12 Best Kids Backpacks in 2017

Sending your kid to school is never easy to do, especially if you are a doting parent used to having them around all the time. However, the chick needs to fly out from the nest eventually, which is why you need to ensure that they have everything they need.

If you are looking around for the best kids backpacks to accompany them to kindergarten or school, then this article will tell you which are the most popular, fashionable and durable choices. You want your kid to feel good during their first day, so you need to go all in.

Top 12 Kids Backpacks Ultimate Chart

DesignNameTypeMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. Bago Lightweight Foldable Waterproof Backpack Classic Nylon 4.7
  2. Yodo Upgraded Kids Insulated Toddler Backpack Classic Canvas 4.7
  3. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Travel Rolling Luggage Backpack Wheeled Canvas 4.6
  4. Olive Kids Monsters Sidekick Backpack Classic Polyester 4.5
  5. X-Sports Decathlon QUECHUA Kids Adults Outdoor Backpack Classic Nylon 4.5
  6. JanSport Superbreak Backpack Classic Polyester 4.5
  7. Vbiger School Backpack for Girls Boys Classic Nylon 4.5
  8. JiaYou Kid’s Flower Printed Backpack Classic Polyester 4.4
  9. Ropper Lightweight Canvas Cute Pattern Kids School Backpack Classic Canvas 4.3
  10. J World New York Rbs-19 Sundance Rolling Backpack Wheeled Polyester 4.1
  11. Hynes Eagle Sweetheart Pattern Kids Backpack Classic Polyester 4.1
  12. J World New York Lollipop Kids’ Rolling Backpack with Lunch Bag Wheeled Polyester 4.0

Choosing the Best Backpack for Your Kid

There are many backpack designs out there that your kid might love. If you are shopping for a new backpack for the mini you, here are some things that you need to consider:

  • Two Straps are Better Than One – Kids might be hyped over the sling-style backpacks that all the “cool kids” have, but that does not mean they are good for them. Kids are more susceptible to developing back problems and deformations at early ages.

Opt for a classic backpack instead, one that puts the weight on both shoulders, not just one. This way, you will ensure that your kid will not grow up with a hunch or a shoulder standing higher than the other.

  • Thicker Pads are Preferable – By choosing padded shoulder straps, you will ensure that they will not be digging into your kid’s shoulder, causing them pain. The best backpacks for kids will have a decent amount of cushion.
  • Consider Wheeled Backpacks – A wheeled backpack will definitely make things easier for your child, especially if they have to carry a lot of weight; however, these might be heavier, and it might prove problematic if they have to carry all that weight on their back as well.

Some schools have regulations against wheeled backpacks, so make sure they are allowed. If the school has stairs or small lockers, such a bag may bring more problems than solutions.

The next step would be to choose the most suitable fabric.

Considering the Materials

When choosing the materials, you basically have two options to choose from: natural fabrics such as cotton or canvas, or synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon.

Natural materials are the more eco-friendly option, but the disadvantage is that they catch dirt rather easily. For instance, if your kid is prone to spilling stuff in his/her backpack; you’ll have to wash the entire thing. It is also not water resistant.

Polyester and nylon, however, are very water resistant. If it rains, you will not have to fear that water will get into the back, and it can be easily cleaned with a wipe.

If you are looking for a sturdy backpack, you may want to opt for nylon instead of polyester. Nylon items are the best kids backpacks when it comes to durability.

Top 4 Best Kids Backpacks Reviews

1. BAGO Lightweight Foldable Backpack

This backpack is spacious enough to carry everything your child needs to take to school and more.

It’s versatile and functional, and it sports a lot of side pockets where you can place items such as snacks, water bottles, pencils, and many other extras that your kid may be carrying.

The fact that it has two straps ensures that the weight is distributed evenly on the back, and they can be adjusted to fit their height.

It’s lightweight, so it will not add more weight that what your kid is already carrying.

This backpack is highly waterproof, and the contents will not get wet even if your kid is walking through the heavy rain. The high-quality nylon will repel the water and will also resist tearing through time. This way, your kid can wear this for years.

2. YODO Kids Insulated Backpack

If your kid is going to kindergarten, then this is going to be the perfect backpack for him/her. It’s very well insulated, and they can safely take their lunch or drinks without worrying that they might spill or leak.

The feel of the bag is very nice; the canvas material makes it comfortable for the child, and he/she can carry it safely without having to worry about shoulder or back pain.

The padding is thick enough to offer proper insulation so that their food and drinks stay warm.

Last but not least, it’s the design that kids will love the most. They can choose from a cow design to a dog or a dinosaur. Every other kid will love it, and your child will literally be the star that everyone will look up to.

3. SKIP HOP Zoo Kid and Toddler Backpack

If you are worried about the weight taking its toll on your kid, you might want to opt for this rolling backpack. This way, they can roll it as much as they want, and when it cannot be rolled, they can hop it on their back.

The strap for this backpack is sling-type, which means that the weight goes over just one shoulder. You can place it to go on only one side or diagonal of the body; it’s up to your kid to decide which one is more comfortable.

The design is also very cute, fit for a kid. Who doesn’t love owls? If they grew up with the Harry Potter world, they would surely love having their own owl “flying” around them.

4. OLIVE KIDS Monsters Sidekick Backpack

This polyester backpack can be used by kids from preschool all the way to elementary school.

It can hold a lot of things, from notebooks to textbook and lunch packs.

The outer polyester and inner nylon lining are also waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about leaks.

The backpack comes with many other patterns, from monsters to butterflies and fairy princesses. Regardless if you have a boy or a girl, the right design will make them happy.

You can adjust the straps depending on the height of your kid, and the quality of the material will easily last them for a couple of years.

The best kids backpacks will keep their back safe and be stylish at the same time. They should not have to experience early back pain either, so their best bet would be a classic backpack that they can carry around any place, at any time.