick up. While many of our picks have been for more experienced players, the Cell 100 Lacrosse Gloves from STX are ideal for beginners.

This glove is not as fancy as the company’s Cell 3 mitts, as it is made from a different material and built to be affordable. It has a polyester outer shell with padding that breaks where it needs to allow for maximum flexibility. That said, there isn’t as much padding on the STX Cell 100 and no protection for the side of your first finger. The cuff system has been revamped with laces which certainly do the trick, but don’t offer up the same feel or protection for the wrist as a thick strap. In a nutshell, it lives up to its billing as a “rec level” glove for lacrosse players.

The STX Cell 100 is a great glove that won’t break the bank although it’s not one you’ll want to wear on the field if you are playing with the big boys. We do like the fact that it’s lighter than other gloves, and you’re not going to lose any sleep if these get damaged during a rough game. This glove is only available in White with Black and Green accents sized in a Small or Medium.