12 Best Karaoke Machines for Kids in 2018

Do you have a child who loves to sing or perhaps a niece or nephew who wants to be a rock star when they grow up? Even when they’re little, childhood dreams can blossom later on in life into a career.

If your little one’s love of singing or performing is a hint of a hidden talent waiting to come out, a karaoke machine could be just the gift to help them uncover those abilities! If it turns out they aren’t quite the singer they thought they were, childhood is for having fun, so in the end, if they would enjoy a karaoke machine, why not just get them one?

There are so many to choose from, so, which one should you get?  How do you know which is truly the best karaoke machine for kids?

No worries! We know life is busy (especially when kids are involved!) so we did the hard work for you and found 12 karaoke machines that will keep the kids entertained for hours at a time.

Top 12 Karaoke Machines for Kids Table

DesignNameNumber of MicrophonesFeaturesRating (1-5)
  1. Kids MP3 Player Karaoke Machine 2 Microphone 2 Microphones Music Storage, Bluetooth Connection 4.2
  2. Portable Sing Along CD/USB/SD player Anti skip 2 Microphones Headphone Jack, CD Player, Connects to USB Devices and SD cards 4.1
  3. Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones & Adjustable Stand 2 Microphones Flashing Lights, Adjustable Stand, Steam Music Through Aux Cable 4.0
  4. VTech Kidi Karaoke Toy 1 Microphone Flashing Lights, Voice Changing Effects 3.9
  5. Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player 1 Microphone Flashing Lights, 2 Microphone Jacks, Voice Controls 3.8
6. Kidzlane Sing-A-Long CD Player with Dual Microphones 2 Microphones CD Player, Headphone Jack, Flashing Lights 3.8
7. Karaoke Machine for Kids Sing Along 2 Microphones Flashing Lights, Aux Cable Included 3.7
8. Hello Kitty iSing Karaoke for iPad 1 Microphone Radio, Digital Media Input 3.7
  9. Peerless Performer Microphone 1 Microphone Adjustable Stand, Flashing Lights, Sound Effects 3.2
  10. Hello Kitty 68109 CD Karaoke System with Screen 1 Microphone Vocal Effects, CDG Player 3.2
  11. Wishland Kids Karaoke Machine Explorer Singing Star Recording Wireless Microphone 1 Microphone Vocal Effects, Recording Capabilities 3.2
  12. Frozen Deluxe Karaoke with Screen 69127 1 Microphone CDG Player, Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets 3.1

Important Details

As you look through the machines, there are a couple of details you should keep in mind as you search to help you find the best karaoke machine for kids.

  • Appearance – For kids, one of the most exciting parts of getting a new toy is how they can then show it off to their friends and siblings. Getting them a toy that is either their favorite color or somehow related to a book or movie they love will help them fall in love with the toy even faster. They’ll be showing it off to everyone who stops by the house!
  • Special Abilities – Even though kids are most interested in what their machine looks like if the karaoke machine can do a lot, they’ll likely be interested in using it longer than if it just has a few features. In spite of the fact that it is a karaoke machine for kids, you might be surprised by all the abilities these machines can have! We’ll go into more detail on special abilities below.
  • Size – Be sure to pay attention to the size of the machine. If your little one would like to carry around the toy as he or she plays, you’ll need to get one small and light enough for them to handle. Also, if your child wants to travel anywhere with it, you’ll need something that won’t take up tons of room in your suitcases (especially if you’re flying!).

Understanding Special Abilities

Toys or not, karaoke machines for kids can do more than you might realize! As you consider the age of your child and their interest in singing and performing, it would be good to get a machine that would fit well specifically with them and their characteristics.

  • Microphones – Microphones are some of the most enjoyable parts of karaoke machines for kids. What child wouldn’t want to sing into a microphone for their performances? Some machines even have more than one microphone for friends to sing together.
  • Headphones – Parents are often more excited about headphones than the children are, but it can be fun for kids as well. Headphones allow the children to listen to music without the rest of the house needing to hear it all.
  • CDG Player – Machines that come with CDG players can not only play CDGs but also play normal CDs; this gives you several options of ways to play music, which is always helpful!
  • Adjustable Stand – An adjustable stand is quite helpful! It helps children have the ability to sing into a microphone without having to hold it; this makes dancing and performing easier!
  • Bluetooth Connection – A karaoke machine that has Bluetooth connection abilities gives you more ways to play different types of music on the machine.

Goodness, they almost sound like normal adults’ karaoke machines with everything these toys can do!

As we went through our list, we couldn’t decide on our absolute favorite, but five in particular stuck out to us and looked like they deserved a bit more attention. We think these next few options ought to have an extra look for their high quality and offer of hours of fun for your children!

Top 5 Best Karaoke Machine for Kids Reviews

1. Kidzlane Kids MP3 Player Karaoke Machine

The Kidzlane Karaoke machine has a lot going for it! It’s a great small size allowing little hands to fit around it easily, and, it doesn’t weight much at all to allow children to carry it around wherever they want to go. You shouldn’t have any problems at all if your child wants to travel with it!

It has two microphones so a friend or sibling (or you!) can sing right along with your child. There is space for music to be stored directly on the machine, and it can connect to other devices through Bluetooth.

Overall this could be the best karaoke machine for kids!

2. IQ Toys Portable Sing Along

This next option is another perfect one for children who like to carry music players around and, although it’s a great portable size, it has a lot packed into it! This player also has two microphones allowing more than one child to sing at a time. It’s red, blue, and yellow. It’s sure to catch the eye of lots of little ones!

It also has a headphone jack so if you prefer to have your little ones listening to music without the rest of the house having to listen to it, just stick some headphones in and let them listen and dance while the rest of the house stays silent!

There are also several different ways of playing music on the device. Your children will love the variety of music they’ll be able to play!

3. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

This third choice is great for all the drama queens and kings in your life. It is a purple and white machine that has an adjustable stand so your child can set the microphone there and sing and dance without having to worry about holding anything.

The machine has flashing lights that dance along with your child, creating quite the dramatic performance! It also has a second microphone so your child can choose to either perform alone or have a singing and dancing partner.

If your little one wants to be a rock star when they grow up, they’re sure to squeal with delight when they see this!

4. VTech Kidi Karaoke Toy

This adorable toy is great for children who love to interact with toys while they’re playing with them. This orange character has a screen where facial expressions can be seen interacting with the child based on the music that is playing. It’s like having a little friend play the music! It also has voice changing effects for some added excitement.

This toy also has different settings to not only play songs but also teach your child their numbers and letters. It’s great when fun mixes with learning!

There are also flashing lights on this machine, sure to interest any little ones who see it.

5. Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player

Last but not least, this little machine is perfect for kids who have decided that their favorite color is pink (or black, as there is another option!). It also has flashing lights that are sure to get kids excited to dance around and sing to the music!

It has two microphone jacks so more than one child can sing at once. No need for fighting over who gets to go first! There are voice controls included in the machine so your little ones can sound their absolute best.

The Singing Machine is another great karaoke machine for kids.

Final Thoughts

Any of the machines in our guide are sure to please your children and last a good long time, even with rough playing. As you decide which one to get, remember what each of the karaoke machines has to offer.

If your child really wants to carry a karaoke machine around with them, the Kids MP3 Player Karaoke Machine or the Portable Sing Along would be great choices! The Singing Machine is also quite easily carried around and would make any pink loving child an excited little person! It’s also nice the Singing Machine comes in black, so there are other options if you like the build, but your child isn’t a huge fan of pink.

For the dramatic child in your life, the Kids Karaoke Machine would be perfect! The flashing lights combined with the hands-free microphone make performing all the more enjoyable and exciting!

Any child who likes to interact with their toys will thoroughly enjoy the VTech Kidi Karaoke Toy. The adorable expressions it makes to match the music are sure to delight your child.

Enjoy picking out your favorites! Your kids are sure to love whatever you choose.